Sunday, April 13, 2008

~It's Me again...with an update!~

~Sarah and Darla watching Darla's schooling video.~
~Some of my dear friends dropped by and gave baby some gifts, in case he decides to come early.~
~More wonderful gifts for baby!~
~Noah and Bryan...close cousins...acting like they are puppy dogs eating oyster crackers out of their bowls.~
~Kimberly with some of her friends/cousins.~
~Our kids, their younger cousins and Anna Pilmore.~
~We adults eating at Subway. After this, Laura pushed me through Wal-mart in a wheelchair, and we kept running into wonderful clearance items, that I kept piling on my huge baby bump. Laura and I were laughing so hard we were nearly crying.~
~Kimberly, Brittany, and Natasha playing a piano trio. Our family is LOVING being with our family, the Hausmans. We are having a blast being together. I wish I could help Laura more, but my "JOB" right now is to sit and lay down for baby. (My wonderful man and kids try to help when they can.)~
~Getting all ready for our baby...we are EXCITED!!~
~Some of our dear friends have loaned me their baby things to use while I'm here, and then when I get back to Colombia, I'll have to buy a baby bed there. I cannot wait to hold our precious little one!~
The Hausmans (and other of our Dear Friends) all worked together to provide us this wonderful room to stay in in the Hausman's home. We feel very blessed and loved! A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all who have helped us during this time!!!~
~Me and My baby bump...HUGE...and still growing bigger. =D~
~Phillip, Kimberly, Sarah and Noah are doing deputation services without Mommy. =( I recorded a CD with me playing the songs on the piano that we sing during our services so that they can still sing and the girls play their violins in the services. Please pray for their
services and for traveling mercies for them too. Thanks!~


The Going Blog said...

I love hearing your sister stories and knowing that you are getting time with your family. Warms my heart. I can just see you two shopping. Soon enough you will be back in Columbia and living off your memories :-) I would imagine that Laura is enjoying "doing" for your family and it is less stress on her if you will stay put!!! Take care! Thanks for the updates

Linda S said...

Heather, we are following your blogs regularly. Take care. I am so glad you have a nice place to stay and wait on baby. I am thanking the Lord you are able to be here in the states.

Rob and Deanna said...

Crib & your bed look like they match pretty close. That's NEat! I like the decor on your dresser, looks really cute. Blue dress looks beautiful on you, Heather! Missed you in church, but...glad you are resting like you should. ;-)

Elizabeth Flowers said...

Hi Heather!

I can relate and completely understand about bedrest! I have had it with all 3 of my pregnancies. 2 weeks for Becca, 9 weeks for Ben and 6 weeks for Abby. I am 26 weeks along with #4 also and am hoping and praying to avoid bedrest this time...we will see! I am planning on being at IHC and can not wait to see you! Hang in is sooo worth it and you will be holding your baby boy in your arms soon and bedrest will be a distant memory! If you like to read, this is a GREAT time to catch up on your reading...check out Karen Kingsbury. She is an AWESOME Christian author who will bring tears to your already emotional self! ;o) I will continue to follow your blog and keep you in my prayers.

Tamra said...

I've been thinking about you Heather. Trust everything goes as smoothly as possible until little baby is ready. So glad you are having a good time with your sister and family! Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Saw your pictures...thanks for keeping us updated. So fantastic to talk with you awhile Saturday night...and yes, I have shoes on now!!!
Rest some for youngun' is into everything that within his reach (toilet, cabinets,etc...) I know it's just a stage and in so many ways I find it very humorous. :) Soon he'll be graduating from high school and I'll long for these precious days when he flashes me those mischievious grins when he's found something else to get into! Either I'm crazy or my brain has fried from overload!

Lots of love, Susan

sankey family said...

I'm so happy you're with Laura and her family - I know the huge blessing of having family there with you during challenging times.
Please just rest, take care of yourself, and know we're praying for you and waiting for exciting news of Baby Dickinson!

Sherry L said...

Are you at IHC, I wonder?
The minute I saw that expression on Natasha's face while playing the piano, all I could see was your father's face.
What do you mean you can't wait to hold your baby!! You are holding your baby!! ;-)
You are going to have to stop calling your bump a 'baby' bump and start calling it a 'flamboyant' bump! ;-)
These pictures are wonderful! Thank you for posting them all.
Love, Mom & Dad D

Eileen said...

Hello Heather, and Baby and of course the rest of the family, yes you too, Phillip. It is so good to see the pictures. Sure enjoy them. I will surely be praying for the deputation work. God will bless!
Heather I wished I looked as good as you do. I was a blimp. Haa! With all three of my pregnancies.
I am anxious to see the new little bundle. You are looking so good. I pray God's blessings on you.
Thank you for keeping us updated.

Lenita said...

Just want you to know that you are in my thot's and prayers often.
Laura has kept me updated.
I can just see you two in Walmart.
I would have loved to be their to laugh w/you!
love you!

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twila said...

Can you tell Laura that she is "tagged"? See for details.
Hopefully it's not all so sad, now.

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