Saturday, June 7, 2014

~My Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake!~

  ~We told Elijah and Mary that if they did a good job and obeyed in the wedding that we would do something Special for them.   =)
Since Jesus REALLY helped them and they did a great job in the wedding....the Monday after the wedding, ....
I made this Choc. Chip / M&M Cookie cake for a special dessert for that evening to celebrate!!!  =)
(and we also ordered pizza and packed a picnic and took them to the park on the river. =)

I don't have time to type out what all I did so here's the link where I got the idea and where I got the icing recipe.
However, I made my cake MUCH smaller than she did.
I only made three 3" cookies for the base of my cake and then the rest of my cookies were about 2" and I arranged them 5 cookies per layer.
We also added extra cream and less p. sugar to the icing recipe, which made it less sweet.
And since I was making this for our Little Elijah and Mary I added the M&M's to my cookies for fun color. =) ~
  ~It was a fun cake and yummy.  The white icing had pure cream in it, so it wasn't too sweet.  =)
The "Fam" was GLAD I had made it.  =D
I loved how FUN it turned out. =) ~

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