Tuesday, June 28, 2016

~Kimberly's Graduation party...part 1!~


Thank you for your prayers for me!  Jesus gave me the strength to not only go to, but decorate for Kimberly's party!!
Here are LOTS of pics to enjoy. 
Our dear friends the Harvey's let us have Kimberly's party on their beautiful lawn!!

We sort of used a Traveling theme, because that is what Kimberly has done for years.

My niece Brittany took pics with my phone and so did I, so pardon any repeat pics. :-)
~Abigail enjoying a popsicle on the way to the graduation party.~
 ~Dear Deanna kept our Mary and Abigail while we set up and decorated for Kimberly's graduation party...which was a HUGE BLESSING!!
Abigail and Dee's Reagan hugging when we first arrived. :-) ~

 ~The Beautiful Harvey's lawn which looked like a park!~
 ~Our "1 Smart Cookie Bar" was a HIT with the young and old alike.~

 ~I just grabbed a ton of my decorations from our house and then PRAYED that Jesus would inspire me how to use them at her party. :-)  (My nieces Brittany and Darla arrived early and helped me as well.) ~
 ~I really wanted to have a coffee bar.~
 ~After this pic was taken, we put shaved dark chocolate in the white bowl.~

 ~The sign hanging says, "Oh, the Places you've Been!"~

 ~My poem I wrote for Kimberly.~

 ~On my wooden door we placed some of Kimberly's pics with her friends from Argentina.~
 ~You can travel on a bike too. :-) ~

 ~The drink table.~
 ~The tall drink dispensers came from Sams.~
 ~Baby water bottles were in the big tin.~

 ~A lot of these pics were Kimberly and her friends in Colombia.~
 ~It was fun to use the girls white tissue paper roses (on white lights) as part of our decor.~

 ~Pics of Kimberly with her table before the party started.~
 ~These pics turned out BRIGHT, due to the sun....but PRAISE THE LORD it wasn't raining! 
We had lots of people PRAYING that it wouldn't rain!!! God is GOOD!~
 ~Dear Kimberly WORKED HER HEAD OFF making 8 batches of Sis. Farly's Colombian Rice with Chicken to serve at her Graduation party!  (Arroz con Pollo!) 
It was delicious!!!!! and a great hit at her party.~
 ~My sister Laura was a HUGE help in making the drinks.~

 ~We served Kimberly's Rice with Chicken, Potato chips, and Caesar salad.~
 ~Of course you can't have a coffee bar without fun creamers!!~
 ~For the simple centerpieces we just used some burlap ribbon (Thank you, Ruthann H. for the ribbon), our Lamp Lighter books, a citronella candle and a pic.~

 ~The Harvey's had a white tent and their neighbors loaned them another tent.  :-)
The Tents made our party so fun.~
 ~We had people address an envelop in which Kimberly could send their Thank you.~

 ~Laura's beautiful lamp, my flowers, and Kimberly's  "I'm DONE" chalkboard.~

 ~Sweet little Reagan.~
 ~The Harvey's beautifully landscaped lawn was well manicured.~
 ~We were so HAPPY that Pastor and Grammy were back for Kimberly's party.~
 ~And we were Thrilled that Gramp and Gram could come to Kimberly's party.
They helped me by placing the cupcakes on the stand.~
 ~Abigail LOVED the cookie bar.  She put a whole vanilla wafer in her mouth.~
 ~Kimberly and her BIGGEST FAN....Abigail  (Abigail calls Kimberly "MiMi.") :-) ~
 ~Visiting with Natasha who just came back from London.~

Part 2 coming up soon!!!

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lila said...

Oh Heather, What a beautiful party!! You really have the knack for entertaining! I'm thankful you had some helpers for all of the hard work that was involved. I'm so happy Kimberly is working for Jesus and touching young lives! I hope we can get together soo! Love you all tons

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