Thursday, June 26, 2014

~Hallelujah we're home safe and NOW have internet!~

We JUST GOT INTERNET 10 minutes ago, so NOW I can update my blog.  =) 

While we were packing to leave Argentina...Phillip's debit/Visa card came up MISSING!  
We SeArChEd HIGH and low...and COULD NOT find that card ANYWHERE!
Finally just before leaving the house in Argentina, Phillip called our bank and CANCELLED that card!
After a 45 minute drive to the airport...I asked Kimberly to look through Elijah's backpack, to make sure he didn't have any Kitchen knives, lighters, etc. (things that boys think are cool) in it.  ;-)
Yep! you are right!
She found Phillip's debit card, which he had JUST CANCELLED... IN ELIJAH'S BACK PACK!  =)   
Gotta LOVE that "little Leader!"   
We are excited to see how God will use his take-charge type personality!! =)
~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~   
Jesus gave us a safe and uneventful trip home from Argentina.
As you know we flew all night.  I had asked Jesus to PLEASE help the plane to NOT be a full-flight, so that I could have 3 seats on which to to lay down.
Jesus did just that, and so I was able to stretch out for several hours.  Praise the Lord!  =)  (Of course, one doesn't sleep very soundly on the airplane, but at least I could get off my feet and rest.)
I was also concerned since my "baby bump" is rather LARGE...that the airport authorities could question HOW FAR ALONG I WAS...and not let me fly.  (I was 7 1/2 months along, but could appear to others to be further along.)
So, I tried to "hide baby" under a coat and scarf.   ;-)
THANK THE LORD, no one even questioned me about my due date, and we arrived safely in the USA.  =)
~Here we are standing in the check-in line in the airport in Argentina.  
The lady was very kind and didn't charge us for our extra suitcase, and gave us seats together.~
 ~Our dear friends Uncle Charlie and Leo took us to the airport.
Leo parked and helped us get everything into the airport.
Leo and our family!~
 ~We landed in Atlanta around 5:30 A.M., went through customs, grabbed our suitcases and sent them back through, and boarded the plane for CINCINNATI!!!!   We were GOING HOME!  =D
Our Dear mission director and wife, the Beckers, and Daddy and Moma, and my 3 nieces and nephew were are FUN Welcoming party!  =) ~
 ~Elijah sat down in the middle of the airport to pull his "treasures" out of his backpack.  He loves his monkey hat and sunglasses.~

 ~The day we arrived was my DEAR sister Laura's birthday.  
After I got a L.O.N.G. nap, Laura served us a YUMMY supper.
Daddy bought a cake, and Phillip got some ice cream, and Kimberly made some choc. syrup to celebrate Laura!
Laura and her family were a HUGE blessing in getting our beds ready and cleaning off the 5-month layer of dust from our house, and putting some groceries in our kitchen!  
We have NO CLUE what we'd do without them, and LOVE THEM TO PIECES!!!~
 ~Cousins!  Happy to be together again.
Natasha, Brittany, and Kimberly.~
 ~We had planned to make a trip to TN this week, to see my GG (Grandmother) and family there, and take our family camping before baby comes.
Camping is one thing that we REALLY MISS when we are not in the States.
However, plans changed, and we couldn't go to TN this week.
So, we've just been at home trying to catch up on REST, finding the clothes our kids out-grew while we were gone and getting rid of them (or storing them for the next kid =), unpacking, and organizing.
This picture of Mary shows you how we all feel.  Exhausted, but HAPPY to be home! :-) ~
 ~And since our camping plans were cancelled or post-poned, we got the supplies and have had fun doing S'mores with our kids in our back yard.  :-)
Baby and I have an appointment with my midwife group next Tuesday.  I'll update you after that appointment.~


Diana Eckert said...

So happy you made it home safely! I have been wondering, praying and trusting! Isn't Jesus good for taking such good care of you?!

lila said...

AHHHHH!!!!!! Home sweet home!!!!!! Thankful you had a great trouble free flight!!! Hope to see you all soon!! Love and prayers

Unknown said...

Awe! I'm so are things are going well for you!! And that you had smooth flying to get home! :)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
So glad you had a good trip! Praise the Lord! And like always I enjoyed reading your blog! God has helped you to such a good job! Hope all goes well at the midwives! Love and prayers, Hannah Klunder

Kimberly said...

Thanks for updating...I've been checking:) so glad you're all doing well! Love and prayers...

Dorcas said...

I've been wondering about you and your family whether you got back to the States or not. Thank the Lord that you were able to stretch out on the plane for several hours to rest. Am praying the remaining weeks of your pregnancy go well for you and baby!

Unknown said...

So glad you made it back safely! PtL! I also just love the pictures!

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