Wednesday, June 4, 2014

~Happy 19th Anniversary to US! :-) ~

~WOW! Where, oh, Where has time gone?  Can it really be NINETEEN years since I as a "shy bride";-) walked down that LONG aisle in the God's Bible School chapel to the wonderful young man awaiting me up on the platform?
I didn't know much about being a wife (what girl does before she's married =) but I knew that I LOVED Jesus and I LOVED my Phillip and that together we THREE could make it.  I mean I had the most WONDERFUL Teacher, (Thank you, Moma) who taught me LOTS about being a wife, and I had read the good books she had recommended, but none of that compares to coming home from the honeymoon, waking up in your new apartment and realizing that YOU are now the Lady of this house.  YOU will be making all the meals and keeping the place clean, but MOST OF ALL you will get to take Good care of your "MR."  After all, He CHOSE ME out of all the girls in the world!!!  =)
~A sign similar to this hangs in Phillip's office in our USA home.~
~The Love of my life.
Buenos Aires, Argentina, May, 2014~
 ~And just a little closer shot so you can see my "tiny" baby bump.  I hope I don't pop soon!  =) ~
So, thus began my journey of learning to GIVE unselfishly to the man of my dreams.  I wish I could say that I now have a MASTERS in that journey...but that wouldn't be quite true.  ;-)  But, with Jesus help I've learned a lot in these 19 years.  Some of my favorite books are Total Woman and Created to be His Helpmeet.  I like to re-read those often, to keep me on my toes.  
Phillip has got to be the most Spiritual unselfish man I know!  He loves Jesus with ALLLLL of His heart, and then I get the privilege of having the very NEXT SPOT in His heart!  =)  
He is such a caring helpful husband and treats me like a Queen.  (I try my BEST to treat him pretty special as well!  =)
Since he knows my job as wife and Mommy is made more difficult by being on the mission field (no car, no dryer, walking everywhere we go to get groceries, etc.) he is a BIG help to me, and normally does the grocery shopping!  
I loved him tons that warm June day back then...but I LOVE HIM LOTS more this cool June day.  We've been through A LOT together.  We've made memories; some sad (like when one of our children broke their leg or our van was stolen twice) and some happy (tooooo MANY to mention! =)  
I love it that he is my BEST friend and we are a TEAM!  
Our 6 children are right below me in Phillip's heart. =)   I love the memories of watching him hold our first little baby.   He was now a DADDY!  
I STILL LOVE to see him interact with our children.  He does a great job and daily invests in them for Eternity!!  He is a wonderful caring Daddy and Loves these kids to pieces!!!
It's his UTMOST GOAL to help the kids and I make Heaven our Home!!!
Yep!  I'm convinced that I've got the Best husband in the world.  =)
Thank you, Dear Jesus, for bringing Me to Phillip and Phillip to Heather! =)  
In your Will and Plan, please give us LOTS more years together!!!!  Amen!



Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! to a BEAUTIFUL couple!! Praying for you all...excited about you seeing you in a few weeks!!

lila said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary to a most precious couple!!! Love this post, of course I love all your posts!!!Your lives have meant soooo much to us. We will be forever grateful!!! Love you tons

Maggie said...

Happy anniversary!!! God bless!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to ya'll! I too was there on that hot day in June 19 yrs ago, looking alot like you do now... with my lil Brittany, who graduates from High School in just a few days!!!! Loved your sweet post! Soooo happy Phillip is STILL making you happy after all these years! Can't wait til ur my neighbor again! =) Your "Great-Grandmother, Laura

Abigail Kuhn said...

A VERY Happy Anniversary to y'all!!!! :)

Martha S. Bryan said...

Happy Anniversary! We are eagerly awaiting for you to come home but love the work you are doing for him in that far off land. Thank the Lord for his help to you all. You, look as if you are about to burst, with that baby! Grandmother is so looking forward to you coming down to her house, real soon. Love, Moma

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