Thursday, October 13, 2016

~Fun Fall time with friends, Mary's surprise tea party, Jr. church, etc.!~

I can't believe so many days have gone by, since I've blogged.  Life has been crazy busy, but fun.
~A little sign I got for my dear friend Luann.~
 ~Our family went over to U.B.C. one Saturday to be with our friends Steve and Luann, and Bethany.~
 ~Sweet little Abigail in her boots.~

 ~Sarah, Mary, and Bethany hugging.~
 ~Abigail loved the playground.~
 ~Sarah, Bethany, and Kimberly.~
 ~Daddy and his 2 little girls.~
 ~My sweet friend Luann and I.~

 ~Mary, Abigail, and their little friend.~

 ~Kimberly and Sarah and 2 of their friends~
 ~Abigail tries cotton candy for the first time.  She thought the texture was QUITE different, but once she tasted that it was sweet, she ate it.~

 ~Abigail loved the horse~
 ~Myself, Kandi, and Luann.  Dan and Kandi were brave and invited us over for pizza, and yummy pies.~
 ~IT'S JUNIOR CHURCH TIME!!  Sunday, Oct. 2nd, was the first Sunday of Jr. Church in our new church.  The kids were SOOO EXCITED!!~

 ~Kimberly told a Bible story about Isaac and the wells he kept having to dig.
She drew Mr. Isaac and made the wells, and I thought they turned out soooo cute.~
 ~RaeQuelle helped in Jr. Church too.~

 ~Look who is driving. :-) ~
 ~Out with my Kimberly.~
 ~My Phone was hacked by Zack on Youth night out.~


~Kimberly and Sarah donned their white battenburg lace aprons (a gift from sweet Ms. Nellie in LA) and served the little girls their tea.~
~The girls food all ready to be served.~
~Sarah made this cute banner using string and heart doilies.~

~All ready for tea upstairs in the girl's room.~
~Mary's gifts for her birthday.~
~A tea party for the Mommie's and teenagers downstairs in our dinning room.~
~Chicken salad sandwiches on my homemade rolls, and my sour cream scones.~
~Kelly brought fun crackers and cheese and grapes.~

~My pumpkin choc. chip muffins.~
~While in FL the Lord helped us to get a Great deal on this Beautiful Haviland China at FEA Thrift store as a gift for Sarah's upcoming birthday.  She was soooo excited!!
She graciously let us use it for our tea party.~
~Robbie's first ever Tea party.  :-) ~
~An us-ie.~

~Stephanie made this adorable giant choc. chip cookie for Mary.~

~The girls did clay and baked it.~
~Sweet Kelly gave me this fun fall candle.~
~I found this sweet long dress for Mary for a great deal at Once Upon A Child.~

~Moma gave me this years ago, and it was great getting to use it to keep our water hot for our tea.~

~The Fall Homeschooling Hayride.~

~When I was younger I used to LOVE to drive my sister Laura crazy by kissing her. 
Now...Elijah Loves to drive Noah crazy by kissing him. 
He'll just walk by Noah's back and kiss his back which in turn makes Noah chase him around the room to "beat him up."  Lol! :-)
When we pulled into Blooms and Berries Farm for the Hay ride, Elijah said,
"I'm so Excited I could Kiss Noah, but I won't. :-)
~ A Damsel in distress (Abigail)...Cousin Bryan to the rescue.~
~Cousins On the hayride.~

~Brittany's post of Kimberly and Abigail.~
~While we were at the Hayride, Kimberly, Brittany, and Daniel went to hear Gil Shaham play his violin.~

~The pumpkin patch.~
~Snack time.~

~You can tell that Abigail enjoyed her snack.~

~Our home school kids playing in the corn, with other kids that were there at the pumpkin farm.~

~Abigail is a CLEAN FREAK.  She is the cleanest 2 year old, you've probably ever met.  She didn't want to pick up a pumpkin, because it was DIRTY...which she called it "Sticky."~

~Sarah, Darla, Noah, and Bryan fixing to go into the corn maze.~

~A fun little cow train.~

~Mary getting buried in the corn.~

~Then when we got home to Phillip, we and the cousins went on a walk  to Eden park to get some exercise.~
~Abigail loved the ducks.~

~Abigail loved having Sarah push her in the stroller while she roller blades.~

~Darla and Abigail.~

~A sweet baby dedication of Lexi at church on Sunday.~
~We invited the Daryl and Laura and family over for Sunday dinner.  Laura brought half of the food and drinks and I did the other half.~

~A pic of the four of us...yes, I was as tired as I appear in this pic.~
 ~Sweet Brittany posted about our Sunday dinner.
"Sunday dinner at Aunt Heather's house is always fancy.~
Up next... my Fall decor.


Sherry L Dickinson said...

"I'm so excited I could kiss Noah, but I won't" made me LAUGH so much. That is funny that Elijah likes to tease Noah by kissing him, just like you teased your sister, Laura. Mary and her b-day party friends looked so pretty in their princess dresses, and what a special time they had having a Tea Party for Mary's birthday. Mary is such an adorable little girl! I love Sarah's Haviland China! How very special that you all were able to buy that for Sarah for her birthday. The corn in the corn bin at the Pumpkin Farm looked like such a fun thing to play in! Ohhh..... your Sunday dinner table looked so pretty with your nice china set on it. It's been a long time since dad and I got to eat a meal with your family on that pretty china but I still have fond memories of the times we have eaten off it. I'm happy you get to share your china with your dear sis and her husband. It's been many years since you two got to share your friendship and your time together, the way you get to do now (When you're not too busy to get together!). Love, Mom D

Kimberly said...

Enjoyed catching up on your blog! Your Sunday table looks beautiful....and you look cute, not tired out:)
The tea party was so sweet....Mary's lovely dress suits her!
Abigail's pink boots are just too cute!:):) Love to all!

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