Friday, March 22, 2013

~Sorting and unpacking, and RE-PACKING again.~

Jesus really helped us and we got most of our 19 suitcases unpacked, LOTS of sorting and organizing done in our house (still lots more to do), and got re-packed up for deputation.  I've been thrift-store shopping and picking up more chairs for our dinning room table, and different things we need for our house.   I've had a BLAST just being a Homemaker in my home for a little over a week. =)  Our family feels very BLESSED with all Jesus (and others) have done for us!   Our hearts are very THANKFUL!!  Thank you for your sweet comments and prayers!
But as much as I wanted to keep having fun fixing up our house, it was time to leave it again. 
This morning we pulled away from our house to start Deputation 2013!
Here's a few pics for you to enjoy.
~Last Sunday Michael, Beth, and family came down to see us.  My sweet sister Laura suggested that we could put Sunday dinner together.  So, Laura, Beth, and I each made food and put our Sunday dinner together at our house.  We had fun being together, eating, laughing, and chatting.  (In the left-hand corner behind me [under the green sheet] is my Christmas present.  I can't wait until we are home long enough for Phillip to hook it up. =) ~
~Here's the kid's table in my kitchen.~
~A tall oak bookshelf that Jesus helped us to find at Goodwill.  We so NEEDED this for our Living Room.  Among other things, I have my blog books, and scrapbooks on it.~
~And as I told you earlier... here's a picture of that Beautiful new living room rug that was in our home when we got back from Colombia.  What a FUN SURPRISE!!  Our wooden floors are quite rough, so this rug is a HUGE blessing and adds such a nice touch!~
~Besides unpacking, and digging in bins and boxes upstairs and down, we've also opened PART of our US mail.  A Big Thank you to each of you who sent Christmas cards/family pics our way.  Several of your pics are now on our 'fridge. =)
While still in Colombia Phillip and Noah ordered a remote control helicopter for part of Noah's birthday gift.  (Remember we didn't buy our kids much for their birthdays for we knew we wouldn't have suitcase space to bring the gifts back.)  
So, here's the kids siting on our couch watching Noah's new helicopter fly.  =) ~
Lord willing, I plan to post our deputation schedule soon.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
I love your house and I loved the pics! Wow, your off again and so soon! You have a brave heart!!! Hope all goes well and smooth as you travel! God Bless you! Love and Prayers, Hannah

Denise said...

Praying and praying for you my sweet friend! May Jesus give you rest and restoration even as you labor for Him! He has kept you in my thoughts and prayers this week so I know He REALLY is concerned for you! I love you too! ~Aunt Nesi

Daryl Hausman said...

Sad to see you pull away this a.m. but at the same time, Serving Jesus has such amazing benefits how could one be sad! I feel SOOOOOO much better when I choose JOY! Love ya much! Prayin for ya each step of the way! Ur Sis, Laura

Anonymous said...

This might seem like a shot in the dark--and it probably is, but back when you were in Argentina, you met a man named Wey. I think he was unmarried. Could you tell me more about him? This is probably ridiculous, but we have a girl in our church who lived in Argentina for awhile and is now writing to a Christian Chinese man there. I am wondering if Wey is the man. Like I said, a shot in the dark.
God bless you on your deputation!

Melissa Manners in Taiwan

mmsbryan said...

I was away from my computer for a couple days attending the Indiana Women of Worth Retreat. got to visit with some of your blog friends. My how hard those ladies worked to make a time away so restful and profitable. It would have been wonderful if you and Laura could have joined me there, but again while you were so close you were far away doing God's bidding. So nice to see your improvements and special buys. May God bless as you travel the miles South for Jesus. We prayed for "and your little helpers" that first service this morning. Love, Moma

lila said...

I so hope we get to connect while you are home. Your house looks great. Are you not planning a service at our church? Love you all tons and praying.

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