Wednesday, May 30, 2007

~My Kimberly~

I'd like you to meet some of my friends at our churches!
~Karen, Diana, Karina.~
Karen and I love to try to say our Alphabet...her in Spanish, and me in English, AT THE SAME TIME WITHOUT MESSING UP... while jumping up and down and clapping! Of course, it is hard, and we laugh a lot while we are doing it. (It's harder for me, since I know the alphabet in BOTH SPANISH AND ENGLISH! =) She doesn't get to come to church much, but I'm glad when she does get to come.
~Karen,(wearing one of my old skirts) Kimberly and Sarah~

Diana's Mom is the lady that lives by one of our churches. She used to HATE Christians and would chase them away with a knife if they came to her house. But now, she invites us over a lot for yummy hot drinks. I love it when Diana comes to church.
~Karina,(wearing one of my old skirts) Kimberly, Diana~

Karina and I play a game called, "Pepitas y Pepones". It's a game where you throw a rock, (A small, broken piece of tile) AND EACH SIDE OF THE TILE IS DIFFERENT, representing each team. So however the rock lands, if it is my team, she tries to catch me, and visa versa. It's a fun game. I thank the Lord for the friends He has given me.


~Heather~ said...

Thanks for being my wonderful girl! I'm sooo glad that Jesus gave you to me. I'm also VERY glad that God has given you some Colombian friends. Thanks for serving Jesus, and for being such a BIG HELP to us!

Love ya bunches,
Mommy =)

Anonymous said...

Hello Little Missionary, And aren't you the one that said, "I don't have a call to the mission field, it's you and Daddy, so I can just stay with Gram and Gramp! ;-) Now look at the friends God has given you and all that you are doing for Him. I remember that you learning that you were going to have to leave your puppy, Bridget was what prompted that thought, I am glad that Grandma Dickison is so lovingly taking care of her for you. The games you play with your friends sounds so fun especially the alphabet one. Do pray for Gramp this weekend that he will know God's plan. I love you and miss you more than words can tell. If I were there just now, I would kiss you on the nose! Gram

Monte & Amy said...

sounds like you have lots of fun with your little friends. So glad you are making friends their, we would love to see you all when you come back to the states.
Have lots of fun
love aunt amy

Sherry L said...

It made me cry happily when I read about Diana's mom loving your family & having you over for yummy drinks now, after hating Christians. Also, I can't believe how much fun your tile game, and alphabet game sounds. It made me laugh just thinking of how much fun you girls have with those games. It helped me understand how you are doing since you told us about your friends. Love, Grandma D

Anonymous said...

Guess what, Kimberly Gramp just came over from his study for a cold drink and read your blog. He enjoyed taking a peak.

Gayle said...

Love the pictures of your friends!
They can't ask for a better person to be their friend!You are the sweetest young lady and I think it is wonderful how you go on trips with your Daddy and how you help your momma . Keep loving Jesus and Pray for us!
Grammy and Pastor E

Sankey Family said...

We loved reading your post and seeing pictures of your friends. It's pretty great to have friends in the places where we're missionaries, isn't it?
Maybe you can come see us in Mexico sometime - we could take your family to the volcano, if that would be fun for you to do. We don't know much about what things girls think are fun. Anyway, this was a great post.

Jordan, Cameron and Logan Sankey

Martha C said...

This is so sweet and makes me very happy to read it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Lil' Kimberly,
This is the first post that I have ever signed, but guess that is to be expected for one near 100 years! Just been reading your post on your Mommy's blog(whatever that means);-) You must be having fun! Glad you have friends, what would we do without them? Keep happy and loving. Never forget those you left behind. I love you, Great Grandma Bryan

Les said...

Jesus has given your Mommy one very special little girl! Your parents may have been the ones "called" to the mission field, but you're letting Jesus use your life in a very special way! I'm glad you have made special friends that you can help share the story of Jesus with!

Janette said...

Glad you are having fun with new friends where you are! Enjoyed reading your post and hope you will share more later! We miss your family but are glad God is using you where you are.

Susanna Pilmore said...

I knew you would find lots of fun friends even in Columbia!! You are just like your mommy, so friendly and sweet who wouldn't want to be your friend. Emily and Anna sure miss you and Sarah and can't wait to see you again!!! Isn't Jesus good to give us friends wherever we are!! You are such a blessing and help to your mommy!! I know she is sure proud of you!! We are too!!!

Kimberly said...

Dear Kimberly, This was such a special post..and looks like you and the other girlies have lots of fun. I know you are a bright light to others there, and such a help to your Mommmy. (And I'm so impressed that someone ALMOST 100 commented on your blog..VERY COOL!)
Love, the other Kimberly

Don Shirk said...

Kimberly, I enjoyed your blog. I'm excited about the way God is using you in Columbia! We miss you guys! If you were here I tickle you and Bryanna to death, Ha! --Byranna's Daddy

Kelly S said...

Hi Kimberly. My name is Joshua. I hope you have a fun time with your friends. I liked the pictures of them. Your games sound like fun. I know your friend Bryanna. She used to be my aunt Kimmy's neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kimberly,
How thankful I am to see that you have made some wonderful friends there. You'll never forget these years and the fun times you've had. I love you so much. Keep serving Jesus and keeping that smile for others to see. You are a sweet, sweet girl and I'm so glad that Jesus had you to become a special part of our family. I love you and your whole family too, Love Aunt Laura and family

Emily Pilmore said...

That is so cool all the friends you have made.It was great to see all the pictures of you and your friends.I hope to see you soon!

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