Monday, February 18, 2013

~Our nice but simple Valentine's day~

~Please pray for one of my dear friends, Lila, who fell and broke her shoulder!! =(
~PLEASE Continue to PRAY for ME / Our family! Life is pretty stressful right now with people coming in and out of our house, buying our furniture, having to clean our things out of the furniture for people to take, plus trying to get school work, and a TON of other things done.  (And we haven't even started packing!
I'm SO EXHAUSTED!  I Literally feel more tired when I wake up than I did when I went to bed!
~Besides selling, sorting, and packing, I'm also making a Spanish cookbook in these BUSY days! 
Many here have asked for several of my recipes that they Love!  So, instead of trying to write out the recipes for everyone, I'm making a cookbook in Spanish. 
I'm just including about 50 of everyone's FAVORITE recipes of mine.  However, it is stressful making sure I explain how to make my breads and Pie using the correct words in SPANISH, so that they understand what I mean!         Your prayers for this project are appreciated!
~I also have about 150 choruses/hymns to record on the piano (for our 3 churches here), before we leave.  PLEASE PRAY THAT THE RECORDING AND ALL goes well!!!
And now...some pics of our simple but fun Valentine's day.  Since I've already given away my heart-shaped muffin tins, I used Noah's marbles to make our cupcakes heart shaped. =) ~
~One of my girls loaned me her CUTE bear with a heart on his add a fun touch to our Breakfast table!~
~Amazingly, my beautiful roses from my Phillip are still nice and pretty after being lugged all over town the day we took our Valentine's pictures. (And we also took our pictures for our prayer cards for deputation that day!) ~
~Elijah helped me and we made fun little place cards for each member of our family.~
~I got all happy when I remembered that I still had my FUN set of coffee cups and saucers here that Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly got me/us for Christmas.  (I had planned to send them home with Bro. Becker and Bro. E., but they didn't have room in their carry-ons.)
These cups and saucers were PERFECT to serve our coffee in for our Valentine's breakfast table...since they have silver hearts all over them!  HOW FUN!~
~I made some whole wheat muffins with cranberries and blueberries in them.~
~I also served eggs, and a fresh fruit bowl too.~
~Then after breakfast our 3 precious little ones helped me make Rice Krispy treats!~
~Then I set up our Valentine's table for lunch.~
~Noah was a big helper and cut all of our Rice Krispy treats into heart shapes, while I dipped them in MINT CHOCOLATE (YUMMY!! =), and White chocolate tinted pink.~

~And here are our heart-shaped cupcakes with fun heart stickers in them.~

~Since it was church night, and I had a lot on my plate, we just ordered pizza from Dominoes for our lunch.~
~I was happy to find these red and white heart shaped plates near one mall, and the napkins that matched in another mall clear across town. =)
I Hope y'all's day was special as well!~


mmsbryan said...

What a special time you and the children made for the family. While I would love more than anything right now to see that delightful Elijah I am not sure that I would want his help in making place cards! :0 I have always admired how you were willing to let things not be perfect and allow the children to help. I will never forget tiny Kimberly at not quite three standing up on a little stool cutting strawberries to garish a desert. I should have been worried about her cutting herself with the knife but instead this perfectionist Moma of yours was warring about the strawberries and what kind of shape they would be after you illustrious help! But the artistic touch of her Daddy came out even in those young years and she did a fine job. I am thinking about letting your Daddy help me, next time!!!!! ;-) You know that I am just jesting for that man also has a fine touch with his hands and always does well in any job that I need him to do since my girls "ran away with their Valentines) I am praying for you these stressful days and do love you, Moma

mmsbryan said...

When I read the mistakes in this post I decided maybe I needed Elijah to help me after all! I guess my rushing shows. The warring should have been worrying , you should have been your, garish should have been garnish and I should have been consistent with either quotation marks or parenthesis. Well maybe you are too rushed to notice but I am sure that all your friends will not be. Love, Moma

Anonymous said...

What an amazing lady you are!! Makes me tired just reading all you are doing! Will be glad when you can catch your breath a lil. Hugs, Carla

Brittany said...

You are indeed a supermom - to have so much on your plate and still take time to make a special Valentine's Day!

RicKaren said...

I love that you take time for your children and family in the midst of the busy stresful times. If you are like me, that works to relax you too! Blessings and prayers for strength!

Kimberly said...

prayers, sweet friend, for you in
these stressful days!!

Daryl Hausman said...

You have got to be the best Mommy/Wife E.V.E.R.!!! Way to go and with you all tired and everything PLUS MORE to do and still making things so special for your family. I'm PROUD and on a guilt trip all at the same time! Love ya much and am praying for your EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY that God will give you SUSTAINING strength for the huge mountain of things you still have to get done!!!! Love ya, Laura

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