Wednesday, March 6, 2013

~We're basically OUT OF OUR RENTAL HOUSE NOW!!~

I'm BEYOND exhausted, so I won't post pics but I'll THANK YOU for praying for us today.
We got everything out of our rental house (except for a small taxi load we left in our living room for Phillip to pick up tomorrow), the house is ALL CLEAN, and Phillip met with our landlord and wife and they were VERY HAPPY with the good condition in which we left their house.  =)
They said that we've been a BIG BLESSING to them in renting their house, and they WISH we weren't leaving. =) That's nice of Jesus to give us such nice landlord and wife!!
I'll try to post again tomorrow or Friday, after I get some SLEEP.
We still have some BIG BLACK GARBAGE BAGS of things we brought to Pastor Jimmy's house to sort through to say,
1.This is to give away.
2. This is to keep to take to the USA later.
3. This is to take back with us now, etc.
Please keep praying as we try to wrap up lots of loose ends.
And Please pray for little Elijah.  All the dust we stirred up in our house has him COUGHING really badly, which leads him into Asthma problems.  Jesus is able to touch our little blond haired boy.
THANK YOU FOR PRAYING, and please continue to pray as we: 
Finish packing our suitcases, 
Run to pick up our new Colombian I. D. Cards (PLEASE PRAY they are ready!!), etc. 
Love to all, and to all a Good NIGHT! =)


mmsbryan said...

Praise the Lord for all His help and that of others. Love, Moma

Anonymous said...

Oh, good I'm sooooo happy for you!
Love and prayers for the oil of God's grace for the rest of this week! I glad your finally getting some sleep! Love, Hannah Klunder

Keith and Crystal said...


Anonymous said...

Wanted you to know EXTRA prayers are being said for you all!!! Can't wait to see you!!

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