Monday, June 22, 2015

~Phillip's Happy Father's Day!~

A Happy Belated Father's day to my SWEET Daddy, Dad D., and to Phillip, the Daddy to our 6 children!

God has made those 3 men 

Daddy, Dad D. and Phillip are men that:
LOVE Jesus,
Love their wives,
and Love their children with all of their hearts!
They are very WISE men and we THANK JESUS FOR THEM and wouldn't trade any of them for the WHOLE WORLD!!  :-)
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Phillip's Father's day started on Tuesday.
For Tuesday night I made these yummy cupcakes with a surprise creamy filling inside...~
~using these fun "I Love Mustache" muffin papers.~
~I got this chalkboard for cheap and then Kara helped me paint the frame choral and white.  ~
~For Wednesday night's English class I bought each one of us a chocolate candy bar (inside the little wooden box).~
~Jesus helped me write the "Happy Father's day" message on my new chalkboard! :-) ~
~I needed a box to put my magazines in, and Jesus helped me find one for Free. :-) ~
~For my Father's Day decor...
I cut out aqua blue and white and orange and white TIES to hang that said, "Daddy!".~
~And for below my banner I made ties that said...~
~# 1 Dad!~
~Since these peach tea bags matched the orange ties I was making, I made this little sign for Phillip to include in my Father's day display.  
~"You're the Sugar in my Tea"~

~I made Monster Cookies for the dessert on Wednesday night.~
~I had fun setting the table with aqua, orange and white.~
~I made little ties to put on the place cards.~
~And for Leo and Phillip I made a Giant Cookie and wrote, "#1 Dads!" ~

~And I made 8 homemade pizzas that night.~
~It was a nice English class, and fun having Kara and Bethany with us too!~
~Then for Sunday Aunt Caro had the idea of all the children SURPRISING their Dads and dressing up like their Father. 
Mary is an artist
Elijah is a preacher
Noah is a mechanic
~Noah the Mechanic!~
~Mary the artist wearing Daddy's hat!~
~Elijah the preacher!~
~The boys and 3 of their friends!~
~Sweet Valen!~
~Aunt Caro had just showed me this idea of using a large plastic lid and gluing bottle caps on it for a Painter's palette, so Kara and Kimberly helped me make one for Mary.~
~Ready to go into the church and surprise their Dads with a song.~
~Jonathan wearing his Dad's basketball shirt from 20 years ago. :-) ~
~We "threw a mustache on Mary" at the last minute. :-) ~
~The kids did a good job singing and surprising their Daddies.~
~Phillip and Elijah, Noah, and Mary~

~Uncle Leo, Aunt Caro, Jonathan, and Valen!~
~The boys' friend Nahuel and Han~
~The boy's friend Ariel and his Dad and sister~
~Little William (from our English class), Lisa, and Oscar~
~Ricardo, and Jenny and Tommy (twins)~
~Nico the dentist, Alicia, and their children!~
~Our family (Phillip got a nice Thermos from the church)
Don't you love Elijah's orange mustache he made himself?~
~Our family...with our "2 Adopted Daughters" Kara and Bethany! :-) ~
~Bethany and Kara pointing to the "Happy Father's Day" sign for their Daddy!~
~For Sunday night snack I just served simple Pringle chips (which our family hasn't had in AGES) and hot dogs. 
The small potato chips in the middle that look like French Fries are to put on the hot dogs.~
~And since I was gone on Friday on Business for our mission and on Saturday taking Kara and Bethany sight seeing, I just made this simple Jello, ice cream and cookie Father's day dessert!~
Phillip and us had a very Happy Father's day week! :-) 


lila said...

What a neat fun Father's Day!!! I don't know how you do so much and make everything so lovely, beautiful, and fun!! Mary, Elijah, and Noah in their outfits are cute mimicking their Daddy!! So thankful you all are reaching out to others with the love Jesus has put in you hearts!! Much love and prayers

Sandhya Blogger said...

happy fathers day cake

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