Tuesday, February 16, 2010

~Missouri, KS, and Ohio~

Thank you for all the nice comments and prayers for baby #5! God is helping me. I'm tired and nauseated, but thank the Lord the nausea seems to be less with this one. I'm 2 months this week. God and my family are really helping me and school and household chores are getting done. =) Sarah's sugar seems to be fine, sometimes a little low, but we are having regular meals and she is fine. Elijah's ear infections have gone away, Thank the Lord. We all have had colds, probably from being worn out when we got here, and from the weather changes from the USA to here! God sent us a great and honest technician that fixed our refrigerator as good as new. We have had some internet problems but are hoping to change companies tomorrow so that we will have dependable internet.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Here is the next to last post of our deputation services. =)
In between services in November, we were able to stop by and see Phillip's cousin Lisa and her family. We enjoyed a couple days with them.~~They let our girls bottle feed their cows.~
~On November 4th, we held a service in RoseHill, KS. Aaron and Jodie were wonderful host/hostess and we surely enjoyed staying in their beautiful home, eating Jodie's good cooking, and our kids had a blast playing with theirs. Jodie and Phillip had grown up together in AZ, so we had fun listening to them share lots of their memories from those days. ~
~Their kids and ours.~
~Our last night there we went out with Jodie and her kids, (Aaron had to be away), Sis. Joyce, and Larry and Annette and one of their daughters.~
~Phillip was very glad that it worked out for him to see his Uncle Bill and Aunt Kathy on His Dad's side, and his Aunt Donna on his Mom's side. =)~
~Then on Saturday, November 7th, we were delighted to spend some time and eat a DELICIOUS meal with our good friends Monte and Amy Goins! We had a good time and lots of laughs, and our kids loved being together too!~
~That night we parked our motorhome at the Don Moore's home. They were very gracious to us, and her breakfast on Sunday morning was delicious as well. Since they had been missionaries to Hondurus (I believe), we had a lot of stories to share with each other.~
~They and their dear church gave us some wonderful gifts: Clothes, toys, organizing baskets, McDonald's gift card, etc. Thank you again, that was so sweet and thoughtful of y'all!~
~Sunday night, November 8th, we were at our dear friends Mark and Kathyrn Stetler's church in KS. We were happy to meet this nice couple who has adopted 9 sweet Colombian children.~
~Mark Stetler and our Elijah. Mark and I grew up running around on the same camp grounds in Pell City, AL. We then attended GBS together. Phillip and Mark were in the same GBS quartet as well. ~
~Dear Kathyrn and I worked at the music studio for Bro. Garen Wolf at GBS. We had fun recalling lots of fun memories from our College days. Mark and Kathyrn and Phillip and I even took a couple double dates together. We were so glad to see the Stetlers...for I think it had been since 1999 or so since we had seen them.~
~On Monday, November 9th, we were happy to drive back out east again. We had a blast and a yummy meal at our family, the Hausmans' house.~
~November 11th-15th we held a revival for our dear friends, the Jim Kemps, in Washington Quarthouse, OH. Since Elijah couldn't sing up front with us yet, after nearly every service, he would head straight up front, stand behind the altar and grab a mic and start "singing". Bless Bro. Kemps heart...he gave Elijah this real mic that didn't work anymore and that became Elijah's favorite toy. Even driving down the road he would be "bellering" in his mic. =)~
~Bro. and Sis. Kemp had attended the church that Phillip pastored in AZ. We have lots of great memories from the past...and made a lot more this week! Sis. Kemp served us some very delicious and beautiful meals.~
~They gave our family "Christmas in November!~ We loved all of our neat and fun gifts that they gave us! Thank You, Kemps!~
~The Kemps and My parents planned a surprise...Daddy and Moma drove over to be with all of us for Friday afternoon and night, and Saturday morning. We had a lot of fun being with them and the Kemps.~
~Elijah did NOT want to say goodbye to Gram and Gramp. It was pitiful. He kept crawling onto Gram's lap. Then when we got him out and shut the door, he saw that Gramp's door was still open, so he quickly ran around the car and climbed in that way. =)~
~Dear Bro. and Sis. Kemp and the lovely church building that God has provided for them!! God helped and gave us a good revival.~
~The Kemps daughter, Lori and I. ~


Anonymous said...

Nice to follow you on your deputation via your posts. Most interesting to see everyone and best of all those "four" grandones.
Love, Moma

lila said...

It was so nice having you all. Wish it could have been longer. Thank you for coming for revival. love you tons. Glad you are feeling better.

Kim M. said...

great update and pictures!

sherryldickinson said...

Heather, I had to laugh on your "Washington 'Quarthouse', Ohio". I think I enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed all your pictures. Smile.
Before I even read what you had written about Elijah not wanting his Gram and Gramp to leave him, I noticed in the family picture of Gramp holding Elijah that he looked like one contented and beaming little grandson. Then, when I read how much Elijah loved his Gram and Gramp, and didn't want them to leave him, I knew I had interpreted correctly, the contented and happy expression on his face. Plus, he sure does look like his brother, Noah, in that same picture.
I had no idea all these good things happened to your little family while you were in Missouri, Kansas, and Ohio during November. What a nice birthday present all this was for you. (Other than the fact you were 'homeless' all this time.)
I have so enjoyed the interesting and regular posting about your deputation travels. Thank you for telling us about it. This way, you had all the work of running around the countryside, and I get to sit in my computer chair and be a fat woman who just reads about it!
Mom D

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