Sunday, June 8, 2014

~Our Little Elijah and Mary were in a wedding. =)~

 ~A young couple from our Chinese church asked if Elijah and Mary could be in their wedding.
Jesus sent in money marked "JUST FOR MARY" we were able to find a pretty little dress for Mary to wear for the wedding.  =)
Kimberly did Mary's hair in a very detailed crown braid...which took about 45 mins. to do.  =)  Kimberly made up a story to tell to Mary while she did her hair.  Mary was VERY patient and sat very still. =) ~
 ~The Bride had purchased the groomsmens' bow ties overseas so we really had to SEARCH to try to find the right blue bow tie for Elijah.
Jesus really helped us by finding the perfect blue bow tie which perfectly matched the groomsmens' bow ties. Thankfully Elijah already had the rest of his dressy clothes with him, and U. Charlie and A. Yoli got him his nice shoes for his recent birthday.~
 ~Noah and Elijah.
We went ahead and got Noah a matching bow tie.
As Noah was getting ready for the wedding, 2 buttons popped off of his white shirt.  =(  So, Thankfully someone got me a needle and thread and I sewed his buttons back on with him WEARING his shirt...MINUTES before the wedding was to start!  =) ~
 ~The back of Mary's hair.~
 ~The front of Mary's hair.~
 ~A cute pic of U. Charlie taking a picture of Mary.~
 ~Elijah and Mary~
 ~Mary and her little basket of flower petals.  We couldn't find a cheap white basket (the kid's shops here wanted $43.00 or so for their little white wedding baskets.  =(
So we ran to a cheap store and bought a brown little basket for $4.00, Phillip spray painted it white for me, and then I made the pink and white bow and tied it on it.  =)  ~
 ~Waiting in the back of the church.~
 ~The Chinese church bought the couple a special Spanish / Chinese Bible which Elijah carried down the aisle.  During the ceremony that Bible was presented to the Bride and Groom.~
 ~Our good friend Leo did a great job MC-ing the wedding.  And Aunt Yoli did a great job playing the piano for the wedding.~
 ~Since Elijah has only been to one wedding when he was TWO years old, and Mary has NEVER been to a wedding...Jesus REALLY helped them!~

 ~When I asked the coordinator who was going down the aisle first...she mentioned that Elijah and Mary were going down the aisle first!  =(
That meant ...that I didn't know where to tell them to go and stand when they got up front.
So, I just told E and M that when they got up front, just to TURN AROUND and face the congregation.  =D~
~Plans ended up changing and the groomsmen and bridesmaids went up first, but I didn't have time to talk to E and M again.
So, they got up front and turned around and stood there and everyone loved it.  =)  Later my dear friend Caro helped them to move MORE up front, so the bride and her Father could stand where they were standing.  =) ~
 ~There were quite a few oohs and aahs from the crowd watching 2 little American kids coming down the aisle.  =) ~
 ~Here Comes the Bride....~

 ~Then Elijah and Mary got to come back and sit down on the front row with the Brides' family for the rest of the wedding. ~
 ~Elijah and Mary watching the wedding from the front row. =) ~
 ~Exchanging their vows.~
 ~The elders of the church sang the Love chapter...I Cor. the bride and groom.~
 ~And the young people (and Kimberly) planned a little surprise and sang to the Bride and Groom too.  Their song made the bride cry.~

 ~The bride's parents and Leo.~
 ~The Bride and Groom presenting flowers to both sets of their parents.~
 ~The Groom's parents.~
 ~Walking back down the aisle...Now they are Mr. and Mrs. =) ~

