Wednesday, June 11, 2014

~Our Last English class~

 ~ Since we leave Argentina in about a week, last night was our last English class for a few months.   =(
It's also our dear friend Leo's birthday this week, so we planned a simple birthday supper for him at the same time.
I made an ice cream cake for our dessert.
I made this 2 layered choc. cake recipe (only I put instant coffee in it), then I put choc. chip ice cream in between the 2 layers, and for the icing I mixed up whipping cream, and added a tad of coffee in it as well.
I toasted walnuts and chopped them for the side of the cake.
And... ~
 ~Then I used mini choc. chips to make the "L for Leo" on top of the cake. =) ~

 ~Found these fun paper napkins that looked sort of manly... with a mustache and glasses =), so set the table with a light blue table cloth, my white glass plates, and my black re-usable plastic plates for the center plate.
Then I used my 5 little white frames as place card holders.~
 ~The center piece.~
 ~And wrote "Happy Birthday, Leo!" in my frame that is made for 3 photos. =) ~

 ~The Voice of the Martyrs put out a ministry video called "Stephen's Test of Faith."
It's a short Challenging story of a 12 year old boy who learned the lesson to stand up for Jesus among his friends at school and it also talks about some Christian martyrs.
For our last English class we watched this video in English. ~
 ~I served this salad, my french bread, Italian chicken Spaghetti, and my ice cream cake. ~
 ~The kids table.  2 of our "kids" who normally come to practice English on Tuesday nights couldn't be here tonight, due to sickness.  =( ~
 ~The girls' table.~
 ~Our table.~
 ~And just since I had an extra volcano candle on hands, I threw it on his cake just for fun. =) ~
 ~Our DEAR friends Leo, Caro, Jonathan, and Valentina.  How we are going to MISS them!!~
 ~Their family and ours. (Their family gave our boys and our whole family these shirts with Argentina's national colors as a go-away gift / Argentine souvenir. =)~
 ~Jesus helped my cake turn out yummy. =)
We've fallen in love with these dear children / young people that were here at our house tonight (as well as William and Lisa who were sick), and have enjoyed our Tuesday evenings with them.~

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lila said...

What a nice celebration for Leo!! Everything was so lovely!!! You know just how to make every celebration so special and wonderful!! Soon you will be home!!!!!!! Love you tons

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