Monday, December 12, 2011

~Our Trip to Uruguay...part 2~

PLEASE PRAY!  Phillip talked to Bro. Jimmy in Colombia last night and they are having so much rain that there are FLOODS in Bogota...and the waters are only 3 blocks from Jimmy's house and 5 blocks from ours!!!!!!!!  Please pray that God will protect both of our houses, and help those who are suffering there!  THANK YOU!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Thank you for your prayers for our trip to Uruguay, the Lord really helped us!!   There were several times that Jesus put us in contact with people and we tried to touch their lives for HIM!  Others are WATCHING each of our lives (your too! =)...may they see the DIFFERENCE that Jesus makes in us! =)
When we rode in taxis, we had to ride separately; the guys in one, and us girls in another.  In one of the taxis Phillip's taxi driver asked him what he did and Phillip told him that he was a pastor/missionary and the guy said, "That's what I thought you were!"
On our boat ride home a couple older ladies were watching our family and near the end of our ride one of them started talking to Kimberly in English.  She asked Kimberly if we like to travel a lot and Kimberly told her,  "Yes, my Daddy is a missionary" which she replied, "That's what my friend thought y'all were!" =)
Here's lots more pics of our trip.
~Phillip making a "castle" with the boys to try to help Elijah to not go out in the water and get his hurt ear wet. =)~
~Mary loved the sand and water!~

~Elijah getting a bath with his "plastic bag shower cap" keep his sore ear from getting wet. =)~
While walking around Montevideo we met a couple and the guy was wearing a shirt that said, "Cartegena, Colombia" so I told him that I liked his shirt...and our family stopped to talk to them.  Bless his heart, the guy was missing part of his face due to a cancer surgery he had had earlier in Miami.  We noticed he got very quiet when he found out that Phillip was a pastor.  Though we don't know his name, our family is trying to pray for him when he crosses our minds.
~Elijah, Sarah, and Noah eating our last meal in Uruguay...before we got on our 2 1/2 hour bus ride.~
~Kimberly, Heather, Mary, and Phillip eating lunch.~
~Our 3 "men" pulling our suitcases.  It was so CUTE to watch Elijah try to help this time.  HE WANTED TO DO IT BY HIMSELF!  Sometimes he would completely fall over while pulling his suitcase, but he'd get back up and try again.  (Always before he would ride in the stroller...but now he's getting big enough to want to help!  =)  He got a lot of smiles from passer-bys.~
~On our bus ride home Kimberly sat beside a nice lady named Nancy.   They chit-chatted at first then the Nancy started to rest...but when Kimberly pulled out her Bible to read it, that pricked her interest.  She started asking Kimberly questions and they chatted the rest of the time.  She was raised a Jehovah's Witness.  She was interested in hearing what we believed, and she didn't try to argue with Kimberly at all (Which we as parents really appreciated).  When she left she commended us on our sweet daughter.  We trust that God used Kimberly to be a blessing to Nancy!~
~Before we got on the boat to go back home we had purchased some candy to eat with our supper we had packed.  We got some M&M's and some Nerds.  While our 3 year old Elijah was trying to eat his sandwich, he kept getting distracted by the thoughts of the CANDY that was awaiting him!  =]
Finally, when he was done he told me that he wanted some of that...,that..."What do you call it?  'NERVOUS?'" (Nerds =)
[The name he called Nerds was more truth than poetry for our very ACTIVE Elijah!  For when he has sugar he gets even MORE active/"nervous".=)]
Then when we opened the M&M's he looked at one and asked me, "Is that a "M" on there?"  And I said, "Yes, it's a "M" for Mommy!"  To which he said, "No, it's a "M" for ME!"  We thought he was quite clever! =D~
~Noah eating "Nervous" too!~
~Mary, Kimberly, Elijah, and Mommy on the boat.  We met a couple from Colombia who now live here in Argentina and we surely had a nice time chatting with them and sharing the things that we all MISS about our beloved Colombia!  We exchanged email addresses!~
~The sun set taken from the deck of the boat.~
~Phillip and some of our kids up on the deck.~
~I took this picture of Elijah and Noah up on the deck...and if you look closely you can see Kimberly and Sarah through the window behind them down at our table inside the boat.~
~2 people who fell in love...and have gone MANY places together for Jesus!   Uruguay made country #10 for Kimberly, Sarah, and I, #15 for Phillip. =)~
~Kimberly snapped this neat picture of the Uruguay flag and the moon.~
~A fun picture that Phillip took from the deck of the Uruguay flag, the moon, and the water.~
~There was a duty-free (tax free) store on the boat, so the girls and I went down to look around.  I was DELIGHTED to find a BIG bag of Mini Reeses cups for only $22 Argentine pesos...being just a tad over $5.00!  YEA!!!  I was SO excited!
I quickly ran back up stairs and asked Phillip if we could buy them to save for a Christmas treat.  He agreed and came down to buy them...but when he went to pay for them he found out that that price was the US dollar price...$22.00!!!! for that bag of Reese's!  UGH!  ={  We left it there!
A fun picture that Phillip snapped of a pretty boat at the dock back in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We arrived back at our home at 11:00 PM!~
~God brought us home safely by taxi, bus, and boat...and how we PRAISE HIM!  Now our Argentine visas are good through March, when we leave to go back to Colombia for some classes in our church there, and to work on some important papers.
The next day...we all were TIRED and felt like what Mary looks like in this picture. =)~


