Tuesday, June 21, 2016

~Kimberly's Graduation!~

THANK YOU for your prayers for strength for me to go to Kimberly's graduation and then to go to church on Sunday to celebrate my sweetheart!
Jesus gave me the strength to do it all!

before we left for her graduation at 10:45!!!!

~Elijah got a new bike with his own money!
 ~The night before Kimberly's graduation, Elijah fell off his new bike and split his chin open. :-(
This Mother is wishing that we could lead a LESS-ADVENTUROUS LIFE!!!  :-) ~
 ~We had a yummy Butterbraid and some scrambled eggs before we left to drive the 2 1/2 hours to Kimberly's graduation in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.~
 ~Kimberly graduated with Christian Home Educators of Ohio!~
 ~Phillip and I were so impressed with Cheo!  Very organized and top notch!
Phillip and I got to give Kimberly her diploma personally! ~
 ~This is the front of the beautiful chapel where Kimberly graduated!~
 ~The back of the chapel~
 ~Sarah and Darla.~
 ~Phillip and I with Daryl and Laura.~
 ~Brittany, Elijah, Bryan, and Noah.~
 ~Abigail slept during some of the graduation.~
 ~Noah and Baby Ava!~
 ~Mary and Sophia.~
 ~Aunt Beth and Kimberly and Isaiah~
 ~Uncle Michael~
 ~The inside of the chapel.  It was beautiful inside and out.~

 ~It was fun that Kimberly sat across from Phillip and I.  ~

 ~J. Michael Smith, Esq.~
 ~I loved the Recessional...THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE!!
Each graduate would leave the graduation and shine their light for good or for bad.~
 We were to write 75 words about our graduate to put in the program.
This is what we wrote about Kimberly.
~Kimberly, the oldest of six, was saved at three and continues to serve God.  Kimberly and her family were missionaries to Argentina two years and Colombia eight years and have Colombian residency.  She has been to eleven countries and is fluent in Spanish.
She plays violin and piano.   She's Mommy's right hand lady and a great example to her siblings.  She loves music, languages, missions, her family, others, and God.~
 ~Turning the tassel.~
 ~At the end they had a slide show with a baby picture and a recent picture of each graduate.
Here's Kimberly as a baby...~
 ~And now.~
 ~Aunt Beth snapped this pic of me helping arrange Kimberly's tassel after she had turned it.~
 ~After the graduation with cousins and siblings.~

~There were about 45 graduates or so!~
 ~Kimberly is front row all the way to the left.~
 ~The graduates before they threw their caps.~
 ~Throwing their caps.~
 ~Our family and Kimberly!!!!~ 
 ~We were sooooo HAPPY to have Gramp and Gram,
U. Daryl and A. Laura, Brittany, Darla, and Bryan,
and U. Michael and A. Beth, Isaiah, Sophia, Jeremiah, Joshua, and baby Ava join us for Kimberly's graduation!!!!~
 ~U. Michael and A. Beth and family and our family.
Dad and Mom D. only had 2 sons, but they have 13 Grandchildren...including our baby Mercy in Heaven.~
 ~U. Daryl and A. Laura and family (minus Natasha who is a world traveler in England right now :-) and our family.~
 ~Gramp and Gram and our family!~
 ~Gramp and Gram and Kimberly!~
~Phillip and I and Kimberly.
We are sooooo PLEASED with Kimberly and her accomplishment!!
When you are the oldest of 6 children, you went on 8 months of deputation while doing 1st grade, moved to Costa Rica and lived there a year while doing 2nd grade...(while your parents went to school to learn Spanish, and you had a Spanish-speaking Christian baby sitter/teacher who taught you Spanish)  moved to Colombia and did 3rd grade, and then lived and worked for Jesus in Colombia, and then in Argentina and traveled back and forth between Colombia, Argentina, and the U.S. for deputation and for Mommy to have a new baby (3 new babies over the years), took violin and piano classes in Colombia and Argentina, learned 3 new cultures during that time, plus Spanish and taking some Chinese classes as well...IT IS QUITE AN ACCOMPLISHMENT THAT SHE IS DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL!  ~
 ~Kimberly wanted to take this picture...because we are her parents, and because since she home schooled, we were very MUCH a part of her education!~

 ~Kimberly and her sweet cousin, Brittany!~

 ~Abigail just chillin' in the grass ...~

 ~Afterwards we went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate Kimberly.
It was decent prices and large servings, so we ate lots of chips and salsa and shared 4 plates between our family! :-)~
 ~Abigail loved the chips and salsa.~

 ~Joshua and Abigail eating chips and salsa together.~

 ~Our table.~
 ~The other table.~
 ~Chimichangas!!  YUMMY!!~

 ~They brought Kimberly a fried ice cream and sang to her!!~

 ~Kimberly sharing her fried ice cream with all the kids.~

 ~Gramp and Gram gave Elijah a nice get-well card for his chin and 2 dollars!!~
 ~Mary and Elijah going around the pole in the Mexican restaurant.~

Prayers still needed...that I will have strength, and that we can get everything done for Kimberly's graduation party Friday night! 
PLEASE PRAY it doesn't rain!!!!


Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, this post is so interesting, so fun, has so many beautiful and sweet pictures, and it seems like it is the best blog post you've ever created. Maybe it's because it represents so much hard work, so many years of work, and has hundreds of incidents behind all of the people shown in the pictures. What a day this was! I will not comment more because of the lateness of the hour but do know that this was so much fun to look at that I almost felt as if I was there with all of you. What beautiful people having such a good time! I pray that Jesus will reward all of your efforts in raising your sweet Kimberly. I trust that she will be a soul winner for God! With much love and pride, Grandma D.

lila said...

Wow! What a great post!! Poor Elijah, I feel so sorry for him. He has had more scrapes in his short life than most boys do in a lifetime. The graduation pics are so nice. It is neat how Michael and Beth had almost the same color of clothes as Kimberly's gown. Kimberly also in her short lifetime has been and done more than lots of girls her age. How privileged she is! I hope we can get together soon. Much love and prayers

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