Tuesday, June 23, 2015

~Baby Abigail is 10 months!~

~I gave Kara my props I wanted to use, and Baby Abigail and she took her 10 month pics!
I think they turned out fun! :-)
Thank you, Kara! ~

 ~I had to post this pic, for this is Abigail's latest thing.
She takes bites of food, and then sticks her tongue out and wiggles her tongue around until the chunks she doesn't want falls off.   :-)
In this pic she is spitting out bites of the sucker. :-) ~
~Sugar and Spice and everything NICE
That is what little girls are made of!~
~Abigail is sooo funny!  She is a clown and constantly does things that make us howl laughing!~
~Thank you, Dear Jesus, for our precious baby Abigail!~


Denise said...

AWWW!!!! SO precious! She is getting so big, though! It's a good thing ... but kinda sad too! Aunt Nesi loves you so much precious! May Jesus always keep you sweeter than candy! :)

lila said...

Adorable pics of sweet Abigail!!! Great job by Kara!!

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