Saturday, December 10, 2011

~Our trip to Uruguay...part 1~

[Explanation:  It's expected that when a non-citizen visits Argentina that they have a ticket to GO OUT of that country within 90 days.  =)  So, we had purchased our tickets to Uruguay before even coming to Argentina.  This trip renews Argentine 90 day visas.]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~I told you earlier that I would tell you what we did on "Black Friday"...the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Before we moved to Argentina, our children were SO EXCITED thinking that we we would have an ocean in our city of Buenos Aires!  Then, a few days after we moved to Arg. they were "devastated" to find out that it wasn't actually the "ocean" that bordered Buenos Aires, but a rather L.A.R.G.E. River called "Plata River" which mixes with the ocean!  (In that part of Buenos Aires...they don't allow people to swim in the river. =( )   It's the second biggest river in South America...#1 being the Amazon.  (Whew!  I hope my brothers and Daddy read this...I'm amazing myself with all my Knowledge.  HA! =)  But, we did find out that there was a park beside the river, so on the Friday after Thanksgiving we took our kids to see the river and play at the park.  Though they were SAD that they can't swim here in our city...they were happy with the park there and we had a fun day!
(Can you find Waldo Elijah?  YES, I KNOW where Elijah is in this picture!!! Our Elijah is always a flurry of he does need YOUR extra prayers. =)~
~So, all that background info to say that our LARGE boat ride that lasted 3 hours was to cross the Plata River! (And then we had a 2 1/2 hour bus ride after that, which still followed that same river!  It's HUGE!)
After celebrating Sarah's birthday on Monday, Dec. 5th, and packing LATE, and getting LITTLE sleep that night, the Lord helped us to make it to our boat on time Tuesday morning, Dec. 6th.  =) On the boat we were able to get some tables with a nice view out the window where we ate breakfast that we brought along with us (Knowing that the food on the boat would probably be pricey.)
Here's the kids at their table!
(With an Elijah who thinks now-a-days he has to SLAM his eyes shut for. every. picture. =) ~
~And us at ours.  Our boat was the cheapest boat to Uruguay that there is, but it was still very nice.  It's 6 stories high and has a restaurant, a store, an elevator, etc.~
~It's hard to see but behind Noah, Sarah, and Elijah in the another large boat similar to the boat we were riding on.~
~Here's a better picture of the other boat.~
~This very EXHAUSTED Mother was DELIGHTED when not too long after we got on the boat Mary went to sleep.  So, I went and got a MUCH-NEEDED nap in the comfortable airplane type seats! =)~
~Some fun sailboats we passed as we were leaving Buenos Aires, Argentina.~
~Our 3 younger kids looking out the window.~
~Kimberly and I.~
~Phillip took our children upstairs on the deck...and it was quite WINDY as you can see.~
~Mary and Mommy on the deck.~
~A fun lighthouse picture that Kimberly snapped.~
~Once our boat docked, then we had a 2 1/2 hour bus ride to Montevideo, Uruguay.  We had run out of water and I was SO THIRSTY!  It seemed like a VERY LONG 2 1/2 hours without water to drink...what will eternity be like in the bad place?
This is a picture of our first meal once we got to Montevideo.  This is a very typical meal that I had wanted to try ever since Phillip had eaten it when he visited Uruguay in 2010.  A piece of lamb or beef covered with ham, cheese, bacon, a fried egg, red peppers, and an olive...and it comes along with that big salad, fries, and a type of Russian salad.~
~Our family eating.~
~Then we walked around and took our kids to this park.~
~The next day...our only FULL day in Montevideo...we were getting ready to take our kids to see what we thought was the ocean (but found out it is STILL THE SAME HUGE PLATA RIVER =)...when we heard a BLOODCURDLING scream.  Phillip ran out of our hotel room to find out where it was coming from and met Noah carrying a bleeding Elijah.  Elijah had crashed into a coffee table..KILLING his ear!!  Poor little one, I know it had to have H.U.R.T SO BADLY!!!  It made me want to cry looking at it!
This picture is much later after he had calmed down some and everything was patched up.  =)
We thank the Lord that it was not worse!!
So, after it was all cleaned up, Elijah fell asleep...thus we didn't go to the river until about 3 hours later!~
~After he woke up we got some lunch items and walked to the river and ate lunch.~
~Then we let our kids "dip their toes-ies" (and more) in the water. =)~
~Elijah and Phillip (with our other 3 in the background).  Phillip was trying to build a sand castle near the shore...just to keep Elijah from going out into the deeper water and getting his head / ear wet.
(But...for a little boy who LOVES was nearly an I.M.P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E. task!=)~
~Mommy and Baby Mary...before she crawled out of the stroller and found the fun wet sand...~
~She LOVED the wet sand and water!~
Stay tuned...Part 2 coming soon! =)


Stephanie said...

I L.O.V.E. your pink top! The pics are cute. Glad you made it safely!

Brittany said...

Beautiful pics! Looks like you all had a great time =) Sorry about your little guy's accident - I totally understand how it is with boys.And yes, your pink top is SO pretty!

Liz said...

Love to see you are doing all right! I honestly think that God sent little "angels" to our homes - Heath and Elijah - they resemble each other in looks, but also in their personalities, it sounds like :) Can't wait till they can meet sometime - maybe before Bible college :)

lila said...

What an exciting trip. So glad you all had a fun safe time. No better way to see the world than doing it in Jesus name!!! Love all the pics, except the one of poor Elijah's ear. love you tons

Beth said...

Thank you for posting! I REALLY enjoyed seeing all these pictures from your trip. Glad you're home safe and sound! What kind of damage happened to Elijah's ear?

Beth said...

We also watched most of the GBS Christmas program. Yes, my brother Jeff is studying in the missions department there, but no, he wasn't in the program, besides being an usher the first night. We're looking forward to having him home for Christmas. Mother did get our Christmas letter up on our blog tonight!

Daryl Hausman said...

So glad you all had a nice time!!! (except for poor lil' Elijah's ear! :(
Loved all the pictures. And I laughed out loud at the first picture of Elijah going OVER the fence!!! :)

Amy said...

Hey, even though it was the cheapest boat it still had a lot of things to do and nice places to it. When I was in Argentina, I got an apartment in buenos aires and then I decided to go to Uruguay as you did for a couple of days. I travelled in Buquebus and the experience was great. Uruguayans are as nice as Argentineans!

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