Thursday, April 10, 2008

~More news on baby and I~

My nurse called me today with the results from that 3 hour sugar test that I took yesterday, and I have gestational diabetes. (Which means I have sugar problems only while I'm pregnant.) So, I go to a 2 hour consultation on Monday and they will tell me how to eat to control my sugar...which probably won't eliminate the extra fluid that I'm carrying, but may help it not to increase...and probably will help baby not to be too big. (Since his big brother Noah weighed 10 lbs. 6.7 oz.) My midwife thinks that I could have developed gestational diabetes at the end of my pregnancy with Noah, which helped him to be so big. Although both of my parents weighed 10 lbs. and both Phillip and I weighed 9 lbs. so my big babies could just run in the family. =D
God provided us an infant car seat for FREE! YEA!
Now...after this morning...I can relax and be on complete bed rest. Since I was gone over the weekend, and have had doctor's appointments every day, I was DYING to get the crib set up and ready, the baby clothes washed, my suitcase packed to take to the hospital, the infant car seat all ready, etc. So, this morning Phillip set up the crib and I got all the above mentioned things done that I needed to get done in order for baby to come...and now I'm able to relax and be on bed rest. =D My sister Laura was planning on helping me but her kids had the C.A.T. testing this week so she has had to be gone every day this week, so hasn't had the time yet. She about shot me when she found out all I had done today, but it's done now, and I feel TONS BETTER knowing it's all ready, and now I'm content to sit in my easy chair and watch the world go by...and help baby stay inside until he's ready for us to meet him. =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
When I was expecting all of my babies (except my first one, for I didn't think about it) I have gone and gotten professional pictures taken. So last week I decided that I had better go ahead and get my maternity picture taken at J C Pennies in case I would go into labor early. So I called and made an appointment for last Friday morning for me to get my maternity picture taken with my baby bump and our other 3 children. When I called to make the appointment the lady asked me what I was going to wear and when I told her a stripped blouse...she informed me that it would be better if I wore a solid color blouse because she was afraid that the stripes would HIDE the fact that I was pregnant. I told her that I didn't think that there was ANYTHING that could hide my big tummy. The pictures turned out ADORABLE and should be ready for me to pick up NEXT WEEK...on WEDNESDAY OF IHC. GRRR! I wanted to be able to bring them to IHC with me to have to show to y'all, but that doesn't look possible. =( (I hope to figure out how to put some of those pics on my blog as soon as I can.)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
When I asked our Noah what he wants to name our baby boy he informed me that he wanted to call him "John Deer lunch box Dickinson!" =D
Thanks for your prayers for baby and I...we're trying to behave.


Myranda said...

Hi, Heather. I wouldn't hesitate to give Penney's a call before you leave for IHC. I have several times been able to call in and get them a few days early. They have to give themselves plenty of time in case of a late arrival which would then result in a lot of unhappy customers. Anyway, try to call them before you leave. Would love to see them!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl, I'm so glad you got all that stuff done. Wish i could of helped. I'm glad you are getting to rest. Lord willing see you next week. We can't be there till thurs. love you tonslila

Sherry L said...

It sounds like Noah has 'lunch' on his mind. He must be a growing boy. I hope you don't take Noah's advice on names for his brother.;-) I am happy that things are ready for baby to arrive. If only he will just WAIT until it is time for him to arrive. I am anxious to see your maternity pictures.
Love, Mom D

Nancy said...

I came across your blog from a link on someone else's blog and was surprised to see a picture of you with Laura. Laura is my first cousin. (Our mothers are sisters.)

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Hope and pray all goes well.

sankey family said...

You take care and get plenty of rest! That's great that you got stuff done - always a good feeling.

Ronda said...

Enjoyed your "update"...would have loved to see your pregnant pictures...You'll just have to "post" them! Sounds like you are all ready! How exciting! Looking forward to seeing you at I.H.C.! Take good care of yourself!

Vonnie said...

Hahahaha.... love the name Noah came up with.... he reminds me of his uncle Andy wanting to name the twins Smith and Wesson. So glad you are doing OK.... sorry about the gestational diabetes!!!

loree2000 said...

I'm sorry to hear about the Ges. Diabetes but at least you now have an explanation for all the extra fluid.
I'm still praying for you all.....And we hope to be at IHC Wed., so, L.W. we'll see you then.
Hopefully, you'll have your pics before then!

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