Friday, April 18, 2008

~Bed rest...AT IHC! =)~

I went last Monday for training on how to check my blood sugar 4 times a day, and what and how much to eat to help with my gestational diabetes, and I'm being careful. This will probably help reduce the fluid over time and could help baby not to get too big. I just went today (Friday) for an ultrasound and non-stress test on baby and he looks great, PRAISE THE LORD.
For those of you who didn't get to attend the Inter-Church Holiness Convention (IHC) and are curious, baby and I did get to go to IHC. =D We tried to use a wheel chair as often as possible, and shared a room with our family in the Crowne Plaza hotel right across from the convention center, which helped baby and I out a lot. It was WONDERFUL getting to be there at IHC and feel GOD'S WONDERFUL PRESENCE, hear great preaching and singing, and see family, friends and fellow bloggers. =) Here are some pics from IHC for you to enjoy.
~Nicole Cassady and I finally got to meet each other...after emailing and checking out each other's blog for MONTHS. Just like I thought before I met her...She's a dear. She gave baby a nice gift of 2 adorable outfits. Thanks, Nicole.
~Noah and Bryan trying out my wheelchair. NOTE THE "IT'S A BOY" BALLOON that I had Phillip buy and we taped to my wheelchair . =D~
~My Daddy just published his 3rd book and this picture is of him showing his book to us. (The book is dedicated to we 4 children, our mates, and our Moma! =)~
~Enjoying a snack in the room!~
~Our kids all ready for Wednesday of IHC...and the younger ones were EXCITED to be heading to children's church!~
~From L to R: Moma, Heather, Natasha and Laura enjoying Women of Worth. We ladies had a very good time laughing, sharing, crying, etc.~
~My sweetheart pushing me in my wheelchair. =)~
~Fellow blogger, Leanna and I. She is due one month AFTER me...look at how HUGE I am compared to her. The difference is that this is my 4th baby and I have the extra fluid which is making me look like I'm carrying an elephant. =)~

~Noah and Bryan eating green frosted donuts in their jammies.~
~Our happy family on Thursday of IHC!~
~Noah and Bryan in line to go up on the platform and sing with the Chapel of the children.~
~Sarah and Darla in their matching dresses getting ready to sing with the children.~
~Kimberly and Brittany ready to sing.~
~The Chapel of the Children... where at least 300 children (including ours) were singing for Jesus up on the platform.~
~All of us eating at the Spaghetti Warehouse. My sister and family, my parents, the Kemps, Sis. Sproles and us.~
~Our kids in the last IHC service.~
~~The Mass choir; which is all of the Bible college choirs singing together.~
~My dear Sister Laura and I...tired after 3 long days of IHC...but VERY HAPPY that we got to attend!~


Karen Walden said...

It was so good to finally meet you in person at IHC! I felt like I had known you for a long time! :) So glad you got to attend IHC and that you and baby did well! Good luck during these next few weeks!

Sherry L said...

Thank you for this detailed post with all the pictures. I was delighted to see what you guys did, and it's wonderful that you actually got to attend IHC, as you have been dreaming of doing. Thank the Lord for helping you along thus far! Love, Mom D

Vonnie said...

So glad you got to go. My mom made the comment that if anyone was looking at you from the back they wouldn't even know you were pregnant. It's all up front! Glad you made it through and are able to keep up with your blood sugars. :( Take care!

Ronda said...

I enjoyed your I.H.C. pictures...It was so nice to see you there! You looked "great" and have such a beautiful family. I know your parents were so happy to have alot of you with them! (I am happy that you were able to go!) Keep taking good care of yourself!

sankey family said...

Love this pictorial update of your family at IHC! I could see how much you enjoyed being with your family - your eyes were shining!
I'm looking forward to the day when I can be there again with my family.
Love, Melodie

Marty said...

The kid pictures reminded me of us sooo many years come your kids are much cuter than we were? You look very happy to be there. I did get to listen in on part of one service. I have been very sick again this week with the baby, sinus infection and now a migraine headache. Love ya cuz

Kimberly said...

So happy you all were able to be there...I'm sure it was such an encouragement for you! You are big, girl!!

Archibald family said...

Hi Heather, don't know if you remember me or not. Connie (Miller) Archibald. We attended a year together at GBS. I look at your blog often and enjoy it. We are currently missionaries to the Turks and Caicos Islands. Our blog is

Kim M. said...

I wish I could have come to IHC. I missed being there, but enjoyed watching some of it on-line.
I love the balloon! :-) Enjoyed the pictures.

loree2000 said...

Heather, how wonderful for you to be able to go to IHC! The pics are so cute, looks like you had a wonderful time!

I was planning on going Wed. but with school activities I couldn't swing it! Maybe next yr....

Sarah Cook said...

It was so nice to see you at IHC!

Making Memories 1999 said...

It was so good to see you, Laura and families at IHC! So glad you had a wheelchair! Take care of yourself and baby!!

Kim Davis said...

That was great that you got to go to IHC!!!!!! I am hoping to get to go next year! You all are in my prayers!

Stephanie said... was wonderful to see you and Phil at IHC! We think of you all often, and pray for your safety in Columbia. The children are so beautiful and growing so much! They are such an asset to your ministry, I'm sure. Love ya!

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