Sunday, June 14, 2015

~Our 20th Anniversary Get-Away!~

I plan to post about our CHRISTMAS IN MAY very soon!
Life is keeping me quite busy.  Remember...I'm the "mother of EIGHT children" right now! :-)
Jesus is helping Kara, Bethany, and Kimberly with their language studies down town. For safety reasons Phillip goes with them and then uses that time to study His Bible, etc. They and Phillip are gone for 7 hours each day.
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~While living in the countries of Costa Rica, Colombia, and here in Argentina Phillip and I have never gone away for any of our anniversaries (cause we didn't want to leave our kids alone), but this year being our 20th we decided to take a couple days and a night and  have a Fun get away.
Of course Kimberly and Sarah were more than capable of watching the children, and they could call us any time they needed us!~
~But, we didn't get away ALONE...Look who snuck away with us! ;-) ~
~Waiting for the train that would take us downtown to our hotel.~
 ~We only ate one meal out while we were away, and this was our lunch/supper on Thursday.  It was delicious and relaxing.~ 
~This is what Baby Abigail did while we ate.~
~Don't you love her adorable little red satin shoes?! :-)  Thanks Bryon and Michele!~
~Abigail had not been sleeping well, so I was pretty exhausted, but we had a fun time being together.~

~I'm posting this pic of us, so you can see the buildings behind us.  There are A LOT of beautiful ornate buildings here in Buenos Aires.  Reminds us a lot of New Orleans.~
~My Fruit Salad for dessert!~
~After lunch we walked a fun street and did a little shopping.  That is where we found my cream coat in the picture above!  I was HAPPY to find that coat...for a GREAT price! 
Thursday evening before walking back to the hotel...we did stop in Havana and enjoyed a Frappe...minus the that Abigail and I would SLEEP! :-) ~

~In the hotel...They brought Abigail her very own bed....~
~And look, Gram, they even gave me my own white sheet, white quilted comforter, and my very own tiny pillow with it's own embroidered pillow case.  :-) ~

 ~We came back to the room and had some hot tea... .~
 ~and chocolates!~
 ~In the hotel instead of leaving only 2 chocolates...they left one for Baby Abigail too! :-)~
 ~My Sweetheart surprised me with these beautiful roses...
 ~And this nice watch.~
 ~Our Dear Friends Leo and Caro gave us this CUTE little box which contained... ~
 ~these CUTE little white "Love Bird" salt and pepper shakers! ~
On Friday we ate our FREE breakfast at our hotel and it was a BANQUET!!!
A whole buffet of nearly everything you can think of.  It was DELISH!!
It was so filling that we didn't need anything else until we got home. :-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


Moma said...

Oh how specisl, I get to comment first! I am glad that Kara Bethany and Kimberly are doing well in school and at home. I am sure Kimberly is loving her studies and time with the girls, she is such a faithful helper to her Mommy. I loved your time out and am so glad the children were all safe.

Leo and Caro couldn't have gotten you anything nicer, the white shakers are lovely. I am sure that Abigail really enjoyed getting to go along for such a nice anniversary trip. I loved her red satin shoes, what a nice gift. It was so nice of the hotel to prepare such a nice white bed for her, I loved it! . . . and to remember to leave her a chocolate too! You are right, Buenos Aris is another New Orleans! How special of a beautiful of city.

I am glad for your nice trip for your 20th and wish you lots more anniversaries. Love Moma

Denise said...

How special and how lovely! All the thoughtful little details make such times so enjoyable. Happy anniversary! ~Aunt Nesi

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Now this was a REAL anniversary celebration! Your restaurant meal looked like it was special and tasty, and I liked that you showed us your bowl of fruit, up close. Happy Abigail's hair was so cute with the static electricity making it fly around and stick up in the air. I am very happy that Phillip got pretty red roses for you AND a watch. Those two gifts would have made me feel like it was a very special anniversary celebration. The hotel personnel seemed to try to make your stay a comfortable and remembered time, what with Abigail's "white" bedding and the "extra" chocolate. When you stated that you were so tired, I just hoped that Abigail and you were able to calm down enough to get some uninterrupted sleep, and I hope dear Phillip was able to rest too, as I know his days are busy and tiring. I so enjoy your blog pictures and stories. I feel blest to have this luxury that I'm able to see you all in everyday action. Love, Mom D PS- Thank you for being an unselfish wife for Phillip and a giving mother to your children. To think you've been a faithful lady for these full 20 years! My heart is happy that 20 profitable and beautiful years have passed for Phillip and you!

lila said...

So glad you could get away and have a lovely time!! Loved all the pics!! You are truly blessed!! Happy Anniversary!!!

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