Thursday, February 4, 2010

Noah's first day of School, Sarah in 3rd grade, Kimberly in 6th grade~

~Since we were in the USA, I didn't really post pics from our "first day of school" this year. So, here are some fun pics of our kids first day of school back in Colombia. This is Noah's real FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, for there was NO WAY, that I could teach him while we drove "around the world" on deputation. =) This is their breakfast table. We bought each student a nice little choc. egg that had a little plastic container with a toy inside and had it setting beside their plate.~
~Noah (and Sarah) helped Mommy make the French toast.
~"Happy Face" French Toast~
~Look who started school...Noah~
~Sarah...3rd grade, Kimberly...6th grade~

~Phillip wanted a picture of the kids and I...and of course Elijah wanted to join us.=)~

Noah LOVES school. He was sooo excited that he was singing in bed the night before, couldn't get to sleep and called me every other second to ask me a question. =) The next morning he got up on his own and got dressed in the clothes that we had laid out for him. ~
~Kimberly and Sarah studying at their desks in their room.~
~This is the kids' teacher....Mommy. Below is a picture of my assitant....=D~


Beth said...

cute pics.:-) love you all

Gayle said...

Congratulations Noah! love the pictures. How is Elija? love ya all!

Kim M. said...

what a sweet way to celebrate! cute pictures!

lila said...

You are amazing Heather. The table is cute cute cute, All the pics are great. Tell Noah to keep up the good work. We love you all dearly. love you tons

Anonymous said...

Man, Oh man, do I ever wish I had an assistant like you've got!!! How fun to see your 1st day of school. we are so praying for you all!!! Love you much, Your sis, Laura

sherryldickinson said...

It was so cute hearing how happy Noah was to start school, that it made me cry. Now I know why you sounded so TIRED Wednesday when I talked to you on the phone-you were busy getting things together for your kid's school day. I've been praying 'extra' for you the last couple of days. You are the best mommy, best schoolteacher, and the best wife ever. I am grateful that Jesus gave you to Phillip. I love you!
Mom D

Sarah Cook said...

Too cute! Love the colors of y'alls outfits... you guys look so beautiful! I love the creative ideas you share on your blog. Need some ideas for our "school" here to make it more interesting and enjoyable! You are a good mama!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful job you did to make the first day of school exciting. Each of your students is the kind that would make every teacher shine, so now we know the secret behind that glow of yours. Now that "assistant" has got to be the best. You can tell by the way that tongue is set that he is ready to "strike" with his next round of 'Dennis the Menace' antics. ;-) I do love and miss you all, Moma

Anonymous said...

Dear A. Heather,
The pictures are so cute! Tell Noah Congrats on starting school!
Luv and miss ya'll

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