Monday, February 11, 2013

~What? Celebrating Kimberly & Noah's birthday AGAIN? =) ~

Back in June, we told Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly and their family about the new American pizza restaurant PAPA JOHN'S that we had just discovered had arrived in Colombia.  We told them that we'd like to take them there some time to eat!
Since Kimberly's birthday was highly CELEBRATED back in July, we really didn't plan on doing much for her birthday.  We did celebrate Noah's here at home, but Pastor Jimmy and his family couldn't join us that day.
So, Kimberly asked us if we could do 2 things in one.  Could we keep our promise to Pastor Jimmy & family and take them to PAPA JOHN'S and at the same time celebrate her and Noah's birthdays with them? =)
We decided that she had a good idea, and that we'd go to a new mall they had told us about to do it.
Our lives (their family and ours) are SO BUSY right now, that it took us several weekends of trying to make this happen, but we finally got to go last Friday.
We met up with them, walked around the fun mall, bought VERY little, (but a few fun, cheap things =), and then ate Papa John's Pizza together!  We had a lot of fun!  Here are some pics for you to enjoy!
~Phillip, Pastor Jimmy, Sis. Farly, and I WAITING for our pizza!~
 ~Natalie and Kimberly~
 ~Noah wanted us to take a picture of his pizza, for he had covered it in HOT PEPPERS! =)
YES! He ate it all gone!~
~On Noah's birthday post I forgot to mention how HAPPY our family was when Noah was born.  We were so HAPPY to have a son join our little family, and Kimberly and Sarah thought their little brother Noah was the best thing since Fried Ice cream!!!  =) 
How we Thank the Lord for sending Noah into our family.  He's such a DEAR and loves his brother and sisters and Daddy and Mommy to pieces.  It's so CUTE to see how he LOVES baby Mary and hugs her, carries her around, etc.  He's a GOOD BIG BROTHER to lil' Mary! =) 
Noah, WE LOVE YOU, and are so HAPPY that you are a part of our family!!~
 ~Gaby, Sarah, Noah, and Elijah. (Mary was asleep in the stroller!)
 ~In the background, Pastor Jimmy is making a sad face and showing y'all that the pizza is GONE! =)~

 ~But, we did SAVE MARY some pizza for when she woke up.
We were HAPPY to find this HUGE paper bib that a Steak Restaurant has for it's clients.  We asked permission to have one so that Mary didn't COVER herself in Pizza while she ate and we walked around in the mall. =) ~

 ~It stopped raining long enough for us to go out on the 5th floor of the mall, and see the various fun water fountains, and the pretty Mountains and city around.~
 ~Our DEAR friends Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly~
 ~Pastor Jimmy, Sis. Farly, my Sweetheart, and I!~
 ~This was a fun water fountain that you could push the buttons and make the water do different designs.  It was really pretty at night for it had all kinds of lights on it too.~
 ~Our family~
 ~Pastor Jimmy and his family.~
 ~And that is when I asked Kimberly to take this picture of Phillip and I to put on my blog for Valentine's day.  =)
The kind of internet that our family has is WAY SLOW!  So, I didn't want to use up internet by going on Pinterest, to find some fun couple picture ideas.
So, Jesus must have popped this one into my head! =D
However, since Kimberly & my Phillip weren't really for sure what I had in mind, neither one were "gung-ho" about taking this picture, but they all  WE ALL  LOVE how it turned out. =)~
 ~And we finished off the evening with some ice cream from McDonalds.~
 ~Mary LOVED her cone, and Ate. Every. BIT. BY. HERSELF!!~ =)
  ~The kids enjoying their ice cream.  (I failed to get a picture of Natalie & Kimberly with their ice cream.)~
~Sis. Farly, Gaby, and Sarah watching the fountain and the pretty lights.  I missed getting the really colorful lights in the fountain.~
It was a very fun evening together with some of our DEAREST Colombian friends; one that we will not soon forget! 


RicKaren said...

Looks like a very fun time! I love the new picture too! Very cute valentine pic! Thank you for your nice long comment on my blog. Praying for you all as God brings you to mind!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! ~Carla~

Daryl Hausman said...

Kimberly's hair looks sooooo fun! Fun pics of everyone too!
Much Love,
Laura and Family

Brittany said...

That looks like a great time! We love Papa Johns pizza =) And the pic is Cute Cute Cute!

mmsbryan said...

So glad that you were able to keep your plans for some Papa Johns with the Pastor and wife, a wonderful birthday treat for Kimberly and Noah. I too remember that "big" baby boy, Noah that joined your family and an excited little Kimberly when that baby brother chose to come on her birthday! Very special memories and glad that we could be there with you. Love, Moma

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I am SO SAD that Kimberly and Noah did not receive their b-day cards from me. I wrote my heart out and gave those cards & letters my very best shot. I mean I tried to tell Kimberly everything I wish my Grandma had told me about how much a granddaughter means to her grandmother, and how much I love her, and I tried to tell Noah what a precious grandson he is to Grandpa and I, and how we appreciate what a good young man he tries to be. I did pray the cards would get there safely, so I have to leave it all in Jesus' hands. These Pizza John birthday pictures were so much fun to look at, as I could relate to so many of them. I know how sad Jimmy felt when the pizza box got empty! I always need a bib as big as the one you found for Mary! Mary holding on to her pizza for dear life, in hopes she wouldn't lose that delicious piece of food, is how one always feels when eating Papa John's Pizza! And Mary eating the entire lump of ice cream on her cone is just like her Grandma Dickinson. She knows there's nothing better than good ice cream! I'm afraid that Noah is going to have to stand alone when it comes to that many sprinkles of crushed red pepper on his piece of pizza. I can't be in the competition with him on that subject 'cause those red peppers are just too hot for this old Grandma! Does Noah secretly eat bars of soap in order to get used to eating that much red hot pepper on his pizza? I certainly hope not! Well, I've got to go and cry because my grandchildren didn't receive the birthday cards I sent them by mail. I'll talk to you later when the swelling goes down in my eyes. Love, Grandma with the pink door.

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