Friday, June 5, 2015

~It's our 20th anniversary!~

 ~This morning Kara kindly ran outside with Phillip and I and snapped these pictures for our 20th anniversary.  I thought she did an adorable job taking our pictures!~

 ~Phillip bought me my coat for part of my gift!~

~Our 20th Anniversary~
Twenty years?  Can it be?
Since my Phillip married me?
To GOD be the Glory!
He's the Author of our story!

We've learned that marriage takes 3!
God first, then Phillip and Me!
Marriage isn't "What's in it for me?"
But GIVING 100% of yourself Totally!

Once you've fed each other the wedding cake
Then it's time to be FLEXIBLE...Lots of give and take! :-)
Our roses have had some thorns... a few
But God has been there to see us through!

First came love, and then came marriage,
and then came Phillip pushing A (6) baby carriage (s) ;-)
With each new year, we've fallen more in love...
Most of the credit goes to God above!

I LOVE my Phillip, He's my Best Friend
He's a wonderful man on whom I depend.
I always wanted a man taller and older than Me
Phillip is lots taller, but just 2 months "More Elderly!" ;-)

I'd say "YES" all over again...
To my Phillip, and to His kin. :-)
Yes, Married life is pure Bliss...
#Canitgetanybetterthanthis?  :-)

~This picture was very FUN to take!  ;-) ~
~And a black-and-white-version-with-a-pop-of-color!~
Before our company came Phillip took me on a fun anniversary get-away.  We (and Baby Abigail) had a Blast being together! :-) Pics of that coming!
Tomorrow is Elijah and Mary's graduation as well.   
Prayers that I can get it ALLLL Done!  :-)

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Sherry L Dickinson said...

I am happy you made a Wedding Anniversary post, Heather. When I thought of your anniversary, I dashed to the computer to see what your Anniversary Post contained. I was delighted with the pretty pictures of Phillip and you, dressed up and with the umbrellas. I am grateful that your parents taught you submission to them, submission to God, and to be willing to be submissive to your husband. What a beautiful example you present of submission to one's husband. You make marriage sound like fun, you make being submissive to your husband look attainable, and you are an example of a woman who gives 100% to her husband and family. Likely, many women have no desire to do a lot of the work you do, and here you make it look like fun. The line in your poem, "and to his kin" made my heart leap for joy that you love us, because for sure we certainly love you. I am grateful that Jesus gave our beautiful son, Phillip, his beautiful wife, Heather. You have been a blessing and have brought much fun to our family. Whoever would have thought that the 20 year mark would be here already but here it is! Love, Mom D

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