Tuesday, March 19, 2013

~Fun surprises awaited us in our house!~

 Jesus is helping us.  We're slowly but surely unpacking and getting organized...AND packing again. =(  
You'll have to pray for my heart, for I'm not ready to leave my home.  There are so MANY bins and boxes that I want to go through down stairs, so much organizing I want to get done.  
So, here are some pics of some of the fun surprises we found in our home when we flew in from Colombia last Tuesday night.  Enjoy!
~My dear sister Laura, and her family, and a lot of our dear church people came and worked in our house!  I didn't get a picture of all the things they did, but Some of the things they did (not to mention all the work they did in organizing our closets and things, and cleaning)... were: 
~some new-to-us matteresses on some of our beds, 
~a new rug in our living room (pics coming later)
~a new porch light, 
~a new heavy-duty basement door (Our old one was so FALLING APART!!)
~A new WONDERFUL access door to the basement.  Before Phillip had just 2 pieces of plywood that he would have to undo LOTS of screws to get in that door. 
~Before we left to go to Colombia in Jan. 2011, we only got to live in our USA HOME for 19 days.  So, we hadn't done anything with my kitchen floor in my temporary kitchen.  It was pretty rough looking.  
Before we came home this time, someone made put in a new floor, and made my floor look TONS better! =)  I'm so HAPPY with it.~
 ~And they added some more nice "temporary cabinets" to help make my temporary kitchen more user friendly.  So nice!~
 ~Bro. and Sis. Becker brought us home in the church van, so they could see us see all the surprises! =) ~
 ~Our dear Jr. Church kids bought and brought in NICE gifts for our children.
 ~A fun welcome sign in our entry way!~
 ~The girl's room where someone laid down some carpet squares to make it nicer and warmer for the girls.  Before, the floor was just bare wooden floor with GLUE stuck to it.  =) ~
 ~A dear friend made a yummy snack to feed us all.  Here's her beautiful fruit tray.~
  ~Gramp and Gram brought our Christmas gifts that they had saved until we got home.~
  ~Everyone enjoying the nice delicious snack.~
 ~Bryan and Noah eating their snack....HAPPY to be together.~
 ~Mary in her high chair.~
 ~Darla and Sarah...THRILLED to be together.~
 ~A. Laura being with Elijah.~
 ~Me (Heather), Ms. Linda, and Moma.~
 ~Visiting together.~
 ~The church brought in a NICE food pounding!~
 ~We're feeling SO BLESSED!!~
 ~A refrigerator full too!!  THANK YOU, DEAR CHURCH FAMILY!!! Y'all are the BEST!!!~
 ~Our fun antique gas stove...~
 ~With some yummy fruit in our Costa Rican wooden bowl on top.~
  ~Cousins....having FUN playing together again.~
 ~And then ....in started SNOWING...an answer to our ELIJAH'S PRAYERS!!  He couldn't believe it.  He asked if it was REAL SNOW??  He doesn't remember seeing snow ever before in his life.  He was BEYOND happy!  =D  ~
 ~Elijah and A. Laura out in the snow.~
 ~The 3 stooges cousins and A. Laura.  =D ~
 Please pray for us as we try to find everything that needs to go, get our mission's display all ready, and get re-packed up again to leave soon.   THANKS TONS!~


Flowers Family said...

What a wonderful homecoming you all have had! So thoughtful of your church family and friends to stock your cabinets and fridge :o) I know you would love to just stay there in your own house and keep settling in but deputation calls! And with it many, many blessings that God has waiting to give you! He will sustain, strengthen and give you all the grace you need! Happy packing and many prayers!

Doug and Kim Hoffman said...

Heather, I am so happy to read of your safe arrival and warm welcome you got from your church and family. That is so wonderful! Please email me when you will be in PA. We would love to see you and have you to our house for a visit. :-)


Janet said...

Our son Jeffrey (at GBS) helped make the Welcome Home Dickinsons sign in your entry way! He sent a picture of it to us on his phone.
So glad you had a wonderful home coming!

RicKaren said...

Love all your fun surprises! I think the best just might have been Elijah's prayed-for snow! How awesome! Still in my prayers!

Stephanie Lynn Burley said...

Welcome back to Ohio!!! So glad you made it safely!

Brittany said...

Y'all sure have some sweet friends - what a great homecoming! We're looking forward to seeing you all real soon!!

Dorcas said...

So happy for all the nice things that your home Church family did for you and the home improvements!! that is wonderful. And I'm sure happy that Jesus answered little Elijah's prayers for snow :o) I hope that you get some rest before starting your deputation travels!! Praying for you and your family.

Daryl Hausman said...

So glad that your my neighbors here on Bodmann!!!!! Love all the hugs and kisses that wee little Elijah keeps on insisting to give us E.V.E.R.Y. day!=) I'm loving making up for the last 2 years of all those hugs I missed from far away! Got my 1st hug from sweet Mary tonight... 1 week later and I was thrilled!!!! Love you, Laura
PS. It was SOOOO much fun doing all of those surprises for ya'll!!!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

How absolutely wonderful, Heather!
Love, Mom D

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