Saturday, June 14, 2014

~Happy Father's Day!~

How VERY THANKFUL Phillip and I are for our own Dads that Jesus gave us.  Of course, we couldn't "pick" our Dads...but if we could've...we'd pick Daddy and Dad D. all over again.  =D
We love our Dads to PIECES!!
The longer we live the more we appreciate them both and the lives they live.  We are so THANKFUL that God has saved and sanctified them both and that they have remained faithful to Jesus for YEARS!
L to R:
~Dad and Mom Dickinson and my Moma and Daddy at our church Christmas dinner in Ohio this past December. ~
We are also very Thankful for how MUCH our 2 Dads love our 2 Mothers!!!
And for how much they love us kids and our kids too.  =)
We are Thankful that they taught us how to love Jesus as well, how to work, how to stay faithful to our mates through thick and thin, etc.
This Father's day we are VERY THANKFUL FOR  our 2 Dads!!!  How VERY BLESSED we are!
Happy Father's Day, Daddy, and Dad D.  May y'all have a very SPECIAL day!! 
We love you both, and of course we love our Moms too!  =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 ~Phillip and Kimberly leaving on a date.
Since she's being so FAITHFUL to her studies, he gave her a break one day recently and took her out for some special Daddy-Daughter time.
(Sarah wants Daddy to wait until she gets to the USA to take her out on her date, so thus I don't have a picture of Sarah and Daddy together.  =)~
 ~You already saw this picture, but I love it of Phillip and Mary.~

~What our Daddy is made of~
Our Daddy (Phillip) is "made up of" bolts and screws,
Suits and ties, and black dressy shoes.
Saws that cut and hammers and nails,
Fun times, exploring on hiking trails.

Daily devotions, songs, and family prayer.
Hugs and kisses, and showing He cares.
Takes the boys "out for coffee" and the girls on a date.
Talks with our kids whenever they want, even late.

Has a great sense of humor and makes us laugh.
Helps our kids with their studies, especially MATH!  =)
Loves our kids TONS and what's important to them...
Is the VERY THING that is important to Him!

He takes time for each one from Mary to Kimberly...
And is super excited about our new baby!
Reads stories that make us want to live a Holy Life.
Keeps Peace in our home, by settling "strife!" =)

Takes us to the park, goes jogging with our kids.
Shows us his "muscles" by opening jar lids.  ;-)
He's an early riser and rises to pray,
Giving God the first part of each day.

He's a hard worker and is teaching our boys,
that a job well done brings so much joy.
Phillip L.O.V.E.S. to read and is very VERY wise.
He loves my cooking, especially my pies. =)

He's teaching our boys how to remain pure...
Which now-a-days is quite the task for sure.
He's a God-made artist and amazes us all...
And takes the time to show our kids how to draw.

In our Home our Daddy is THE KING!
In our eyes He can do ANYTHING. =)
Talks about God when rising up and when lying down...
Yep! He's pretty much the BEST DADDY around! =)
                                                                          ~Heather June 2014 Argentina~
~Phillip taking me out to eat to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary!~
 ~Phillip and I watching Kimberly and Sarah learn how to tie a Chinese knot.~
 ~The finished product.  This takes LOTS of patience! ~
 ~Phillip taking Elijah and Noah to Noah's classical guitar lesson and then "out for coffee."
Happy Father's Day, Phillip!  
All 7 of us LOVE YOU TONS!!!  =) ~

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Martha S. Bryan said...

Dearest Heather, Your post on Father's Day is classic. I just caught up reading all the above and your post on God's Answer to Prayer!
So glad and pray for those young people with you, that God will give them a higher view of life. Can't wait until you all get home! Love, Moma

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