Tuesday, June 14, 2016

~Our 21st Anniversary celebration!~

Thank the Lord I felt well enough on our 21st anniversary to go out with Phillip to celebrate together! 
Our anniversary was just 8 days after I nearly died, so I was still pretty weak.  But Jesus helped me to get out of bed at a decent hour that morning and sneak downstairs and set a SIMPLE pretty table and make breakfast.  My family was surprised and delighted!~

 ~You can hardly read the chalkboard but it says, "21 on our way to Forever!"~
 ~I made some yummy Chinese tea to go with our breakfast. 
It was fun to use our little pretty paper straws that I bought in Argentina for our water glasses...for they coordinated with my napkins.~

 ~Thankfully I had a can of Cinnabon cinnamon rolls in my fridge...which made our Anniversary breakfast more special.~
 ~Elijah and Mary used this little fun tea set that Phillip purchased for me in Uruguay (on his very first trip there back in 2011.)~
 ~Then after I took a LONG NAP, Phillip and I left for our date.~
 ~He took me to a fun restaurant named "Tellers" that was in an OLD BANK!~
 ~The strip where our restaurant was reminded us a lot of Argentina.~
 ~There I am on the bench.~

 ~I got a delicious Spinach salad with a special dressing and with Goat cheese topped with toasted almonds.  It was so good!
 ~Phillip got a taco salad that was delish too.~

 ~And then we shared this yummy tender meat with grilled brussel sprouts, artichoke hearts, garlic, hard toasted bread, etc. So wonderful!~
 ~Downstairs in the OLD BANK.~

 ~The old Vault in the Teller's restaurant.~
 ~Then just 3 doors down from our restaurant was the Graeter's ice cream shop where we used to get ice cream when we were newly weds. 
So we got a PRETZEL CONE with 2 scoops of ice cream to share.  It was so YUMMY!~
 ~Then we topped off our date with some delicious coffee from Coffee Emporium.~
It was a delightful date together and I thank the Lord that I felt well enough to get dressed and go out that day with Phillip.  
The next day I stayed on the couch all day!
Thank you for your prayers for our family.  Jesus is helping us.  We have our SAD DAYS, as is expected, but we are finding God's grace sufficient.  
It is a comfort to know that Jesus is taking care of our little rose bud baby Mercy in Heaven!  
Maybe my Grandpa and Grandma Bryan and my Granddaddy Scarbrough are helping take care of baby Mercy too!



lila said...

What a sweet post!! I'm thankful Jesus gave you strength to celebrate! You still look very tired. Bless your dear heart! Love you all tons, prayers

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, what a special evening together you two had! Your meal at the Teller Restaurant looked exotic and delicious! Your table & coffee cup decorations were so cute for your anniversary breakfast. How nice that you were able to make that special breakfast, so your family could enjoy celebrating your anniversary with you. I pray that Jesus will strengthen your soul and energize your tired body, and I hope you can just rest in between all of the work coming up for Kimberly's High School graduation. "Jesus knows all about our struggles. He will guide 'til the day is done." Do trust in Jesus and his wisdom. He knows all about your feelings, and he is your strong Shepherd. You are just his little sheep, and he knows the way that you take. He is also your Heavenly Father and he knows how you feel, and he knows how to provide for your heart's needs. You can trust him. It's so fun to know that you guys are in the United States for awhile, even if we are 2,000 miles apart. Smile. Dad & I love you and your little family so much. Mom D

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