Friday, June 3, 2016

~I will TRUST when I cannot see.~

In the wee morning hours Sunday morning I woke up with the chorus of this song running through my mind. I had no clue what kind of a day I was going to have nor that I was going to miscarry our baby that day, ­čśó but it was so nice of Jesus to give me these comforting words. (Song By John W. Peterson)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
When I cannot understand God's leading,  
When I do not know the reason why  
He should choose the path that lies before me,  
Still to Him in faith I can reply:  
I will trust when I cannot see,  
When I'm faced with adversity,  
And believe Your will is always best for me  
I will trust when I cannot see.  

When I feel the sting of disappointment  
And my dreams lie crumbled in the dust  
When my best adds up to loss and failure  
And the things that happen seem unjust:  
When I face the furnace of affliction  
And the pain seems more than I can bear,  
When I think it strange this fiery trial  
Still I'll tell my blessed Lord in prayer.  
Written by John W. Peterson

My wonderful in-laws with Sherry Sutherland Dickinson always send me beautiful flowers when I have a baby. So this morning when I saw these beautiful flowers on my dining room table it made me cry.

Our wonderful mission director and wife Mark Kristal Becker came over for a visit last night as well!
Our church ladies are sending in Meals which are such a blessing!
Y'all's prayers and love and God are what is carrying us right now. Thank you!!!!!

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