Wednesday, April 23, 2008

~Our Sunday and some of this week too~

The Lord helped me and I was able to go to our 2 deputation services this past Sunday. On Sunday morning we were at Daniel and Angie Edwards' church. After church, Noah was on cloud 9 seeing all of the neat farming equipment that the Edwards have on their farm. Here's Sarah and Noah and 2 of the Edwards' kids.~~Angie and I went to GBS together, so it was fun visiting with a good friend. She made a WONDERFULLY YUMMY Sunday dinner that we all enjoyed!~
~Our and their kids had a fun time playing together. Here's Kimberly, Sarah, and Noah and 3 of the Edward's children (Their Timothy was taking a nap, and "our youngest" hasn't showed his face yet. =D) The Edwards' oldest and our oldest were born just days apart. (He looks so much taller than Kimberly because he had skates on!)~
~Noah learning to ride a fun tractor!~
~Our Sunday night service was at the Greenfield, IN church and the dear ladies of that church gave baby and I a nice baby shower!~
~Me opening some fun and nice baby shower gifts!~
~Years ago before we went to the mission field I had to sell all of my baby clothes (for no one had room to store them for us) and I told the Lord back then that if he gave us the desires of our hearts and gave us another baby some years from then...that He would just have to provide more clothes for him/her! =) God has been answering that prayer through dear people just like the Greenfield friends! A lady from the Franklin, IN church (whom I have never even met) made our baby a cute baby blanket and sent a baby gift home with Phillip, and at IHC Sarah Cook gave me a gift too! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE BEEN SO KIND AND HAVE GIVEN GIFTS TO OUR BABY! We are sooo BLESSED!~
~Me opening yet more precious baby gifts from the dear Greenfield folk!~
~Baby and I and Dear Sis. Kennedy (who is a close friend of my Moma's) and who I think was the brain behind her church giving baby and I that SWEET baby shower! THANK YOU LADIES FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID FOR BABY AND I!!~

~On Tuesday of this week...It was a beautiful day, so we bought our lunch at Arby's and went to River Front by the Ohio river to have a picnic lunch. (We did this in between my ultrasound and non-stress test for baby at one medical building in the morning, and my midwife appointment at another building that afternoon.) We had a lot of fun being together and enjoying that beautiful sun. Since Phillip and I both attended GBS, met, started dating, got married, and had our first baby all in Cincinnati, we have TONS of wonderful memories here! We are enjoying being back here again.~~ We were glad that Daryl was working close by and was able to join us for a few minutes of his lunch break.~
~A cute picture of Sarah and cousins!~
~Then we let the younger kids play at the playground, while the 2 older girls had their piano lessons.~
~On our way home we saw this hot air balloon going up in the was a pretty sight!~
~I went to the non-stress test and ultrasound yesterday and our baby looks good. They measured him as weighing 6 lbs and 7 oz. and being 19" long. I'm 35 weeks along now, and my midwife said that she wouldn't be worried if baby comes now and that I can walk and don't have to be on bedrest. 2 Weeks ago my baby bump measured 42" around, and now I'm measuring 46" around. HELP! My baby bump and my SWOLLEN ankles are so big they are hard for me to deal with, but the end should be in sight now. At the most I would have 4 weeks left until baby comes, if not less. YEA!~

My Dad's last sibling, Aunt Virginia just passed away Sunday evening, so we are going to the grave side service tomorrow and plan to help with the music. Please pray for her boys and their families, for my Daddy as he speaks and for us and the Hausmans as we try to minister to them through music. Thanks!


Karen Walden said...

Your poor ankles!!! Glad you made it this far! The end is in sight! It will be here before you know it!
Looks like you got lots of nice things for your baby boy too!

The Going Blog said...

I'm so glad you were able to make it to Greenfield. We loved hearing all your missionary stories and getting a sense of your heart for Columbia. You all are a special family.

Vonnie said...

Nice post. Looks so nice and sunny and warm!! So glad you don't have to worry about bed rest now. I figured once you got to 36 weeks they would let you get up and around!! You did it!! Good job, mommy!

Marty said...

I am so sorry to hear about Aunt Virgina!! May the Lord be with U.Edgar and Grandma at this time.

Your ankles look like mine did with Steven. Except mine where the size of my kneecaps...and trust me, at that point that was NOT small!!!

Hopefully, for the baby's sake he can stay in for a couple more weeks. I see alot of whimpy white boys where I work that needed a few more weeks in the "oven". I will pray for healty whether born early or later!! I almost envy your position....six months is a long time for me to wait!!

Misty said...

I am glad to hear you are off bed rest now :-) and hopefully everything goes well with the rest of your pregnancy and delivery!!

I'll pray for you as I snuggle my little one tonight, they are so precious!


danielpauledwards said...

Heather & family ~ We were privileged to get to have the whole family, including Mommy, although I'll have to admit that I'm releived that you didn't go into labor that night! I would've felt guilty about you coming here, if you had. Sounds like your countdown is ticking away. I'll keep checking for "the news"! Thanks for being our friends - come see us again soon.
Angie E.

Ronda said...

We really enjoyed your glad that you were able to "make it" to our church....made it extra special! Take care of those poor little, big feet... poor girl!I am happy that you are free to be up and moving now. That will make it so much easier for you, I am sure! You will be in our thoughts!

sankey family said...

Glad your bed rest is officially over and if baby comes now, all will be fine. Your poor ankles...
Love the pics of Cincinnati and the River Front - that's where Marc and I got engaged! Special memories for us, too. Looks beautiful!

Tara said...

I join the chorus....glad you made it this far. Like Marty, I'm hoping baby will stay put for a few more weeks, though! :)

Your poor ankles, though, may not appreciate that sentiment! Take care of yourself!

Sherry L said...

I LOVE these pictures! Thank you for posting all. Your adorable, willow-thin children are so absolutely SWEET that I cannot wait to hug & kiss them. And, the new little plump 'piggy' is getting a kiss too, as soon I get the chance. There is going to be a whole lot of kissing and hugging going on, the end of May! Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name that he has helped you thus far!
Cheers! Mom D

loree2000 said...

So sorry to see your swollen ankles! I know the Lord is helping you hang in there! :D

I'm glad the baby is ok! And growing well!

Enjoyed the photos too!

TTYL! Lori R.

Connie Lavy said...

Sorry to hear about your Aunt. I know how special aunts and uncles are. God be with your family at this time.

I like the pictures that you have posted. It was nice to talk to Philip at IHC, but I couldn't find you. So, I decided to stop over and see how things were going with your family blog. It won't be long and you will have your little one. Praying that everything goes well. I'm sure as soon as it arrives, Beth will let me know. It is starting to get exciting!

God Bless

Sarah Cook said...

Look at those ankles! Bless your heart! You must be so uncomfortable! I had big ankles after my baby was born for a few days... I am excited for you that the end is near!

Michelle said...

46 inches -- you must be miserable girl! Such a relief to know the end is near!

Bryan and Marsha Potteiger said...

My feet, ankles, legs, belly and everything else feels for you!! Glad you are doing good!!!

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