Monday, March 25, 2013

~The first part of our Deputation Schedule~

On the Road again!!....Well, Jesus gave us a wonderful weekend and helped us in our first 2 services.  I have LOTS of fun, exciting pics to share with y'all, but since it's LATE and I'm tired, I'm going to just post a few traveling pics for now.
~We got to my Grandmother's (GG's) house tonight and we are SO HAPPY to see her again!  She's the one that I flew to her 90th birthday party last May to SURPRISE her and the rest of my family. =) She hasn't seen Mary since she was about 6 weeks and Elijah since he was 2.~
Give me a day or two and I'll post pics from our super great weekend, Lord willing. 
In the meantime, here's the first of our deputation schedule that someone had asked for.  There are some slots to still be scheduled, for we couldn't call from Colombia to schedule services, so had to wait until we got State side to finish scheduling.

~2013 Deputation Schedule~
March 12, Tuesday, Arrive in Cinci, OH
March 14-15, Thur.-Fri. Drive to PA.
March 17, Sunday, Attend our CNC.
March 22, Friday, drive to AL.
March 24, Sunday, AM Jasper, AL Pilgrim Nazarene, David Fogelman.
March 24, Sunday PM Pell City, AL Bible Meth., Bro. Copeland
March 26, Tuesday, Service in Maryville, TN, Glenn Dotson. (See Heather's grandmother!)
March 27 or 28, Drive back from TN to Cinci, OH
March 31, Resurrection Sunday, CNC
April 3, Wednesday, Circleville, OH
April 7, Sunday AM, Franklin, IN, Tim Forsee
April 7, Sunday PM, Noblesville, IN, John Forsee
April 10, Wednesday, Thomasville, NC Faith Community Chapel, Pat Davis
April 12, Friday AM, Penns Creek, PA, chapel service at Penn View Bible Institute (PVBI)
April 14, Sunday AM to be scheduled
April 14, Sunday PM, Spring Grove, PA, Matt Orvis
April 16-18, Tue - Thu. Dayton, OH for IHC  =D
April 21, Sunday AM to be scheduled
April 21, Sunday PM, Petersburg, IN, Tim Miller
April 24, Wednesday, Gene Hood's church, Indianapolis, IN
April 25-28 Global Holiness Missionary Convention (CNC)
April 30, chapel Service at Union Bible College
May 1, Chapel Service at God's Bible School
May 1, Wednesday night, to be scheduled
May 4, Saturday, Westfield, IN, Mother / Daughter Banquet (Heather to be with her Moma =)
May 5, Sunday AM, Westfield, IN, Edgar A. Bryan.
May 5, Sunday PM
May 6, Monday, Leave for Out West for Services
The rest of our deputation to be posted later! 
~Phillip driving down the road on Friday heading to Pell City, AL. ~
 ~2 silly boys happy to be riding down the road.  Mary was out taking a restroom break. =) ~
 ~Yours truly, HAPPY to be heading to Pell City...the Bible Methodist camp where I grew up.  We were listening to 3 new Christmas CDs that I had ordered and they had arrived in our mailbox while we were still in Colombia. =) ~
 ~Coming into AL.~
 ~My heart wanted something Spingy to put on our dash, so I quickly put this little arrangement together late Saturday night.  That's non-skid padding underneath it to help it not to slide too much while we are traveling.~

Keep checking back for the pics from our unforgettable weekend filled with surprises, great times with some old friends, having a great time with new friends, etc. =)


mindy said...

Hi! I read your blog all the time! Love your creativity and ability to make your place look nice and homey while far away in another country. :) I see you will be in Westfield and have an opening for a service. You might try Noblesville Pilgrim. Thats where we attended while living there and since we're moving back, we will be again. :) Just wanted to let you know that. Hopefully, we will be moved back by then and can hear you in a service. Safe travels to you all! Mindy

RicKaren said...

Happy trails! I'm a little jealous of Brittany--you can come see me when you are in Idaho! =)

mmsbryan said...

Praying for your service tonight. That building in TN is where I first heard the message of Holiness, where I married your Daddy, my forever friend and saw God call him to this his first pastorate and see that call fulfilled. So as you minister tonight to this congregation I see God continuing to work in the midst of a people that lies close to our hearts through our little girl that first learned to sing the SS songs before she could talk in that building. As I cared for you and heard you hum tunes even before your first birthday I "pondered" in my heart what talents could be in this little bundle that God had given that she could use for Him. We gave you to him and He has chosen to use this gift. Daddy and I are thankful. I love you, Moma

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