Saturday, June 4, 2016

~Baby Abigail...our comfort, gifts from others, etc.~

This baby Abigail has become our BABY again!!!!

We thought that Baby Mercy was coming around Christmas time, and Abigail would be the "Big sister," but God wanted another tiny rosebud in Heaven, and took our little Mercy to be with Him.

Abigail has no CLUE why she receives a 1,000 kisses and hugs each day...even more than we normally smothered her with...!
She is bringing LOTS of healing to our hearts with her SILLY GRINS, and WILLING HUGS!
~My view in the rear view mirror Thursday on the way out to the country to plant the little oak tree.~

 ~Abigail stayed in the car with Kimberly and I while the rest of the family planted the little oak tree in Memory of baby Mercy.~

~Kimberly bought these 2 Starbucks with a gift card she got for her graduation...
to share with our family!  Yummy!  
Thank you, Sweet Kimberly, for sharing with us!!~
 ~An Amish man mowing his lawn with his horse.  
We had to pass through Amish country on the way back from planting the tiny oak tree for baby.~
 ~A pretty sun set that greeted us on our way home from planting the tiny oak tree for Baby Mercy.~
 ~Heading back into our pretty city of Cincinnati...~

~My sweet friend Dorcas dropped by with this pretty chalkboard and this sweet message!~
~Dear RaeQuelle made us this yummy soap!  It was so delish and a huge blessing!~
 ~Shout out to our 5 wonderful children for "carrying" Mommy (me), Abigail, the house and chores during this time. They are really helping lift Phillip's load.
Kimberly made this yummy flan today!
It cheered our hearts! Photo credit: Sarah ­čśő
 ~Dear Zack sent home these goodies from the Colombian section of Jungle Jims for our family!~
 ~Spanish Bibles that Anna gave us to give to people in Colombia.~
Thank you for your love, thoughts, and prayers.  God is helping us to have some good days.

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Sherry L Dickinson said...

Oh Heather, I love this! The love for your little Abigail, the togetherness of your family as you go to plant the little Oak tree for baby Mercy, the kindness of friends who are bringing things to help you, the quickness of your children and husband to help get things done, and the scenes of Cincinnati are all beautiful pictures in this post. I really enjoyed reading this and looking at the pictures! Love, Mom D.

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