Tuesday, February 26, 2013

~An Afternoon/Evening of BAKING!~

~Here's a picture of Bro. Jaime, Pastor Jimmy, and Phillip visiting together in our living room.  Notice our empty book shelves sitting beside the front door, for someone to come and pick them up, and the calendar from a local bakery hanging where my mirror used to hang.~
~Several months ago Sis. Farly asked me if I could PLEASE show her how to make an apple pie before we left Colombia.  They have fallen in LOVE with our apple pie, and she wanted to know how to make them after I'm gone!
As you know, for even American ladies, an apple pie (homemade crust and all) isn't the easiest, let alone for someone who has never even seen them being made!  So, in the midst of our MESSY house, sorting, packing, selling, etc. we invited Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly and girls, and their parents over for an evening of BAKING! =)
~The Lord helped us and we made:
 4 loaves of French bread, and then later made my French bread snack with 2 of them for us to eat, 2 apple pies, 2 Quiches, no-bake cookies (Similar to granola bars), and a batch of biscuits.
Here's Sis. Farly and I with our French bread.~
~Weeks ago we took this family picture of all of the Ramirez family together. (That is Bro. Jaime, Sis. Sofia, Pastor Jimmy and his family and his sister Judy and her family!)
 ~We didn't tell them WHY we wanted to take their picture.  We purposely did NOT SELL 3 of our MANY frames, (even though people kept asking to buy our last 3 nice BIG ones =), and we got the picture of the Ramirez family developed into 8x10's and put them into our 3 big frames.
Then we invited Pastor Jimmy and family and his parents over for an evening last Friday.  When they got here, everywhere they looked they'd see their family picture in one of our frames.  =)
Pastor Jimmy and family, and his sister Judy and family got one of our 8x10 frames with their family picture in it. We developed ten 4x6's of their family pic...for each family too. 
This biggest frame (below) that hung above our keyboard went to Bro. Jaime and Sis. Sofia with their family picture in it... to hang in their house.  
Everyone was happy with their pictures and frames. =)  I forgot to get a picture of their pictures in our frames. =(~
 ~One of our Quiches we made this night.~
~Gaby and Sarah had fun playing baby dolls and asked me if they could dig through Mary's suitcase of baby clothes and get something out for their dolls.  A few minutes later they came down all GIGGLES and finally got up the nerve to ask me if they could PLEASE have these 2 cute dresses that Mary had worn for their babies. I think I surprised them by saying, "YES!"  They were thrilled! =)
Kimberly and Natalie spent the evening playing guitar and violin together upstairs.~
~Here we are enjoying one of our apple pies with ice cream.~
~Our No-bake cookies (similar to Granola).~
~The whole group of us.  Sis. Farly did a great job making all we made.  I have no doubt that yummy smells of American breads, biscuits, and pies will soon be coming from her house.  =)  And we are taking some of her yummy Colombian recipes home with us, to make in the USA. =)
Then since Phillip, Kimberly, and I were going to record the hymns and choruses early the next day, Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly took our kids home with them for the night.  (I knew we wouldn't get much recording done with Elijah and Mary's help.=)
We had such a fun evening together making even MORE Memories!~


mmsbryan said...

How nice giving of yourself ... again. Your bread looked wonderful. Now Sister Farley can become the teacher and with your recipe book left behind there will be a whole church full of ladies cooking American style! And not just that for with you pointing the Biblical way to those ladies she will also lead them all to continue walking as daughters of the King. Love, Moma

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea to give picture frames with the family's picture in it! You always amaze me! Hugs to you today, Carla

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