Daryl Hausman said...

Loved all the pictures!!! Mary is SO adorable...and I had to laugh at her in the last picture!!! I know how she feels!! ;)
Also LOVE Elijah's grumpy face in the picture of him and Noah (with you all in the background.)
Love you all much,

mmsbryan said...

Thank the Lord for protecting you on this necessary trip and that it could be enjoyable and touching lives for Christ as well. There seems so much need and darkness where ever we go that having Christ the Light of Jesus shows whereever we go. The Hausmans did a Christmas service for our church yesterday and was very good. God has blessed them with talent and testimonies that bring Him Glory. I love you, Moma
PS Sorry about the Reeces!

Daryl Hausman said...

I really enjoyed this post. So happy that Jesus kept ya'll safe, and that you all had a nice time! Mary and Elijah look so cute. Love you all bunches,

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Your comment added to the picture of tired little Mary made me laugh and laugh. I guess when one goes on a trip as exciting as this one was, they are very tired when they arrive home.
I'm glad I didn't have to help you take care of Elijah after he ate his "nervous'. That little man is busy enough without eating 'nervous', too. Smile.
This was an interesting and fun post to read.
Love, Mom d

lila said...

Dearest Heather, Couldn' help but be touched to tears when reading of the lives you touched for Jesus on this trip. I am amazed how you can make all this look like a fun vacation, no one could do that but you all. You all are truly a copy of the Apostle Paul. I know many treasures await you in heaven! Couldn't keep from lol when reading about the special little Elijah Jesus has given you. He is truly a trip. love you tons

Dorcas said...

What a nice time it looks like you all had while doing some very necessary business. God has a way of making things so exciting for us, doesn't He? Sometimes things like this are a breath of fresh air. So glad for your family to get a little time away and you were still being Missionaries!! God bless you!!

Daryl Hausman said...

Thanks for all the "Pictorial View" of your "Visa" trip! Now... back to work for me! Hee! LOTS OF LOVE! Laura

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
So glad to see all the pics of your trip! And we are praising the Lord that all went well!!! Mary in the sand is so cute and so glad Elijah is ok! Hope you'all get the rest you need, now! The food looked yummy, too! I loved the food in Peru when I was there! Well, need to get the children up for school, and I'm running late, because some of the kids have colds. As always.. Love and prayers, Hannah Kunder

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