Sunday, October 30, 2016

~Our Back yard Fall Gathering~

But, first a sweet little story about our Abigail.
Each night Sarah tells little Abigail, "I love you, Abigail, Sleep Tight!"
So the other night Abigail told Sarah her version,  
"I Love You...TIGHT!"

And the other day when the kids and I had to leave for a short while, and came home, Abigail met us at the door and told us,  
"I Missed you...TIGHT!"
It nearly melts my heart when she says it.  Soooo SWEET! 

Aren't you glad that Jesus Loves us Tight?
Though we don't always understand life, and have our SAD DAYS, I'm so glad that He's our Friend that sticks closer to us than a brother!

I decided that it sounded fun to have a Fall Gathering in our back yard for some of our youth and anyone else that could join us, and Phillip agreed. 
So, my family helped me get ready and we had a great turn out and a super fun night.

~Our Garden Harvest...not pictured are the TONS of cherry Tomatoes we have eaten.~
 ~The kids helping us get ready for our Fall Gathering.~
 ~One wagon and bike for the kids to play with, the other was filled with blankets to keep folks warm.~

 ~Hot Cocoa and Cafe (Coffee). ~


 ~A choice of Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Hershey's for their S'mores.~
 ~I pulled my bike out, tied my boots on the back, and threw one of my Autumn Chalkboards on the handles for a fun part of my decor.~

 ~Our old fashion push mower (which Noah used that day to mow the lawn), a tiny shovel, and an old pitch fork.~

 ~We added lots more chairs later.~

 ~We had a Hot Cocoa and Coffee Bar.~
 ~Lots of yummy creamers, coolwhip, cinnamon, sea salt, and marshmallows for toppers.~
 ~My chalkboard on the front porch telling folks to come to the back.~
 ~Sweet tea and Water with Lime.~

 ~Getting the fire started.~

 ~Cupcakes with candy corn frosting.~
 ~Sarah's yummy brownies.~
 ~Sarah's melt-in-your-mouth mint choc. cookies.~
 ~We Provided the hotdogs and S'mores.
Everyone that came brought something to go along with hotdogs and a drink, so we had LOTS of delicious food.~

 ~There was a good turn out.  If I counted right we had 33.~

 ~The kids LOVED the swing on the hill, playing hide and seek, and other games.~

 ~Mary gives Megan some spray coolwhip. :-) ~
 ~The young people play Apples to Apples.~
 ~Sarah and her sweet cousin Darla.~
 ~Dear Kelly S. brought me this adorable Mason jar Shaker with Amish Pumpkin Pie Spice in it to sprinkle on my Hot Chocolate / Coffee this season.  How Sweet, fun, and yummy!~

 ~The next day we drove up and spent some fun time with Michael and Beth and their family.  We took up some of our left-over food from our party and they had yummy food too.
Here's Phillip with his sweet niece Ava and our sweet Abigail.~
 ~When I went up to wake up the girls on Saturday morning....I took this pic of Sweet little Abigail TAKING OVER Big sister Kimberly's bed.  Kimberly was almost ready to fall off the other side. :-) ~
 ~Then our dear friends the Albertsons, that recently moved here from Colorado, invited us over for Lunch on Saturday.  We really enjoyed lunch with them, visiting with them, and hearing Emily, Kimberly, and Sarah playing their violins together.~
 ~Saturday evening found our family at the Bond fire / Hayride on the Justice Farm.~

 ~Playing Corn Hole.~

 ~Dear Phillip making our hot dogs for us.  Afterwards we had a fun hayride, but I didn't get a picture of that. ~

I trust that you are having a wonderful Fall. 
Let's Take time for Jesus each day, and spend quality time with those we Love, and Touch Lives for Jesus around us.

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lila said...

So neat!! I don't know where you find the energy for it all. I guess if I didn't work I would have it but whew this job is about all I can do right now. Love and prayers

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