Tuesday, December 6, 2011

~Sarah's HAPPY Birthday~

It is time for us to leave Argentina to renew our tourist visas for here.  We leave early this morning to take a 2 hour boat ride to the small country of Uruguay. We'll be coming back near the weekend, Lord willing.  Please pray for us.  Thank you!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Sarah had a wonderful birthday...Thank you for all your sweet comments! =) I have a few LOTS of pics to post really quickly before we leave for Uruguay.  Enjoy!
I wanted a cake stand, so we made one.  We took this plate, and this bottle and...~
 ~Hot glued them together.  (I would recommend a wider base, but this is the only thing we could find.)~
 ~Sarah (with her silly brothers) opening up one of her gifts.~
 ~Sarah Strawberry Shortcake cake that Jesus helped us to make. =)~
 ~Sarah loved her cake!~

 ~We used a strawberry to hold a place card at each place setting.=)~
 ~At first we were having trouble finding Strawberry Shortcake things for her party, but Jesus helped us to find a store that had a lot of things.  =) ~
 ~Sweet Sarah and her table~
 ~One of the gifts she received was a neat Strawberry Shortcake booklet from Kimberly that had this poster in it...so we had her open it early in the day so we could use it to decorate with. =)~
 ~Sarah was HAPPY with her gifts.~
 ~A "My Little Pony" that "bakes"...with a lot of fun things to make cakes, cookies, pies, etc.  When Sarah showed me this in the store earlier, I knew I wanted to get it for her.  (I wonder who Sarah takes after? =)
 ~Opening her gifts.~
 ~Sarah came up with the idea to make lemonade and make strawberry ice cubes...so that's what we did and it was delicious.~
 ~Getting ready to eat yummy Skyline Chili!~
 ~Daddy (and the rest of us) praying a special birthday blessing over Sarah.~
 ~Another one of Sarah's requested gifts.  A baby with a bathtub that plays music, lights up and sprays water. =)~
 ~Then, after eating her birthday supper we all started packing for our trip to Uruguay.  But I soon discovered...that WHILE I WAS BUSY PACKING...a certain busy 3 year old was in my kitchen making his own version of "Strawberry Shortcake"...using vitamins, onions, bananas, honey, water, and nearly all of my red sugar to make Christmas goodies!  (`~`)
I had to take his picture with it...for He was SO HAPPY with his "CAKE"! =]~
 ~And then a few seconds later, I heard it HIT THE FLOOR!  HELP!  So, I whisked him off to the bathtub and cleaned up the mess...then went back to packing!  Life is never dull around our house! =)~
 ~Sarah and her cake.  It was late at night, and we had A LOT on our minds...so we COMPLETELY FORGOT to put her candle on her cake! =(~
 Sarah had a special day...and now I am off to finish packing and get out the door so we can get to our boat on time.  Thank you for your prayers that all will go smoothly with our trip!


lila said...

Awwwww... What a nice birthday!! The cake is adorable and the stand so clever! She truly is a sweet, sweet girl!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!! Had to laugh out loud at Elijah's cake. What a rotten egg he is. He is too cute! Sounds like a fun trip you are making. Praying all goes well. love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

Praying your family has a safe "necessary" trip. we well remember ENJOYING our trips out the country to renew visas! ...for so many happy memories... Now off to violin lessons. love ya'll! Sweet Strawberry Post and Sweet Birthday girl! Did Elijah try to "Taste" his strawberry cake?! Love, A. Laura

Sherry L Dickinson said...

(You want to talk about who is CUTE...your silent spectator, Noah, is absolutely adorable!)
Heather, your daily posts are more intriging than the comic books I read as a young girl!
Two neat & novel ideas were the strawberry place card holders AND the STRAWBERRY ICE CUBES for the pitcher of pink lemonade. That pitcher of lemonade was BEAUTIFUL!
Yes, Miss Sarah takes after her mama but I wonder WHO Elijah takes after!? Ha! I roared aloud with laughter like your father does when I read what 'Whyjah' was doing while you all were packing.
The most precious picture on this post is your family kneeling around Sarah praying for Jesus to bless and help her through her life.
I pray that Jesus will give you connections with just the right people while you are in Uruguay. Love, Mom D

Daryl Hausman said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!! I loved your cake...it looks so pretty (to whoever made it! ;).
I also LOVED Elijah's version of strawberry shortcake!! To cute!! I'm sure it was DELICIOUS! ;)
love ya,

Steve~N~Angela said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sarah from all of us.
We are praying for your family as you take this trip. Our God is awesome, and so amazing... So encouraged to watch HIM at work in your ministry. To God be the glory!

Love and prayers for you all


Kira said...

Happy birthday sweet Sarah !!!! It look like you had a super fun filled time .

Elijah's "cake" looks good enough to eat ! You should have him post the recipe on your blog when he gets a chance Ha )

I pray for a safe and enjoyable trip and for an easy time in sorting out the visa's.

Ps ...i agree w/Sherry , Noah looks so cute in the pictures . Sweet boy .

Janie said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah from the Eisenhart family! Looks like you had a wonderful party :) We love you!

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