Tuesday, March 5, 2013


~Well, I'm EXHAUSTED beyond measure, but needed to unwind, and what better way than to "chat" with y'all my dear friends. =)
Today we arrived to work on our house around 9:00, and by NOON, I was so TIRED that I was falling apart.  I told Phillip, you'd better PRAY for me, for I don't think I can go on.
He had SPECIAL prayer for me, and wouldn't you know, God sent my friend Marisol shortly thereafter to LIFT my load!!!  She cleaned my kitchen until it shined and then helped me clean our 2 bathrooms too.  I cried while telling her HOW MUCH her coming meant to me, for I couldn't have made it without her today.  The Lord gave me a special touch and we got LOTS done!.  Here's some pics to enjoy!
~Marisol cleaning my kitchen.~
~Sarah working in the boys room.  That room is DONE! Can I hear a PRAISE THE LORD?!!!  =D ~
~Yours truly...washing chairs to give away.
Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly are being a HUGE blessing as well!!  Sis. Farly was at home making our supper for tonight and Pastor Jimmy was getting a hot water heater hooked up in their house so that we'd have hot water to shower with when we got to their home tonight!!  =)   (This morning Phillip, Kimberly, and Sarah BRAVED C.O.L.D. showers!!) ~
~Dear Phillip sorting, packing, throwing things away, etc. in our room, and behind him is the ever present VERY HELPFUL Mary.  =) ~
~Then around 1:45 or so we left, for Sis. Miriam had invited us over for lunch at her house today.  ~
~She and her daughter fed us a Delicious meal.~
~We had a short, but nice visit with them, before running back home to work again.  They were very generous and kept our Elijah and Noah to play with their Adrian and Joel for the afternoon. =) ~
~We ran back to our house and Marisol had been waiting for us.  We laid Mary down for a nap, had a good ol' cup of COLOMBIAN TINTO (coffee) and then went to cleaning the house again.
Here's Marisol and I attacking the kid's bathroom.  =)  Jesus helped us to get lots done.~
 ~We came back to Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly's house this evening, and they had Sis. Farly's DELICIOUS soup and a yummy cold drink waiting for us.  We had a nice visit with them, took those wonderful HOT showers I mentioned earlier, and are now ready to go to bed!
Elijah fell asleep first.  Phillip laid him down to rest, and later I came in the room, and this is how he was sleeping.  DO YOU THINK HE GOT CONCERNED AND DECIDED TO PRAY THAT WE'D GET EVERYTHING DONE???!! ;-) ~
~So tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday) a truck is to come to our house to take EVERYTHING out of our house.  We have to have EVERYTHING OUT OF OUR HOUSE by Wednesday evening, for the carpet cleaners are coming first thing THURSDAY morning to clean our carpets!  
PLEASE PRAY that we can get it all done really FAST tomorrow!
I tell you what, y'all's prayers are what is keeping us going.  Just when we feel we can't go ANYMORE!!!...someone must start touching Heaven for us, and we get more strength to keep going!  THANK YOU.  PLEASE Don't stop praying!!!   =)  
I want to get it all DONE, so we can rest for a few days before the very BUSY, STRESSFUL day of flying home.
~On Thursday night, Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly and the church here in Bogota have a goodbye service/evening planned for us.  I have a feeling that I'd better take 3 boxes of Kleenexs with me for that night, for I'm sure I'll cry LOTS of tears during that service! =(  I've already cried with 3 of my neighbors who were crying while telling us goodbye...how much MORE with those of our church whom we've known and  LOVED for nearly 6 years now.
Our DEAR Colombian people have a place in our hearts that is Reserved for only THEM! =)


CrazieChrisa said...

I'm praying for you!! Love you and hope to see y'all sometime while you're in the states!

Jonathan and Judith Otto said...

Ok be praying while I'm up feeding the baby tonight! -Judith

Kimberly said...

bless your heart....praying for you during this bittersweet time...love ya!!

mmsbryan said...

Oh, how I know the feeling of having to leave a church family that has become so much a part of your heart. It looks like God is hearing and answering. How wonderful to have those rooms all finished. So glad for the hot showers and noticed that you did not take a cold one so you will r-e-a-l-l-y need a hot one. :-) Wrapping your Christmas presents today. You not only have a crazy mixed up life but you keep the rest of your family all mixed up too! Maybe the 5" of snow that we got last night will give me the spirit I need to think Christmas in March. Counting the hours until we see you. Love, Moma

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