Tuesday, February 5, 2013

~Priorities, PACES, and a PICNIC!~

Our kids (and I, as their teacher) have been doing schoolwork nearly DAY AND NIGHT!  =)
You see, it's VERY HARD to do school work while traveling on deputation.  One of my students gets VERY car sick and can't, and then going from friend's house to friend's house, church to church, then to Gram's house, then to meet other people at a new church, etc. it's very HARD to get all your studies done.  Not too mention that the van just doesn't really make for a great School DESK! =)
(And we haven't even talked about the fact that our kids haven't seen their family and friends for over 2 years!! =)
So, Kimberly, Sarah, Noah, and I are on A MISSION!!! 
This mission is to finish school work for this year by the end of February!  (We go back to the USA in March).  Our kids do A.C.E., so we are doing the count down on our PACES!      28, 27, 26, 25, etc.
Jesus is helping us and we've gotten A LOT done, but WE COULD USE YOUR PRAYERS! =) (for remember we are sorting, giving, selling, and packing during this time too!)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
After having a virus go through our family and having to be in doors for several days straight, plus doing schoolwork (those that felt well enough to do it), our kids were sort of SICK of being in the house and were ready for some fresh air.   SO...
~We packed a picnic and headed out to do just that!  =)
Here's Noah and Elijah.  They would ride their scooter and skate board a little ahead of us on the bike trail, and then stop when they got to each road, and wait for us to arrive before they would cross.~
~The other day Phillip bought some candy bars and they came with these fun lunch sacks.  So, I let each child pack their lunch in theirs.~
~After we arrived to our picnic spot and Phillip got to looking in Elijah's lunch sack, he cracked up when he found this bag of CHOCOLATE CHIPS that Elijah had dug out of my goodie cabinet.  =) ~
~Noah, Phillip, Elijah (Proudly holding the choc. chips), Sarah and Mary.~
~We were happy to find this place that sort of felt like the "country" in the midst of the big city.~
~You can see the Andes Mountains and the city of Bogota behind us.~
~The kids loved going exploring all over the field.~
~Phillip enjoyed reading a few pages in his LARGE commentary on Romans.~
~Sarah and Noah were always thoughtful and would let little Mary and Elijah come along on their "journeys" in the field.~
~Phillip and our studious Kimberly.   I let Sarah and Noah play for awhile, and then we did some schoolwork out in the sun and fresh air too.~
It was a very fun afternoon with a yummy picnic (minus the choc. chips which we put away... to bring back home. =)  Our kids really enjoyed it and keep thanking us for taking time to do it.  =) ~


Daryl Hausman said...

Love the pictures!!! We'll be praying you get your 'mission' completed on time!!! :)
Love you and CAN"T wait to see you!!!! :)

Sherry L Dickinson said...

What cute brothers, Noah and Elijah are even though they don't look too much alike! And, what a nice picnic this seemed to be for your family, even though it is hard to tear one's self away from the duties in the house. Mary is always the very cutest little feminine girl in her pictures. That is also the way Kimberly and Sarah looked to me when they were little girls her age. It is fun to my heart to see a couple pictures of Phillip relaxing and poring over a good theology book. What cheer and humor your little tow-headed son brings to your family. He KNEW that chocolate chips would be WONDERFUL on a picnic. How can he be so adorable? I am so very grateful that Jesus let me have your family by my side for those 5 years you were pastoring in Phoenix. With much love in my heart, Mom D

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to do school...in the outdoors! That was and still is my favorite way to do school. It is easy to get sidetracked though! Blessings on you!! ~Carla~

Anonymous said...

I cracked up over the IMPORTANT pink chair picture!

Daryl Hausman said...

your post makes me REALLY need that nap, I've been fighting all day! =)

mmsbryan said...

Priorities,Paces and a Picnic! Loved your title. God has blessed you both with a williness to "stop and smell the roses" This has been a blessing to you and to your children as well. The old saying, "all work and no play" is not good for the very young nor the older as well. Praying that God will bless the efforts of each of you and all that needs to be done these next four weeks! May I suggest that you get a bag of chocolate chips for each of your lunch bags. I understand that they are not only a comfort food but pack a powerful lot of energy. It took Elijah to "learn you something" and he has never spent a day in school. Yet! I loved it when Noah at that age was asked if he was in school and his answer was, "I am a guy!" All he had seen in his young life was girls pouring over shcool books not he nor his cousin Bryan. :-) Oh the wonderful smiles that children bring into our lives. Love, Moma

Brittany said...

Nothing like some good ole fresh air to make everybody feel better =) What a great way to take a break from school work. Makes me wanna go on a picnic myself! So funny about the chocolate chips - all my guys think those are a great snack ;)

Daryl Hausman said...

Looks like ya'll had fun! I laughed about Elijah packing the choc. chips as part of his lunch! Guy after my own heart! lol. Then I loved it when he was holding them up in the next pic. Cant wait to see ya'll soon!!!

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