Monday, March 4, 2013

~An Update on our "moving day!"

Sorry, no pics this time, I'm exhausted and ready for bed, but wanted to give y'all a quick update.
THANK YOU for praying for us today!  Jesus really helped us.
~We were walking to eat breakfast this morning (since we'd already cleaned the stove to sell) when Pastor Jimmy called and he was at our house to help move our stove.  So, Phillip ran home and the rest of us ate a quick breakfast and then took Phillip and Pastor Jimmy some breakfast.  Then, Phillip had to leave for a little while to help deliver a piece of our furniture and to buy some boxes to store some of our things.
~WHILE HE WAS GONE, my friend Marisol arrived WITH 2 MEN AND A get MOST of our furniture...which she had purchased from us.  But, our guards wouldn't let them bring out ANYTHING of ours!!!  I quickly ran to talk to them (since PHILLIP WASN'T HERE!!! =( and I explained to the guard that Phillip had told another guard on FRIDAY that we were going to move a lot of things today.  He told me, "But you have to call Monica (the land lady, whom we have never dealt with, we deal with her husband), and then she'll call the Administration, and then the administration will call me to let me know that you are authorized to let people take your things out of your house."  =(
So, I said, "I'm sorry, no one told us ANYTHING about this, and y'all have known for 3 weeks that we were moving."  I was feeling quite a bit of STRESS, for the 2 guys and the truck were WAITING to start loading the things onto the truck NOW!!!
~So, I ran to call Phillip, asked him to come home QUICKLY, and to Please call our landlord and ask him to call the administration so the men could start moving furniture out to the truck.  Phillip called our landlord, who got all the necessary phone calls made and we got the go-ahead to start moving things to the truck.  =) THANK THE LORD!  (Pastor Jimmy told us that normally they want all of the phone calls to the landlord, then to the administration, and then to the guards done 3 DAYS BEFORE YOU MOVE ANYTHING!!!  So, THANK THE LORD they let us do it all in one day, since Marisol had already paid for the truck for TODAY.) 
Then, Phillip got home too....another THANK  THE LORD, for the guys were ready to take apart our bed and desk, and that surely wasn't down my alley to find them the tools, etc.
~While the guys were moving MOST of our furniture out to the truck, our friends Carlos and Gloria and his parents came to pick up some furniture too.
~After we got all of that furniture out the door, we ran and ate lunch, DRANK SOME COFFEE to keep me going, and then ran home and started packing boxes to store, and bags to take to Pastor Jimmy's house (For we were moving over to their house tonight.)
~Elijah and Mary got a nice nap, and we got a lot of things done this afternoon.
~Bless Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly and their girl's hearts...they have opened up their lovely home and made us feel so SPECIAL!  We moved over to their house this evening.  We have 2 nice rooms, FAST internet, are with GREAT friends, and had a YUMMY supper prepared by Sis. Farly!!!  Life doesn't get any better. =D
~Lord willing we are planning on going back over to our house tomorrow morning at a decent hour to continue packing and cleaning up the house.  We're HOPING we can be OUT OF OUR HOUSE completely by Thursday morning.
I could tell that people were praying today, for Jesus helped us to get LOTS done! 


Daryl Hausman said...

Oh Heather... my prayers have been with you ALL these days, but I had no idea how I was "wearing the Lord out" with all ya'll have on you! Yeah, Right! We can NEVER wear our Lord out isn't that amazing?! I love you SOOOOO much and praying every hour of every waking moment for all ya'll are trying to get done. Love, Laura

mmsbryan said...

And I was praying for both of our little girls and all that they have on then with this missionary upset going on. God is good and He is enough when we trust Him. So glad for the generousity of Pastor Jimmy and Farley to help you at this time. Conting the hours and praying that God will bring you swifty and safely through Miami to Cincy just one week from tomorrow. Praying for you all by the hour, Love, Moma

Anonymous said...

Wow, so glad things went so well! Praise The Lord he dose all things well! We will keep you in our prayers and I believe Monday is just a small picture of how God will help with the cleaning and then the LONG trip home. Love and Blessings, Hannah Klunder

Brittany said...

Oh my - you all have been busy! We'll keep praying that Lord will give you all the strength you need. So glad He worked out the little problem with the furniture for you - He is good!

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