Sunday, February 24, 2013

~Saying Goodbye to our girl's music teacher!~

~Before we moved to Colombia back in 2006, I began to PRAY that God would guide us to the RIGHT violin teacher for our Kimberly. (and later for our Sarah.) I didn't know WHERE to begin to find a teacher in the BIG city of Bogota, but I knew GOD did.  AND DID HE EVER ANSWER OUR PRAYERS!!  =)  He sent us Adriana!!!!  Adriana has been a God-send to our family for nearly 6 years now. 
~She knows music well,
~She LOVES our girls (And our other children),
~She has taught our girls A LOT and they have really advanced under her,
~Per my request, She became their piano teacher as well. She Mainly focused on teacher them to READ music well!
~And a HUGE blessing was that she came to our house to teach them, instead of us having to drag them across the city each week!!! 
I took these 2 pictures of Adriana and Kimberly and Sarah (and then with our other children) on the day of our girl's next to last lesson.  (I printed one of these pictures off and put it one of our frames to give to her as part of her go-away gift!) ~
~Notice Elijah's hat that is HUGE on him, covered in paint, and he has it on side-ways.  We love that silly boy. ~
~On the day of the girl's last music lesson Kimberly asked if we could please make a special lunch for her teacher.  Since I'm sort of swamped right now, I just made a simple Chef salad with chicken, Parmesan cheese, Ranch dressing, and my homemade Croutons on top of lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. 
I made fresh grape juice and a simple dessert.  Adriana really enjoyed it and her time with us.~

~Our cool and refreshing desserts of vanilla pudding, coolwhip, fresh strawberries  and a cookie.~
~In all of the 6 years we have known our teacher, we have never gotten to go and hear her play anywhere, though she plays in groups all the time.  So, we thought it was neat when she told us that she was going to play with a group in the library near our house. 
This past Saturday, our girls and I along with Natalie and Gaby went to hear Adriana play.~
~It was a group of 5 ladies playing and a guy, the leader of the group and a composer, on the guitar.~
~They played Argentine music, and it was BEAUTIFUL!!~
~All our young ladies with Adriana afterwards. 
We'll see Adriana again (for she bought some of our furniture and has to come and pick it up), but it will be VERY hard to say goodbye to her and our other DEAR Colombian people soon. 
Adriana hopes to come and visit us in the USA someday~
~Kimberly was excited to show her teacher her new white electric violin that Jesus helped her to buy.  You see we had to record lots of hymns and choruses in the church yesterday, and we needed an electric violin so we could just record directly into the computer using the sound system.  That way we could avoid the sound of the LARGE trucks and traffic going by outside the church, which would take away from the quality of the CD we were making for our churches to use.  Here there are not stores that rent instruments for a day, and we didn't know anyone who had one we could borrow, though we had asked around. 
So, Kimberly used her own money (with a little help from her Daddy =) and God gave them a GOOD deal on this violin.  Kimberly IS SO HAPPY with her cute white violin, and her teacher liked it too.~
~Then we "ladies" went to the mall beside the library for a quick ice cream cone together.  It was a very special evening, and we were glad that we got to hear Adriana and her group play.  They did a great job. .~


Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
I can see how hard I would be to say good bye to all your dear people down there! We are praying for you all! I love Kimberly's violin! I got to play on one in a music store and had soooo much fun! I hope you will keep a copey of all the songs you recorded for the church! And someday I would be delighted to buy a copey myself!!!! I imagine it sounds beautiful!!!! Love and Prayers, Hannah Klunder

Daryl Hausman said...

Fun post, Heather. Prayin for your VERY FULL plates! Love ya much, Laura

mmsbryan said...

Oh my little girl, I am so glad that you got to go to the musical but I do not see how in this world. Guess I had never heard of an electric violing but I, like, Hannah want to buy a copy of your CD. Praying for all you have to do counting the hours. The girls look so pretty. Love, Moma

Sherry L Dickinson said...

2383gailaitIt is wonderful that you have known how important it is to teach your family to play instruments. It surely does take dedication and regular hard work to keep up with such an undertaking, but how nice that Jesus gave you a talented lady to help your girls with their music. And what a sweet framed gift that you gave her! Speaking of sweet, that little blond boy named Elijah is certainly adorable. (I loved your description of his baseball cap.) Well, his brother is awfully cute too. Bless your dear heart for the kind farewell lunch you made and ate with Adriana, Heather. And to think that you went to hear her play her Argentine music too. You may wind up dead from exhaustion but you will certainly be a loved 'dead' woman because of all you have given of yourself to others. I have a feeling your loved ones in Colombia will likely confer the honor of 'Saint Heather' upon you if you die, so do get some much needed rest since we don't believe in the conferring of such honors. The white violin bought by Kimberly is unique and beautiful! She will be the envy of her friends in the United States who play violins.
Love, Mom D

Sherry L Dickinson said...

PS - Somehow the numbers and letters at the beginning of my previous comment came about while I was 'proving I was not a robot'!
Love Mom D

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