 ~Sarah and Mary.~
 ~Elijah and Mary.  Love Elijah's foot.~

 ~Our family and the Bride and Groom.~
 ~The Bride and Groom and Mary and Elijah.~
 ~The Bridal party.~
 ~Uncle Charlie, Aunt Yoli and the Bride and Groom.~
 ~Aunt Yoli, Alicia, and Caro helped the bride a lot with the details of the wedding.~
 ~Kimberly and some friends.~
 ~An up-close pic of Mary's little basket that Phillip and I "made" and one of the bouquets from the pews at church.~
 ~We told Elijah and Mary that if they did a good job and obeyed in the wedding that we would do something Special for them.   =)
Since Jesus REALLY helped them and they did a great job in the wedding....the Monday after the wedding, I made this Choc. Chip / M&M Cookie cake for a special dessert for that evening to celebrate!!!  =)
I don't have time to type out what all I did so here's the link where I got the idea and where I got the icing recipe.
However, I made my cake MUCH smaller than she did.
I only made three 3" cookies for the base of my cake and then the rest of my cookies were about 2" and I arranged them 5 cookies per layer.
We also added extra cream and less p. sugar to the icing recipe, which made it less sweet.
And since I was making this for our Little Elijah and Mary I added the M&M's to my cookies for fun color. =)~
 ~It was a fun cake and yummy.  The white icing had pure cream in it, so it wasn't too sweet.  =)
The "Fam" was GLAD I had made it.  =D
I loved how FUN it turned out. =) ~
 ~AND....Elijah has been BEGGING to go to the park beside the river...but life, school work, and rain have kept us from it for sometime.
So, that Monday afternoon...we ordered some cheap pizza, and packed a little picnic and went to the park.~

~Mary got all dressed up for the chilly weather outside, and then left the house wearing flipflops. =( ~
 ~And then we let the kids "explore" finding shells, rocks, etc.~
 ~Our family didn't have room to bring coats with us in our suitcases, and we weren't even sure how cold it would get before we were to go back to the USA.
Since it's turned pretty chilly...U. Charlie gave Phillip a nice coat that keeps him very warm.
Daddy brought Mary back from the exploring....and took her to a playground.
I thought they looked so cute walking together! =) ~
 ~The downtown city of Buenos Aires lit up by the sun, with Elijah and Phillip in the pic too.~
 ~And this is how Elijah and Mary walked part of the 17 blocks home. =) ~
 ~So cute.
Thank you, Dear Jesus, for your help with the wedding.~


Rob and Deanna said...

Adorable of Mary & Elijah! The other 3 looked so beautiful and handsome as well! :-).

Anonymous said...

This is your "cousin" Nina (Jimmy Belcher's daughter). Your children looked so precious for the wedding! And the cake - yummy!

I got the special treat of visiting with your Mom and Dad on Saturday during the annual family reunion in Alcoa. Your Mom shared that you would be heading home in two weeks for the birth of your daughter. I'm excited for you all and continue to be so inspired by you. You continue to be a testimony to me as I read your blog. What a Godly mother and wife your are for your family!

I'll be praying for a safe trip for you all and a smooth delivery for your newest family member.

Love in Him,

M said...

I loved all the pictures of your family in the wedding! Kimberly looked so pretty as she was preparing Mary's hair. The picture of Sarah looked so nice, she is growing up so nicely. Noah looked so nice in his bow-tie, a handsome young man. And of course Elijah and Mary looked adorable for the wedding. We were so glad to see everyone at the family reunion. Jean and Jimmy Mason, I have not seen in a long time. It is always nice to see Jimmy and his family, it has been awhile. Love, Moma

Anonymous said...

God cares about the sparrows and so works out His will in every detail of our lives too! Sweet pics of everyone! Love ya, Laura and Family

Kimberly said...

Such a sweet flower girl and Bible bearer...they look like pros!!:) love the pics at the end of those 2 walking arm and arm...precious!

lila said...

What a beautiful post! How sweet that Mary and Elijah got to be in a beautiful wedding. They are so adorable!! Kimberly did a beautiful job on Mary's hair. So thankful you was able to find the things you needed to make it happen. I know all those dear hearts are broken that you all are leaving them soon. Hope we get to see you a few times while you are in the states!! Love and prayers

Aunt Ellen said...

I always love the pictures of your sweet family, Heather, but I must say Elijah and Mary looked exceptionally cute as the Bible bearer and flower girl. You have a precious family, and I love you all very much.

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