Tuesday, May 29, 2007

~An update on our last few days~

On Saturday, Sarah and I worked hard and SHE FINISHED KINDERGARTEN! YEA! We have ONE HAPPY Sarah and ONE HAPPY Mother! =) HAPPYLUJAH!!! Kimberly has been a REAL trooper too...she is doing 15-20 pages a DAY in EACH of her PACES...trying to get done soon! She set her alarm this morning for 6:00 AM, and when Phillip checked on her at 6:30, she was UP, DRESSED, AND WAS FAITHFULLY DOING HER SCHOOLWORK!! =) Now ... if I can just get everything done for Sarah's graduation and reception this Saturday at our home. I was too tired last Saturday to make cookies for our church people...and after thinking it over, I came to the decision that I'll make cookies for our church people every OTHER weekend.
~Our kids playing, Sunday morning while we were waiting for our bus (which took a long time) to come to take us to church!~

The bus did not arrive until 9:45 and our CHURCH STARTED AT 10:00! UGH! It normally is a 45 minute ride. BUT KIMBERLY TOLD ME THAT GOD MUST HAVE DRIVEN THAT BUS THAT MORNING, FOR WE GOT THERE ONLY 6 MINUTES LATE! THANK THE LORD! Before the bus came, I PRAYED that we could get seats, for I was exhausted. When the bus did come, it was packed with people and their Huge bags of fresh fruit and veggies that they had purchased from the market. So, there I stood in the crowded bus aisle, trying not to fall over and holding Noah in my arms! Phillip snapped this pic, right before I sat down in a seat that a kind gentleman gave up for me. =)

God gave us a good service Sunday morning. This was a down day for people in the church, it's the way it is when you are working with new babes in Christ! =)

After church we invited a man and his son home to eat Sunday dinner with us. They rode their motorcycle, and we rode the bus.

As we were coming down the mountain in the bus, it began to rain...so that meant that we walked the mile home in the rain. Since we did not have Noah's raincoat, Phillip took his rain coat off and let Noah ride the suitcase (his "Caballo" (horse) and put his big rain coat on top of him.

Just as we got inside, it started HAILING!! And our poor guests were still coming on their motorcycle in the pouring rain and hail. They arrived SOAKING WET!! We had a good time with them, and Phillip had a good visit with him discussing the Bible and God.
~Jason and our kids. Jason was VERY concerned about me taking a picture of him, for he had no shoes and socks on, for they had gotten soaked in the rain. Colombian culture is that you ALWAYS wear shoes, in the house and out. One day a lady from our neighborhood rang my doorbell, and when the kids and I went out to talk to her, and she saw that Noah had no shoes on....SHE SCOLDED ME FOR HIM NOT HAVING SHOES ON! UGH! =(

Our visitors left at 4:00 and we took a bus to our evening service. God helped us in that service too. In the evening church there are a lot of little (UNTRAINED, UNCARED FOR) kids, so our services can be pretty LOUD, and TIRING! But, God helped the kids to do good and listen well Sunday night. PRAISE THE LORD FOR WE WERE EXHAUSTED! We got on a VERY Crowded bus, and I was STANDING AND holding Noah, but was not holding on to anything yet, when the bus came to a Screeching HALT...and Noah and I went flying! BUT...thank the Lord that a man and a lady blocked me from falling...and then someone INSTANTLY gave me a seat! (Phillip later teased me in ENGLISH that that was a Nice "ACT" because it got me a seat! NOT! ;)
Today, Memorial Day, we decorated the table with Red, White and Blue, and had a good meal, and listened to "Little Bear Wheeler" telling Stories about AMERICA, Memorial day and the Revolution War, etc. He nearly had Phillip and I crying with our love for the USA and our appreciation for our country, our Godly heritage and our FREEDOM! GOD BLESS, KEEP, AND HELP AMERICA... MY HOME SWEET HOME!


Kim M. said...

