Thursday, June 18, 2015

~Sunday night Bible Study and fun times with Kara and Bethany!~

~Bethany being silly while we were getting set up for our Sunday night Bible Study.~
~The instrument section was on one side of the D. Room, and the rest of the congregation was on the other. (I was too tired from having E and M's GRADUATION THE NIGHT BEFORE... to move the keyboard closer to the L.R. :-) ~
~Heather on piano, Kara on violin, Fernando playing classical guitar, and Kimberly on violin.  We really enjoyed playing the hymns and God's presence was VERY close that night.~
~Some Mochaccinos that I made for the Fam!~

~One Tuesday the girls had no language class, so we took some snacks and walked to the Park at the River.
Sarah and Bethany  pushing Abigail in a swing.~
~This was the First time that Abigail was in a swing at a park and SHE LOVED IT!~
~Not sure if you can see Abigail's bottom teeth, but she only has THREE...the fourth one hasn't come in yet. Sort of gives her a cute CROOKED Smile!~

~Fun times and fun memories!~
~Phillip pitching balls to Elijah. Elijah was hitting nearly every one Phillip pitched to him!  Later Phillip, Noah, Kimberly, Kara, Elijah and I played a game of baseball, with only 3 bases since we didn't have a lot of players.  We had fun!~
~Kimberly took this picture of Kara taking pictures! :-) ~
~Kara made us a delicious meal.  Here she is making pita bread.~

~She made Pilaf, a garlic sauce, a special salad called Fatoush, and Pita Bread.  It was delicious!~

~A yummy Choc. Sheet cake I made.  It's one of my all time favorite quick recipes.  I'll try to post the recipe some time.
This recipe came from My SWEET Moma!  It's always FUN when you need a recipe and can call and chat with your Mommy! :-) ~
~Sarah and Bethany wanted to get a Cartoon drawing of themselves.~
~The guy drew this in about 10 mins. He drew Sarah on your left and Bethany on  your right!  Of course, he exaggerated everything.~
~We thought he did a pretty good job.  It was fun watching him.~
We are enjoying these days with Kara and Bethany!


Nicki said...

Now I'm confused. I've only known baseball to have 3 bases.

Sherry L Dickinson said...

This picture of Bethany is so funny. She did manage to look goofy. lol! I like your 'orchestra section'. I'm glad the Lord came close in your time of music and church. You have been so busy making special things for your company and family-I like seeing these pretty cups of your Mochaccino. Abigail is very sweet and cute in the swing pictures of her. Kimberly took a very good picture of Cara by the water's edge. Cara's meal must have been a real treat, or at least it sure looked that way! I like the caricature picture of Sarah and Bethany. It makes one smile to see the features that the artist exaggerated, and he did them good enough that we can tell which person he is representing. How very special that Cara and Bethany were able to come and spend time with you; and what neat things your family is doing with them. Thank you for taking the time to present these events to us, so that we can enjoy them with you. I love spending time in Argentina with your family on this blog! Love, Mom D

Sherry L Dickinson said...

PS - I must confess, your beautiful & tasty-looking Chocolate Cake makes me want to eat a piece of it. Yes, please do take the time to put the recipe on your blog, so we readers can copy that cake recipe for our use, too. Thank you! Mom D

The Dickinsons said...

Nicki, In our Baseball game, we only had 1st, 2nd, and HOME, NO 3rd base. ;-)


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