Monday, October 3, 2016

~Mary's birthday~

Mary had a Happy Birthday!  Here are some pics from her special day!
~Abigail and Elijah posing with Mary's breakfast table.~

 ~Little purse place cards.~

 ~We had boiled eggs, pancakes and syrup, bacon, and coffee.~

 ~A gift for Mary's birthday from U. Daryl and A. Laura, and a gift for Abigail from them too.~

 ~One of Mary's gifts was this fun vest from Once Upon a Child.~
 ~Mary with some of her birthday gifts.~
 ~Little sister Abigail watches Mary open her gifts.~

 ~I've been potty training Abigail and she is doing GREAT!  My easiest baby to potty train. YAY!  Praise the Lord!!!~
 ~She wanted all her babies to sit on the potty chair too.~
 ~Mary's birthday table.~

 ~Mary's Strawberry cake that Kimberly and Sarah made.~

 ~Mary when she was 1~

 ~Abigail's little glass with a strawberry on it...and the strawberry lemonade we made for her birthday supper.~

 ~Abigail playing with her china tea set Gramp and Gram gave her.~

 ~One of Mary's gifts...a fun coloring book.~
Lots more pics coming of our Christian Nation Congress, Having the Flings over for a fall supper, our mission's service with the Justices, etc.

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

Such a sweet birthday! Happy Bday to precious Mary! (Those little dolls on the potties are just so funny!:)
(And I enjoyed seeing the La pictures again! Miss y'all!)

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