Sunday, December 18, 2011

~More Touches of Christmas~

~The Stockings Socks were hung by the chimney on the old wooden box...with care
In hopes that St. Nicholas Daddy and Mommy soon would be there! =)
I was WANTING some stockings to hang, but didn't want to buy them (for we still don't know where we are going to store the things we already have!=) 
Then I remembered that years ago I had been at a bag sale (everything you can fit in a bag for $3.00) and I had found these fun Christmas socks with the Kohl's tag still on them!
Voila'...I had the stockings that I had wanted! (And I used one of Mary's little knee socks for hers. =)~
~I found this fun box on which to hang them. =)~
~I wanted something little to put on our front door, but didn't have anything and didn't want to buy anything.
One of our children saw these stars here and made us some.
I thought they did a great job!
I was happy for now we had something fun to put on our apt. door! =)~
We are enjoying the wonders of this beautiful season...all because we know Jesus...the babe in the manger who became our soon coming King! =)                          


Bryanna Shirk said...

Love your "stockings" that is sooooo cool. Love all your Christmas decor!!!
Hope you all have a merry Christmas!!!

Making Memories 1999 said...

Cute stockings and door decor!!

~Carla~ said...

Always enjoy your posts so much! Love your stockings, they are perfect! Merry Christmas! Love, Carla

mmsbryan said...

Saturday December 17, 2011
I was thinking this morning as I read your request for my “favorite things” that only the Wonderful Story of Christmas and the Love that, that Story shares could have the strength to make a busy world stop, year after year and prepare such a celebration! Even those that don’t know the real meaning or just do not believe nor care are celebrating!
I just want you to know that those little children at your feet and your side will always give color to your life and Christmas’. “Still” among the favorites that color my life is Andrew, Lincoln, Laura and Heather . . . those four have now turned into so many more to love!
This morning as I reflect on some of my favorite things my mind went to North Pole to the Andrew Bryans. I tried to guess what they were doing now that the girls are home from college and all eight of them together again. I could see the whites of snow!
Then down in Virginia is another part of my heart where the Lincoln Bryans are enjoying a vacation from the classroom, but today they most likely are working on some part of helping Dad with his ministry to the church youth. I could see greens of southern cedars!
Closer (I felt I could see a little clearer) is Laura and her Cincy Haus on Bodman. I think she said today they were baking and preparing Christmas treats for their neighbors. Via her blog I saw that Victorian Haus and her decorative touches to home heralding that glorious message from the mantle to the cookie clad dining table with sugars of reds and greens on one end and a sewing machine on the other! I saw golds of a shinning star lighting up a neighbor-hood that is steeped in darkness!
Further away in Argentina, yet close at heart is Heather and as I viewed her Christmas decor I saw my own little girl now a grown wife and Mommy using what was at hand to make a mission home say, “Merry Christmas.” Via her blog I felt like I was there, yet somehow as I saw her little helpers, in my mind it was she that was at my feet, helping me make a Tennessee Christmas! I saw the warmth of the color blue as they have left home and family to tell other nations that Jesus Saves!
But most special to me is the man, the father of these four, Edgar A. Bryan whose proposal on that 1961 Eve to spend Christmas for life with him! He has set my life a glow with all the colors the specter could give! Merry Christmas and I love you, Moma

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
Very cute stockings n tell your child who ever it was that made the door decor, that they did a wonderful job!!!! Your house must look wonderful!!! Love, Hannah Klunder

lila said...

Very cute decor. LOve the door hangings. Merry Christmas from Ohio, all the way to Argentina!!!! love you tons

Sherry L Dickinson said...

December 20th has almost come to an end but wanted to say that day was my father's birthday.
I just now caught up on your last several posts. They are gorgeous and enjoyable (as always) but I must say that one favorite part I enjoyed was your mother's comment on this "More Touches of Christmas" post. I love it when your mom reveals the thoughts from her heart. This world would once again be a Garden of Eden if all females had a heart like hers. I am grateful for the love that Jesus places in a Christian mother's heart. It is beautiful to behold. Smile.
Love, Mom D

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