Friday, October 14, 2016

~Happy Fall, Y'all!!~

In case you missed it, CLICK HERE to see the I POST I posted yesterday.

How Fun!  It's FALL here in the U.S.A.  We are enjoying seeing the leaves turn, making fun fall memories, and serving Jesus.

Deputation 2009 we made up a FALL SONG (sung to the tune of the chorus of "Jingle Bells"), and here's an updated version.

Pretty Trees, Falling Leaves, Making Fall Memories,
A Cup of warm apple cider helps us not to freeze.
Pretty Trees, Falling Leaves, Making Fall Memories,
S'mores by the fire, help us not to freeze.

I LOVE FALL!  It's my favorite season.  It just makes me want to squeal with delight!!  So Romantic, especially since Phillip and I fell in Love in the fall. :-)

I've had fun using my fall decor again and decorating our home.
Grab yourself a cup of hot chocolate, coffee, hot tea, or hot apple cider and come along!
~What's not to love about crisp air, falling leaves, sweaters and boots, S'mores, snugglin' with those you love, fall baking, drinking hot drinks, decorating with pumpkins, and leaves, having visitors over, setting fun fall tables, etc.?

~On my buffet!~
 ~A fun "Pumpkins and Gourds" sign I got at an antique shop in Ponchatoula, LA.~
 ~And with the lights on.  (They are LED lights, so here they appear greenish, but they are clear.)
Our family drinks LOTS of hot tea, so I just put the tea boxes on the buffet for easy access.~
 ~On the old gas stove.~
 ~A fun old ladder I got at the FEA thrift store for $2.50.~
~I was SAD that I couldn't bring my ladder back from Argentina, so was HAPPY to find this one.~
 ~My little white towels, and one of my little white pitchers from Argentina.~
 ~Fun glass fall leaves on the old stove.~
 ~"Every Family has a story, Welcome to ours" slate,  and my white cake stand, and dishes from Argentina.~
 ~In the Living Room.~
 ~"Blessed" Pillow, so True.~
 ~My centerpiece on the dinning room table.
A fun old wooden strawberry crate dear Bro. Cooper from LA made.... filled with greenery and pumpkins.~
 ~Canadian Red River Cereal muffins I made for my family.~
 ~My sweet friend Debbie from church got this cute "Happy Fall, Y'all" sign for me.~
 ~On the front porch.~

 ~In the kitchen.~

 ~Quiche I made for my Fam one Saturday morning Brunch.~
~On the other end of the buffet.~
 ~My sweetheart found this adorable light on sale and hung it for me in our kitchen.~
 ~I love the ornate details.~

~On the old ice box.~

 ~Fun little mason jars with chalkboard on top.~
 ~In the living room again.~

~My Sweetheart got me this FUN Cotton wreath in LA for an early birthday gift.~
 ~"FALL" in Corrugated metal letters.~
 ~In the pumpkin is one of our favorite Fall candy...candy corn and peanuts.  They taste similar to a payday candy bar.~

 ~At my piano.~

 ~On the Entry way.
My 2 glass pumpkins I was DELIGHTED to find one fall when we were living in Bogota, Colombia.~
 ~On the old suitcases in the entryway.~
 ~At the landing of the stairs going up to the 2nd floor.~

 ~I love this aqua-ish pumpkin in our 2nd floor bathroom.~

 ~Cute little boots I got for Abigail with a Walmart gift card A. Carole sent her.
The leaves behind her boot are the Fall leaves I have on our dash in our Suburban.~
I hope you are enjoying Fall and Thanking Jesus for all your Blessings!
He is so good to every one of us. :-)


Sherry L Dickinson said...

This is so very cute, Heather...once again you've made your house into 'fairy land'. I can't wait until I can come to your house again, someday. I love all the sayings or words on each of your chalk boards. It so adds to the spirit of your decor. I love colors but you sure do know how to make whites and the color beige look classy. I am happy that Phillip bought the pretty light fixture for you. It adds charm to your kitchen. I so miss each of you! Love, Mom D

Sherry L Dickinson said...
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lila said...

Lovely, lovely, just lovely!!! You sure have the knack for decorating. I didn't do much fall décor inside this year. We have been so busy working on the outside and with me working, it was just too much.Love you all tons!

Hannah Avery said...

What lovely decorations! Fall is so romantic to me too! My little girl has the same boots. They are so cute~

- Hannah

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