Monday, April 7, 2008

~Our week in pictures~

Thanks for all the nice comments. I'm 33 weeks along now and I went to my midwife today and she has basically put me on bed rest. (Do you have ANY CLUE how HARD that is for me? That is NOT my personality to just lay around. =) She wants me to be VERY CAREFUL the next 2-3 weeks so we can at least keep baby inside until he's 36 weeks...and then after that it should be fine for him to come when he's good and ready. I've had some HEAVY DUTY contractions, so I'm trying to obey her orders and take it easy! I still have plans to go to the wheelchair...and the balloons and streamers sound like a fun idea. =) Thanks for your prayers and Please continue to pray for baby and I.
~Our kids during our deputation service at my parents' church, Westfield, IN, Sunday, March 30th.
~My dear girlhood friend Laura Quackenbush. It was so fun seeing her at the Union Friends Church.~
~Dear Amber Cassady bought us this basket full of baby gifts for our baby boy. THANK YOU, AMBER!~
~Us and our display~
~Our kids and us provided music for the nursing home service that my Daddy preached at on Sunday afternoon...Westfield, IN.
~Our Sunday night service was at the Joseph Smith's church, Shelbyville, IN. We had a yummy snack and a lot of fun visiting after church at the Smith's house!~
~We got to stay the night with our dear friends Trint and Janette Castle. Here's a picture of Janette and I (and my baby bump!)~
~Trint and Phillip got to play some basketball together. It was nice for Phillip to relax and unwind.~

~Some of the Smith children and Phillip visiting about their Spanish work there in Shelbyville, IN and our work in Colombia.~
~My sister took me to Target and since I'm not supposed to be walking much she pushed me around in a wheel chair. By the end of our time in that store my belly was covered up with things that I was going to buy, and so no one could tell what was even wrong with me. With Laura and I laughing and my belly covered...The people that saw me probably thought that I was the happiest "handicapped" person that they had ever seen.~ =)
~My niece Natasha had her 15th birthday, and so we had a nice celebration at Skyline!~
~We were to hold a revival at the Kemp's church with Phillip preaching and our family singing. However, The kids and I couldn't go the first 2 nights due to my condition, but Thank the Lord we got to go for the weekend. Here is Kimberly and Noah riding the 4 wheeler at the Roops house.~
~Sarah and Cherish Roop riding the 4 wheeler.~
~Weston and Noah on the go-cart.~
~We had such a nice time with the Kemps and the Roops. The Roops provided us with 2 nice apartments for our family to stay in. Sis. Kemp stocked our apartments with yummy treats and made us wonderful meals too. Here we are enjoying a meal out with the Kemps and the Roops!~
~It was so nice to be with the Kemps at their church. God is helping them and their people.~
~Our dear friends the Kemps and our family.~

Thanks for "tuning in"...that's all folks!~


Karen Walden said...

I am sorry to hear you got put to bed but at least you are not in the hospital on bedrest! (When our pt's fail bedrest at home, they put them in the hospital until delivery! So be sure to do what your midwife says!) :) It would be great if you make it to at least 36 weeks! Have you heard of the "wimpy white boy syndrome?" (For some reason, little white boys are the worst preemies!) Maybe you'll get lucky like Angie Edwards, Her little Timothy was a great preemie!
I'll be looking for the balloons at IHC! HA!

Kelly S said...

So glad to see you home - safe and sound! We are praying for your safe delivery. I've been away from blogging fo awhile. Kim told me about some of your complications. So sorry! Glad you still get to go to IHC.

Anonymous said...

It was such a blessing to have all of you hear. we enjoyed it tremendously! Praying for that little one to stay safely tucked inside. Love ya tons lila

Sherry L said...

Now this was a REAL post! All of these pictures were delightful to see. I'm telling you what! the suspense of what these coming days hold for you, is almost more excitement than I can bear. So, I'll not think about it! :-) Love, Mom D

Misty said...

Sorry to hear you have to be on bedrest, but do what you have to to keep that little guy inside for awhile (the wimpy white boy syndrome is real!!)


Tara said...

Heather, my little guy was born at 37 weeks and he still spent the first day in the NICU, and that was the hardest day of my life, being separated from him. Please be careful! I echo the others....NICU's are full of little white boys.
Do you have a back-up plan for what happens if you go into labor while at Dayton?!? If you're still going, I think I'd pack a hospital bag just in case. :)

Sarah Cook said...

I can't handle bedrest myself very well. It seems everytime I would turn around, I would notice something that needed done or I would need or want something that would require getting up! I hope you have some good helpers around until it is safe for you to be up! I will look those balloons and streamers at IHC! I requested prayer for you and baby at our Saturday night prayer meeting! Love you all, and thanks for praying for us!

Kim M. said...

I've enjoyed your updates. :-)

Please take care of yourself. I will be praying for you and your precious little guy.

Vonnie said...

Love all the pictures. So glad you still have that baby inside. I know it has to be awful hard to be on "bed rest", so just keep encouraged... I hope your water doesn't break at IHC or you'll have more to worry about than streamers and bells...... :)

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