Tuesday, October 25, 2016

~Camping, Free passes to the Zoo, Lorna's wedding, counting our blessings~

~Can you believe that October is almost over? We are really enjoying being in a U.S.A. Fall again.  The crisp air, the pretty trees, and falling leaves, pumpkins, hot drinks, candles, and being with our family and friends we have missed for years.  
~Ours is a different role being full time faith missionaries, based from Home, but we are doing are Best to stay Busy about our Father's Business. 
Of course that includes Homeschooling 4 of our 6 precious children.  Kimberly is at home this year taking violin and piano lessons, and studying Spanish and Chinese.  She is helping me teach little Mary, and is helping teach at our Jr. Church at our own Christian Nation Church.  Sarah is in 10th, Noah in 7th, Elijah is in 2nd, and Mary is in 1st.  Abigail is 2 and fully potty-trained, and is the Delight of our family. She gets lots of hugs each day! :-)
~Our family has gotten a good price on tickets for us all to go and visit our people in Colombia, but we are waiting on God for that to happen. It's been nearly 2 years since we have all been there.  :-(
~Phillip stays busy recording short sermons and challenges to send to our nationals and fellow missionaries.  He stays in contact with each of them to try to encouraging them in the Faith.

Recently we have had 2 friends pass away!  Our hearts have been soooo saddened for their families and we have been praying for them.
It's a reminder, that life is short, and we MUST live life for JESUS, and spend time with our family and try to touch as many lives for GOD as we can.

One thing we really MISSED while on the mission field is camping!  So back in July we planned a Fall camping trip.
~I brought A little Fall decor for our food table at camping trip.  Just as I got done setting it up, a little leaf fell from the tree to add to the decor.~

 ~Scott and Abigail~
 ~Daddy and Abigail.~
 ~Pastor Paul and Abigail.~
 ~Abigail with Pastor Paul's sunglasses.~
 ~There were kids everywhere.~
 ~Kelly, Sis. Becker, and I.~


 ~These camping trips are great Christian fellowship....

  ~As the Bible says....Iron Sharpeneth Iron.  It is great getting to talk and be with fellow believers.~
 ~Fun fellowship with the ladies.~
 ~Making breakfast.~

 ~It was so nice to have the Flings join us.~

 ~Saying goodbye to Sammy.~

 ~"Two monkies" (Levi and Elijah) up in the trees.~
 ~Kimberly has wanted to run a 5K for awhile.  Now there is one to help feed the hungry, so Lord willing, she and Noah will run the 5K on Sat. Nov. 5th.~
 ~Mary got some birthday spending money from A. Carole and had fun doing some shopping.~
 ~Some dear friends of ours in the Chinese Church in Argentina got married.  How we miss all these DEAR young people!~
 ~A Collage of pics that Kimberly put together of our Beloved Argentina. ~
 ~A Collage of pics Kimberly put together of our Beloved Colombia.~
 ~Fun Fall drinks.  Argentine Mate, and coffee, hot chocolate, or tea.~
 ~Kimberly, Sarah, and Mary are all taking piano lessons from Mrs. Martha Miller.  So, there's LOTS of practicing around our house.~
 ~We went to the GBS homecoming where they honored President Avery this year.  He became President the summer Phillip and I got married.~

 ~Everyone gathering around Pres. Avery and his family and praying for them.~
 ~Phillip and I.~
 ~It was nice to meet Mrs. Troyer.~
 ~Afterwards we enjoyed Cincinnati Grater's ice cream.~
 ~Heading to a funeral, Abigail needed the potty chair.  When the need hits, the need hits. :-) ~
 ~How embarrassing, Mom.~
 ~One of our friends that passed away. :-(   Soooo SAD!!~
 ~Noah fell about 7 feet out of a tree and had a concussion.  But, Thank the Lord, he is ok.~
 ~The Harveys had us over for a yummy beautiful dinner.~
 ~A Dear friend gave us some FREE passes to take the kids to the zoo.~

 ~We took food along and had a yummy picnic together at the Zoo.~
 ~Abigail was tired...it was nap time.~

 ~Elijah and Mary watching the train go by.~
 ~Abigail giving Mary snuggles.~

 ~Years ago, Susanna took our kids to the zoo, and she took a picture of her kids and ours on this alligator.  So, Kimberly and Sarah took this pic to repeat that last one.~

 ~I'm sooo privileged to be married to this Sweet man!!!~
 ~This is the fun place where we had our picnic.~

 ~Phillip and I on a date.~
 ~One day Phillip asked Kimberly to drive so he could edit his video sermons. When I turned around and saw Abigail putting her foot on Daddy's leg while he worked, it cracked me up.~
 ~The girls enjoy playing piano duets together.~
 ~Abigail loves Coffee...She's pure Colombian. :-) ~
 ~Pancakes for breakfast.~
 ~Abigail "practicing her piano."~
 ~Our friends Dwight and Lorna got married.~
 ~Our sweet niece Brittany and the girl's piano teacher Martha Miller did a beautiful job playing for the wedding.~

 ~This little precious dress was given to me by my sister Laura.  Her daughter Natasha wore it first, then Brittany, then our Sarah, and then our friend Bethany, and now Mary.~

 ~Here Comes the Bride.~

 ~Lorna looked beautiful.~

 ~The entire family gave Lorna away.  So Sweet!~

 ~A sweet family prayer!~

 ~A sweet Moment between the Bride and her Mommy.~

 ~Scott holding Abigail.~
 ~Kiana, Darla, Abby, and Sarah.~
 ~Abigail enjoying some treats.~
 ~Grammy and her crew did a GREAT job with the delicious food for the reception!~
 ~Abigail enjoying her cupcake.~

 ~One of the treats we enjoyed at their beautiful reception was FREE Coffee Emporium Coffee provided by a friend of theirs.~
 ~Then we left the reception and went to hear Darla play at Cincinnati Community Orchestra.~
 ~It was a beautiful evening of music.~
 ~Mary and Elijah love their cousin Brittany.~
 ~Abigail loves her big cousin Bryan.~

 ~Such a sweet smile from Abigail to Bryan.~
 ~The other evening after Kimberly's violin lesson, it was chilly...and she and I had some shopping to do, and WANTED some coffee. 
BUT, not wanting to spend any money for it, we found a coupon for a FREE coffee from Dunkin Donuts.
When we got inside DD, the lady heard that we were going to SHARE, and she gave us each our own cup of Salted Caramel Pumpkin Macchiato for FREE!!  GOD IS GOOD!!!  :-) ~
 ~Abigail, Mary, and Elijah dressed for bed listening to Your Story Hour.~
 ~Our friend Ms. Linda let Phillip pick some Quince fruit from her tree.  He found a recipe for a made us some "Dulce de Membrillo."  Something we learned to enjoy in Colombia and Argentina!!  It is a sweet/tart type jelly...that is harder and you slice it, and eat with salty cheese and crackers.~

 ~Hot chocolate for the FAM...for breakfast.~
 ~Noah and Kimberly at Eden park training for their 5K run coming up.~
 ~I got some exercise walking...and Elijah and Mary played while Kimberly and Noah ran.~


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