Friday, March 15, 2013

~Our USA Home-coming!~

~Sorry. I think I told you that I would be posting yesterday...but I was UNPACKING yesterday.  Jesus helped me get lots of suitcases unpacked, Mary's tiny clothes and things taken out of Mary's nursery, and things and clothes put in closets, drawers, etc.  I even re-packed my suitcase for deputation.  Here's a few pics from our last 2 days in Colombia and from our flights, and from our WELCOMING PARTY!!!  =) ENJOY!!
~On Monday before we were to fly to the USA on Tuesday, Phillip and I ran to a market, grabbed some last minute COLOMBIAN COFFEE together.  Here I am with my yummy Tinto! =)~
~Then we met up with Pastor Jimmy's uncle to give him a gift.~
~Then we ran home and Pastor Jimmy ran with Phillip and I so we could give him the power of attorney to pick up our Colombian ID cards which hadn't come in  yet.  While we were gone Sis. Farly made the yummiest lunch for us to come back to.~
~The next morning we left Pastor Jimmy's house by 4:05 A.M.   We had 14 large suitcases and 5 carry-ons, 2 violins, a back pack, a computer bag and 5 children.  =)   Here's Sis. Farly and Pastor Jimmy helping push our CARTS of luggage.~
~Sarah and Gaby.~
~Kimberly and Natalie~
~Mary riding Pastor Jimmy's suitcase like a horsey.~
~Yours Truly (Heather) and Sis. Farly outside in the still dark morning.~
~After we got all checked in (PRAISE THE LORD they didn't charge us the nearly $400.00 that they could have charged us for all our luggage) then we took Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly and their girls out to eat for breakfast at Crepes and Waffles.  It was a delightful time!~
~Phillip and Pastor Jimmy.  They are so close they are like Brothers.  We REALLY miss him and his family!!~
~Here's Sarah with her suitcase and baby doll "riding" her suitcase.  I figured that I should get a picture, for she won't be doing that for very much longer. =)~
~On the first plane Kimberly rode by herself on the row in front of us.~
~Mommy and her boys.~
~My wonderful sweetheart on one of the planes.~
~In another plane.~
~Kimberly letting Mary listening to her help Mary endure the very last flight. =) ~
~Landing in Cincinnati airport.~
~Here we are arriving where our family and LOTS OF FRIENDS SURPRISED US with a welcoming party!  There were around 62 people here to greet us!! ~
~What a WONDERFUL CHURCH we have!! =) ~
~My Sis-in-L. Beth, Jeremiah, and I.~
~Kimberly and her friends and cousins.~
~This was Mary Kate passing out the yummy choc. chip cookies that her sister Martha made. =) ~
~Little Mary meeting Uncle Michael...since she was only 3 months or so when we went to Colombia.~
~Sis. W.'s mom made a nice welcome home sign for us!~
~Little Mary after eating her cookie. =) ~
~The R. girl's holding up our welcome home sign that the Jr. church kids made for us.~
~Our associate pastor Paul Pilmore giving Phillip a very nice gift from the church.~
~THANK THE LORD...after going through all our suitcases of things that were glass,  I'm amazed.  My yellow vase which was wrapped well and in a SHOE BOX to protect it, BROKE into lots of pieces!! coffee cup set from Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly, and my Christmas cups which were in another suitcases and not really wrapped well at all SURVIVED with only 1 broken plate we can re-glue!  (I was going to re-pack my suitcase, but Phillip re-packed it and I forgot to tell him to make sure those glass pieces in the bottom of my suitcase were wrapped well with clothes.)   It was Truly JESUS to protect those coffee cups and Christmas glasses when my vase which was very well wrapped didn't survive.  I'm sad about my vase, but GLAD that my other things didn't break.
THANK YOU, JESUS, for protecting most of my treasures!!~
There were fun SURPRISES at our house when we got home. I'll post pics soon!~


Brittany said...

Fun pics! So glad for safe travels =) And what a great welcome home party!

Melissa said...

So glad you arrived in the US safely without any major mishaps. It is always so fun to read your blog and the wonderful things the Lord is helping you and your family do.


Me da tristeza que se hallan ido, pero me da alegría que estén en su casa, con su familia y con esa iglesia preciosa de los estados,cles amamos y que disfruten en Dios esta nueva etapa de su vida. Dios le bendiga mucho. Ps Jimmy

Anonymous said...

WELCOME HOME! We hope to see you soon! Thank the Lord for your safe and seemingly smooth trip home! Thanks for posting the pictures! Michelle Jowers

Charity said...

Welcome home!!! So glad you all had a safe journey!

Anonymous said...

Hello from West Virginia! Pastor Shreve's indicated that you were to Supata! We see your back in the states, Natasha says hello. Are you on facebook? I have a few questions to ask you guys so maybe we can use facebook or e-mail. Thanks, Duane J. Brown

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, these pictures of you-all in your flying 'gear' are very cute. Seeing the adorable Rob R. girls in these pictures reminded me of how sweet they are and it brought a lump into my throat. I love that little teeming 'mass' of girls! Smile. I was happily looking through the pictures, saw the man in the black outfit and didn't give him a second thought but as I was reading under the pictures," Mary meeting Uncle Michael...", I jumped in my computer chair from pure-d-shock, and looked again at the man in the dark outfit, and HERE it was Michael. I have not seen a picture of him since he lost weight. How neat it is to have the two 'skinny' (Ha!) brothers together for a visit. Heather, your regular postings on this blog are so heart-satisfying to me. Thank you for the work you expend to keep this little blog-site up to date. Love, Mom D

RicKaren said...

Thankful for your safe journey! Welcome home!

Dorcas said...

Glad you all made it safe to the States!! Wow, what a load of luggage to have to fight :o) Sorry for your broken vase and few other pieces, but glad everything else arrived in one piece!

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