Thanks for the updates, Heather. I have had a busy couple of weeks so I haven't posted much, but hopefully things will be back to normal and I can start commenting again! Congratulations to Sarah for finishing Kindergarten! Wow! Kimberly sounds like a disciplined young lady to get up that early all on her own to get her work done!
I was reading your other blog about being a missionary's wife. For some of us up here in the U.S., I read your blog and to be honest it is almost like reading an "adventure". Sometimes I think "Wow, what a life". But I also know there are hardships that some of us have never faced or never will face! Hang in there! I will be praying for you!

Missy said...

Kimberly is amazing. I am proud of her for being so disciplined!

Sounds like your Sunday was very busy. We are hoping to be able to get back to church soon. As soon as Braxton is able.

I am so proud of you guys! I know i have said this before, but I truly mean it. I have a missionary sister that I am so very proud and that gives me a little bit of "insider" knowledge on some of the struggles of just your every-day life. So...when I say that I am proud of all of you, I really do mean it! The Colombian people are very blessed to have your family there to minister to them and teach them about God.

I love your blog! Lv...MM

Gayle said...

You guys are amazing! I look at your pictures and you always have a smile on your face even when it's been a down day! I'm so glad God gives us a smile even when we feel like crying sometimes. Congratulations Sarah! I need to tell you that Pastor almost vomitaded this morning when he decided to get rid of the dead coyote after two days of laying in the field in the hot sun. Just thought I would throw that in:) Kimberly you are such a wonderful young lady how you help your Momma and Daddy and Noah and Sarah. We love you all!

Sherry L said...

Heather, Dad said you'll have Kimberly graduating from 8th grade next year! He made me laugh. Tell our "Ruh Ruh" that we are so proud of all the work she has done in her Paces! How we LOVE & APPRECIATE you guys! Mom/Dad Dickinson PS-Grandpa said to tell Sarah that she already passed him.-Smile.

~Heather~ said...

Yes, Grammy, God helps us to have a smile, and it's from our hearts, because of Y'all's prayers and God's help. We are happy serving Him here. Like Kimberly jokingly says, "If you don't smile and LAUGH over the things that happen to you on a mission field, then you'll cry!" =)

We love the "VOMITADED" story. UGH! ={

Love and miss ya too,
Heather and family =)

Anonymous said...

Dearet Sarah and Kimberly,
Congratulations on school being done... almost! And for your graduation, Sarah! we are praying for your Mommy and all the work these next couple of days. Darla will be finished by Friday and our girls next week!!! YEA!!! (for Mommy too.) I love you, all 5 of you! keep encouraged! Love,
Aunt Laura and Uncle Daryl and our 4 munchkins, Salonta, Romania

Beth Dickinson said...

I can’t believe that Sarah is done with kindergarten that is great. And Kimberly I cant believe you get up at 6:30 to do school..uugghh
I get up at 5:15am to make Michael lunch but as soon as she steps out the door if Isaiah is still asleep I run back to bed ;-) Well glad you are out of school Miss you all very much
Love Aunt Beth, Uncle Michael and Baby Isaiah

Kathy said...

I enjoy your blog Heather. It's just like hearing you talk! Have a good day!
Kathy Hight

Les said...

I'm amazed at all your family goes thru just to get to and from church! Here we have people complain and they can drive cars, not have to walk a mile in the rain etc. I will think of you next time I have a rough time getting ready for church!
As far as the shoes go, I'd never make it there. I can't stand to wear shoes in the house. They come off as soon as I can take them off! I'd always be in trouble!

Leah said...

Heather, I am sure that you are thrilled to have school over for this year. I homeschooled two different times and realized quickly that I am thankful for my kids to be able to go to school!! I so appreciate hearing about your Sunday's - it makes me appreciate mine even more. You are in our prayers!!

Rob & Deanna Kennedy said...

What a Neat Centerpiece to keep your Home, American! :-) Great idea to remind your kids as well. Another vEry Creative Idea! Love the picture of Noah, he's so Cute!

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