Wednesday, February 20, 2013

~Celebrating God calling our family to be missionaries!~

Your PRAYERS and your sweet comments mean so MUCH to me / our family right now! Thank you!!
I'm sure it's y'all's prayers that are helping us get done what we are getting done.  God is helping us!
1. God has helped us sell nearly all of our things.
2. People are coming to get their furniture that they bought from us, so our house is changing.
3. I'm hoping to put the finishing touches on my Spanish cookbook today, and send it to Bro. Edgar to print off for me.
4. We're hoping to record the hymns and choruses on Saturday, Lord willing.  KEEP PRAYING!!!
5. I have 2 of our suitcases nearly packed now!
6. Noah and Sarah have nearly finished all of their PACES except for only a few Math PACES (which we'll probably end up taking back to finish in the USA).   YEA!!!  THANK YOU, JESUS, FOR YOUR HELP!
When we moved here nearly 7 years ago, we were EACH allowed two 70# suitcases!
Now, as you know things have changed, and as far as we know, we are only allowed one 50# suitcase each, and a carry-on.  And One of our 7 suitcases will probably be our small keyboard that we need to take back.  eeeeeEEEKK!!  HOW will we ever get everything that we want to take HOME in our suitcases???
So, please keep praying for the recording of the hymns and choruses, my cookbook, our sorting, and packing.  
On Sunday after church, I cried for 30 minutes straight. It will be so HARD to say goodbye to our DEAR Colombian people! (Of course, we'll come back to Colombia to visit Lord willing, but it won't be the same as living here.)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~It was in February, 2004 when Phillip told me that God was calling our family to be missionaries!  So, last year Phillip decided that every February we should go out to eat at a nice restaurant of a different culture to celebrate God calling our family to be workers for Him.
Last year we ate in an Italian restaurant in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  (It was right across the street from our Apt. we were renting.=)
So this year, on Feb. 13th, after taking our prayer card pictures at a park, we decided to eat at a Colombian restaurant up on the mountain called "Monserrate."  So we rode the Gondolas up the mountain to this restaurant.
Here's a picture of the pretty white restaurant where we ate. ~
~The kids with the Andes Mountains behind them.~
~And that is when Kimberly took this picture of Phillip and I with the Andes Mountains.~
~Isn't this such a pretty picture that Phillip took of our restaurant and the mountains behind it?~
~Noah and Elijah inside the restaurant.~
~I love all the fun windows in this restaurant.~
~Kimberly and Sarah~
~We learned a neat story about our restaurant.   This white house had been down the mountain in downtown Bogota.  The presidents used it in which to hold their special gatherings.  Someone purchased it and brought it piece by piece of the mountain to where it stands today.  =)
Our family without Mary...who was asleep.~
~We love the fun fireplace inside the's not as common to see fireplaces here in Colombia.~
~Then little Mary woke up, so Phillip took this picture of the our 3 youngest in front of the fireplace.~

~Mommy, Mary, and Daddy. We all chose YUMMY fresh Mango juice to drink.  DELISH!~
~Phillip went to another part of the building and took this picture of our family...sitting at the table inside these windows you see.~
~Our 4 younger children ate Fettucini and Alfredo~
~Our whole family after Mary woke up.~
~I had chicken in a special fruit sauce, a fun little salad, and Coconut rice.~
~Kimberly got a typical yummy fried fish (HEAD AND ALL) that we enjoy eating here in Colombia.~
~We've come up to Monserrate many times (Mainly to bring visitors from the USA).
We've only eaten at this white restaurant 1 other time, and that was for Sarah's 7th birthday. (She just turned 12.)
So, Phillip asked our waiter about buying a couple white saucers, and coffee cups with the name of the restaurant on them.  He told them that they would be meaningful souvenirs for our family since we've lived in Colombia nearly 7 years now.  I don't think that that is a request that that restaurant receives too often, but they granted our request. =)
So, like I told you earlier, in the gift bag that I'm holding are the 2 fun saucers, and coffee cups with the name of the restaurant on them.  HOW FUN that Jesus worked it out for us to get those special souvenirs.~
~While up on the mountain we bought Sarah a fun knitted hat that sort of matches Mary's.  It was VERY Cold and rainy that day...and even colder up on the mountain where the wind was blowing.~
~Our family with some of Bogota behind us.~
~Our family with our white restaurant behind us.~
~I took this picture of Bogota right before we got on the gondolas to go back down the mountain.~
~This sky scrapper in downtown Bogota now has fun lights and pictures on it.  In this picture there were fish "floating around" on the building. =)~
~Here we GOOOOOOOOOOO down the mountain.~
~Phillip snapped this last picture of our restaurant in the night.~
~And here is that building with our Colombian flag colors on it.  =)
Jesus gave us a special day celebrating Him calling us to be missionaries.  Since our days are getting busier and busier....It was probably our last outing here in Bogota with our children, and we really enjoyed the day.=) ~


Charity said...

What a neat tradition - such a special thing to celebrate! That restaurant looks quite lovely! (and I love that lit skyscraper! So fun!) Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie Lynn Burley said...

Such a classy place! You guys looked beautiful on your special day...Kimberly's hair is amazing!

Janie said...

Beautiful pictures, Heather! I love the tradition of celebrating your missionary call each year. Praying for you all as you tie up loose ends. I know GoodBye's are always so hard. Love you all!

Daryl Hausman said...

That restaurant that you celebrated in in so beautiful! I enjoyed all the "eye candy" pictures of beautiful Bogota! Prayin lots for ya'll!

mmsbryan said...

I remember the trips that we got to take up the mountain both times we visited you in Bogota. The restarant is so beautiful and I am so glad that you were able to eat there for your special memory time. That is a good idea to set such a tradition. I loved seeing the lovely pictures, and the lovely family in the lovely settings. Sarah is getting to be quite the big girl and in some ways she remninded me of me in my teens, of course she is prettier. I loved her new hat. So glad to see the pictures again of the mountain and Bogota. It reminds me of the needs of such a large city and of some of what God has allowed you to do to meet those needs. I love you, Moma

RicKaren said...

What a great tradition--Celebrating what God has called you to do--I really like that! The restaurant is beautiful, as is the countryside! Keeping you in my prayers! ~Karen

Beth Stetler said...

That restaurant is beautiful!
I remember the last night before we moved from our house in Saltillo, we had sold almost everything and we ended up sleeping on the floor with 2 of our blankets, on a rug that we had already sold to the lady across the street, but asked her if we could keep it until we left. :)

Sherry L Dickinson said...

This restaurant is the ultimate! I absolutely love it! I don't know if I've ever seen a place more attractive and more elegant to my heart. What a beautiful place to celebrate your missionary call! What neat memories you each will have when you actually come to the States permanently. You have shown us such an intimate and loveable view of Colombia, while you guys have lived there. It has culminated into a big blessing to many different sets of people. These pictures of your family and your Colombia are absolutely stunning. I've loved perusing this post. Love, Mom D

sarahmfry said...

Loved getting to look in on your celebration. It reminds me of a big lesson God taught me as we've moved find things to love about wherever I am. There is always something to love if you just notice. And if you get busy enjoying those things your heart settles into a place so much better. It helps to deal with the things that maybe aren't so great. You are a master at this! Can't wait to see you.

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