Monday, June 16, 2014

~Phillip had a Happy Father's day!~

After 2 days of STRAIGHT RAIN, God answered PRAYER and sent SUNSHINE!!!
Praise the Lord!
As you know, we have no dryer, and of course use clothes lines OUTSIDE to dry our clothes.  So now that God sent sunshine...we can get all our clothes washed, dried, and packed up.  =)
Your prayers are appreciated as we finish last minute things and packing, and for our trip back to the USA.
(BABY AND I REALLY need your prayers!  
With the stress of traveling, and my not being able to eat a lot of RAW veggies (can't take those from one country to another), and with the lack of sleep Wednesday night, those things can do crazy things with my sugar numbers.)
Lord willing we leave Wednesday night and fly all night and arrive on Thursday morning, June 19th. 

We are SAD to leave our DEAR friends here =( , but excited to get home to see our DEAR family and friends there. =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~For Father's day our family had an invitation to a house of a lady from church.
So, I found out how many Fathers were going to be at her house and on Saturday night I made a double batch of my chocolate chip cookies.
 I made up a bag of 3 cookies per father...~
 ~and made 12 bags and tied them with blue and white ribbon.  Baby blue and white are Argentina's national colors.  ~
 ~And since I know our friend Leo loves American cookies and had just had a birthday...I took one of their bags that FLOUR is sold in here, and made a "gift bag" for him from our family with 12 of my choc. chip cookies in it.  =) ~
 ~And then for a Father's day treat for Phillip and our family I made ice cream sandwiches out of some of my cookies and rolled them in mini choc. chips.~
~Phillip took a picture of this cute Father's day sign in the front of the church Sunday morning.~
 ~A few weeks ago the Sunday school teacher had asked Kimberly if she could teach the S.S. kids some kid's choruses.  Then, after they learned them, she asked her to lead the kids in singing those choruses up front for Father's day.~
 ~Sarah isn't in S.S. anymore, but joined the kids to help them sing.  I played the piano for the 2 choruses they sang.~
 ~They sang "Amaras al Senor Tu Dios" ..."Ye shall Love the Lord your God", and "I saw a Wiggle Worm" both in English and Spanish.~
 ~The kids did a great job singing.~

 ~The church gave each father a small stainless steel thermos for their gift.  Phillip really liked his nice gift.~
~After a delicious lunch at church Kimberly practiced with the choir one last time, then we went to that lady's house for the afternoon.
My Dear friend Caro made these ADORABLE tie name tags to put on the glasses for the Fathers.  Phillip and I LOVE the one with the Chinese writing. =) ~
 ~And she also made this Adorable banner made out of ties that says, "Happy Day, Daddy."

 ~And on either end she blew up 2 balloons and Phillip drew a mustache on there for her.~
 ~Some of the ladies cooking in the kitchen.  The one on the left is the lady of the house.~
 ~Some of the Fathers visiting.~
 ~There were LOTS of yummy snacks to snack on all afternoon until the main supper at 7:00 that night.~
 ~This man is Kimberly's choir director from church.
He and his wife own a Chinese restaurant and make the YUMMIEST food! =) ~
 ~Here they are putting the final touches on supper.~
~Nico (the dentist), Alicia, and their family.  It was Alicia's mom's house where we spent the afternoon.~
 ~The supper was what they described as sort of a "Chinese Taco."  It was all put inside a "shell" which I think it was made out of rice.  It was delicious!~
 ~Daddy and 5 of our 6 PRECIOUS children!!~


RicKaren said...

I love all the cute Father's Day things. The cookie bags was a great idea and using the flour sack was creative and turned out so cute! The Chinese tacos looked yummy! I am thankful that the rain quit for you--prayers continue, especially during your travels!

lila said...

The neck ties are so cute!! What a nice Father's Day celebration!!! Such a nice looking group of young people you all have been able to witness to!! I know everyone's hearts are breaking with your departing. Praying for safe travels!!

Kira said...

Praying for you tonight as you embark on your long journey home !!

May God grant you all a safe and relaxing flight and protect everyones ears !!

Kimberly said...

In our prayers tonight!!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Hi Heather!
What a nice post of the things you all did for your fathers that were at church. I can imagine it made each father feel special, and especially receiving your yummy choc chip cookies, too. You are one whiz of a Sally Homemaker!
Praise to our King Jesus for giving you all traveling mercies across the loooong miles!
Love, Mom D in hot Arizona

Emily Grace said...

I've been checking your blog every day recently, hoping to see a post about ya'll getting back to the states! Hope you are doing well, and I look forward to another post. :)
Love, Emily A.

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