Wednesday, February 10, 2010

~Deputation in Iowa and Missouri~

~We had a nice house service at the Mitchems in Iowa! They fed us a delicious meal and Hannah made some delicious pumpkin pies.~ =)~Nathan, Kimberly, Hannah, and I had a fun time having a "hoe-down" and playing lots of fun music together.~
~It was nice to visit with Hannah and her family. Thank you goes to Chad for staying up late that night fixing our computer!~
~Bro. Mitchem cleaning the back window of the motorhome before we pulled out.~
~We had to replace a couple batteries on the motorhome. Phillip had to buy some tools to fix those and Noah was helping his Daddy put all of the little tools/pieces in their places.~
~On Saturday we took the kids to the Precious Moments Musuem. It was a fun day.~

~On Sunday morning we held a service in Eldorado Springs, MO. It was so nice to Phillip's cousin Mark Burley and his dear wife Jana and their children.~

~Sunday nights service was at Gaylerd Miller's church in Fordland, MO. It was so nice to be with the Millers. They treated us very special!~
~Bro. Miller took us to see the last house that Laura Ingalls Wilder lived in. Thank you, Bro. Miller, we really enjoyed seeing this and enjoyed our time with you and your dear wife!~


Jana said...

How neat to see your pictures!! We so enjoyed you all being here--my children still talk about it!! :-)

sherryldickinson said...

Heather, I am loving the pictures of your deputation services! And, it is so neat seeing the Mitchems on this post. very, very favorite pictures on here, and... every time I look at them, they make me laugh,and,...they are absolutely adorable to my heart...are the two pictures with Noah hugging his cousin, and Sarah hugging her cousin. Now, those pictures show pure-d-love and affection all wrapped up in each other's arms! Ha, Ha, Ha! They are SO CUTE!
Love, Mom D.

sherryldickinson said...

PS - I am not trying to avoid commenting on the upcoming fifth addition to your family. I was just so busy that weekend, and still am (!) that I didn't take time to comment. But, Dad and I are HAPPY about your coming addition.
I do worry about you, physically, but that will just help me to pray for you more. Smile.
It seems that these little tag-a-long babies are the very most loved little children-all through their lives. (Maybe it's because by then, the parents have lost most of their marbles, and don't realize all that's involved!) (JUST JOKING!!!)
We love you guys!
Mom D

lila said...

It is so wonderful you all got to do so many fun things.I love looking at all your posts. Trusting you will be feeling better soon. love you tons

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