Monday, December 5, 2011

~Sarah...our birthday girl!~

Back around Christmas 2000 God sent a special bundle to our home.  Kimberly (who was nearly 3 years old), and Daddy and Mommy were THRILLED to have little Sarah join us! =)  Sarah is a very caring girl who LOVES to help and is always trying to do things to make others happy!  Often I come back into my room to make our bed (after Mary has awakened and is out of my bed since she has no bed of her own here Argentina =) and my bed is already made up.  And I know that my Sarah has been at it again...being her SWEET self! =) 
~Sarah loves Strawberry Shortcake and her dolls!  I love it that our Sarah still loves to be girly! =)~
~Sarah (like all of us do) LOVES her baby sister Mary, so I threw her into some of her pictures. =)
In this picture Mary was trying to lay exactly like was too cute!~
~Sarah in her Strawberry Shortcake night gown, with her Bitty Baby in her matching Strawberry Shortcake night gown (THANK YOU, SHIRKS!!!) with a baby Mary on her back!~
 ~Sister time =)~
 ~Sweet smiles~
 ~Mary wearing her Strawberry Shortcake jumper (from the Shirks as well. =)~
Sarah is our HAPPY girl who LOVES parties, decorations, and life in general.  It doesn't take much to make Sarah smile! =)  Sarah loves Jesus with her whole heart!
How we thank Jesus for sending Sarah into our home and lives!!!
~Sarah coloring in her fun Strawberry Shortcake coloring book given to her by her DEAR Colombian friend Gaby!~
~Sarah has added a lot of special-ness to our family.  She and her big sister Kimberly are close as well.  They have a great time being crazy and laughing together! =)~
~Sarah, we hope that your day is VERY SpEcIaL...we are GLAD you are our Girl!~


Emily said...

Happy Birthday to Sarah!! Love the sweet pictures!! Love, Beth and Emily A.

mmsbryan said...

I loved your pictures Sarah and Mommy's words about you. They are so true, God has given you the Gift of Helps and you use it well. I liked so much seeing you and your dolly dressed alike. Your hair was so cute tied up with the lime green ribbons. My prayer is that you will always choose Jesus way and make Him first in you life. I love you, little girl, Gram

PS Your baby Mary looked so cute trying to be like her big sister. Remember she will always want to be like you so be careful and give her the example of Christ to follow!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! I LOVE you!
So much joy was brought into my heart the day you were born! And, as each day passed, I loved you even more. When you lived in the Phoenix parsonage as a toddler and a little tiny girl, Grandpa and I would come to your house to visit you, and before I even got near your front door as I was coming up the sidewalk, you would be talking just as fast as you possibly could, telling me all kinds of things. I couldn't hear you clearly, nor could I understand you but you started sharing your heart with me the minute your eyes lit upon me. It was so cute!
You have added joy and love into my life, in a way you will never understand until you become a grandma too. But a close way to understand is to think of how much you love your mother, and that's how much I love you. Smile.
The way you behave in life, and the things you do to help others has made me think that the name Sarah is one of the prettiest names I have ever heard. Smile.
You have made Gram and I be the luckiest grandmas in the world because we have YOU, and other grandmothers don't! LOL!
Grandma with the pink door.

Daryl Hausman said...

Cute! Happy Birthday, Sarah from your "twin" cousin and her brother!
We Love you,
A. Laura and family

Stephanie said...

Love the pics! Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Brittany said...

What precious pictures!! And a very happy birthday to Sarah =)

Gayle said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!! Hope your day is as special as you are!! Love and miss you bunches!!

Linda S said...

Happy Birthday from Great Uncle Carson and Aunt Linda. Sweet pictures.

Beth said...

Happy B-day Sarah!!

Love you
Aunt Beth and Uncle Michael

Rob and Deanna said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! We saw that is was your birthday in the bulletin Sunday. :-) Loved all the beautiful smiles from Sarah in her cute S.S. nightgown.

Jana said...

Those pictures are so adorable!!! What a cute little girls!!! Happy Birthday, Sarah!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!
Love, Hannah Klunder
PS I love all the pics, I had to save a few of them to my iPod!

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